James Patterson

Episode Overview

James Patterson, New York Times bestselling author of the Alex Cross and Women’s Murder Club series is our guest on the podcast today! Patterson, who is a big supporter of libraries, has recently launched his new BookShots line of books: these are fast paced, shorter reads that are offered in a wide range of genres but also feature some of his iconic characters like Alex Cross.

Our episode features Adam’s interview with James Patterson which is followed by the press conference announcing/explaining more about the BookShots program. In the interview, Patterson discusses his book creation process and the importance of libraries and his own experiences in libraries growing up.

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Ryan Graudin

Episode Overview

In this week’s author interview, Adam talks with Ryan Graudin, young adult author of multiple books including Wolf by Wolf and its forthcoming sequel, Blood for Blood. She shares her writing process and she and Adam geek out over their shared love of fairy tales, tattoos, and travel.

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Brad Meltzer

Episode Overview

For today’s episode, Adam sits down with New York Times Bestselling author Brad Meltzer. His latest book House of Secrets, which traces a conspiracy theory related to Benedict Arnold, was a collaborative effort with Tod Goldberg. In this interview, Brad shares the experience of creating their strong woman character Hazel and the positive opportunity of writing with someone else. Along with his well-known thriller, Brad is the author behind the I Am…/Ordinary People Change the World juvenile collection and comics for younger audiences.

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Dawn Kurtagich

Episode Overview

Our 32nd episoee features Dawn Kurtagich, author of And The Trees Crept In, a Young Adult psychological horror that is both breathtaking and terrifying. Dawn, however, could not be more cheerful! She spoke with Adam at the American Library Association Annual Convention in Orlando where they discussed the difficult life situations that inspire her writing, the importance of color in her life and her secret to always have a bright outlook no matter what is going on around her.

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Lisa Jackson

Episode Overview

In our latest author interview, OverDrive’s Adam talks to New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson. She shares insights into her writing process, including what it’s like working with her sister, fellow author Nancy Bush, and the challenges that come with writing about some really evil characters. Lisa also gives a list of some of her favorite books and recent reads.

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Matthew Quick

Episode Overview

This week we are back with another author interview, this time with bestselling author Matthew Quick, the man behind the popular The Silver Linings Playbook which was also adapted into the Academy Award nominated film. In his conversation with Adam, Matthew shares how Silver Linings Playbook became both a book and a movie (and not necessarily in the order you might think!) and also talks about his writing process and how he transitioned into writing Young Adult novels. His newest book Every Exquisite Thing will be released in May.


Jewell Parker Rhodes

Episode Overview

In today’s episode, Adam sits down with writer Jewell Parker Rhodes, an author who is familiar writing for both adults and juveniles/YA. Her forthcoming book, Towers Falling, is all about teaching the story of the 9/11 attacks to children who weren’t born when it happened. Like all of Jewell’s books, Towers Falling features a diverse cast of characters and touches on important themes and events in America’s history. In this interview, she talks about what prompted her to write a book about the September 11th attacks and the real life classroom that inspired her.

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Lisa Unger

Episode Overview

In today’s episode, Adam sits down and talks with Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author whose newest book Ink and Bone is released today, June 7, 2016. Ink and Bone returns to The Hollows, the setting of several of her previous novels. she gives our listeners a glimpse into her writing process and how she disconnects when not writing.

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