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114 thoughts on “Read an eBook Day coming September 18th!

  1. Annah Coder Reply

    Currently readin the Shadow Falls series by C. C. Hunter. Best book series EVER!!! 🐯💙💜♥️❤️💕

  2. Kim Reply

    Love books! ebooks are great when you are reading several at one time….and a lot lighter to carry too! 🙂

  3. Maureen McRory Reply

    Reading Touchstone by Laurie R. King. Love reserving my eBooks through the Edmonton Public Library. I love that I can find whatever I want and they will get it if they don’t already have it.

  4. Judi Satin Reply

    #ebooklove … I read a book a week … I enjoy long suspenseful, heavy (weight) novels … ebooks all are iPad Air weight so I can hold them comfortably and I never loose my page. BCL WOW with Overdrive has changed my reading habits. I try new authors & books recommended by the librarians.

  5. Laura Reply

    Love to be able to get a library book anytime or anywhere! Carrying a small tablet loaded with many books is so convenient, especially when I am waiting. it sure helps pass the time. I read a lot and if I had to buy every book I read, I would need extra rooms in my house to shelve all my books!

  6. Debi Koppel Reply

    Reading eBooks has opened up a whole new group of authors I might never have found. I love being able to sample the book before I check it out. I love reading when I walk, drive or just lie down for a rest.
    In fact, I just started using that feature with my 9 yr old grandson to get him interested in different types of books besides “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. It gives him just enough of the book to peek his interest or make an informed “I won’t like it” opinion. I just introduced him to The 39 Clues and he found out he loves it.

  7. T. Jolivette Reply

    While I still have an appreciation for the physical book, I have found that my pleasure and self-improvement reading is done using eBooks. I have an app installed on every tablet and access using my laptops and desktops.
    I can find my place, change the font size, bookmark, and just as importantly, I always know where my eBooks are!
    For Read an eBook day, I am working through “The Fast Metabolism Diet”, and plan to shop for a new knitting or quilt eBook when I get home. That is another bonus – you can view the instructions and photos while you are at the sewing machine, or while sitting holding knitting needles. Did I forget to mention that my tablet can read to you? I don’t use that feature, but, it is nice to have.

  8. Carol Corey Reply

    I just finished The NEST! By Cynthia Sweeney..Great Read! I started reading when I had surgery on my arm and had an opportunity to use the use of our public library system. Awesome! I can’t stop reading!

  9. matthew rutschky Reply

    I love reading and have found so many ways to expanding my reading time, to include while walking the dog, playing with the cats or while working on projects around the house! I love #eBookLove!

  10. Joan Dawson Reply

    Never thought I would ever read e-book as I am the older generation that was brought up with nothing better than a fresh new book. We were also taught to respect all boojs, never write in them and keep them as nice as when you received them. Just like a new car smell, a new book was always going to bring me pleasure and always will. However, a couple of winters ago, I could not get out as usual and my first tablet was bought. Now I always am reading a book on my tablet as well as reading a hand held “real”book. For us older generation the convenience of having books on hold,on a wish list, and a place where I can see what I have read, is just perfect. Though I do not think I will ever be without a regular book on hand I embrace the convince of e-book reading. The only problem is the history is not long enough for someone like me who will probably read 3 books a week.

  11. Patricia Reeve Reply

    After winning a Wonderful Kindle Paperwhite, I “got brave”, learned how to use it (with great fear at age 74!) and the rest is history! I Love Overdrive so much that I am now using a 2nd Kindle, Kindle Fire, and reading some fab books from many different libraries! My original Kindle is Always with me, yes–even in bed. purse, backpack, car’s glove box,
    every rm. in the house, —it is always with me ready to provide entertainment, education,
    laughter, tears, excitement—. Love My Kindle and Overdrive!

  12. Linda Martin Reply

    I love love reading on my iPad. I like that I can always have a book ready to read when I finish the one I just got done ready. I can read when ever I want and not have to carry a heavy book in my bag, I just grab my iPad and it’s so much lighter and I can even read in the dark! And the best part of all, it returns itself back to the library! No more late fees! And my library has several different sites to find books! Love reading on my iPad…

  13. judy wagner Reply

    love reading ebooks. I have two libraries that i can get them from and have so many i hate to have to let them go but with e books if no one wants a book you are reading you can get it right back without a hassel. I love to read

  14. Sandy McGarry Reply

    What is not to love about e books.I sit in my chair and browse the library an e mail is sent to let me know my book is my account. Read an e book day is September 16th. Try it you will love it.

  15. sally Reply

    free tablet – if for every book I read I get something free…I will have accumulated a house full of freebies ..anyway..here to the 1st freebie

  16. Chris Kensmoe Reply

    #ebooklove I love my ebook because I can keep reading in the car when it gets dark out!

  17. Carol Windschitl Reply

    Got my kindle as a gift and absolutely love it! Can’t believe I ever did without it.

  18. Mary Miller Reply

    Literature is my breath I breathe. I have a passion for a really good book and a cup of tea. A day without a book either written or audio is a day without oxygen. I need words to survive.

    What am I reading now? Well let’s see. I am listening to Katherine of Aragon The True Queen

    I am reading the Quilters Legacy

  19. Barrymore Beckley Reply

    listening to ebook on the drive and between mowing the grass,working on car’s home and between fire watch. love it as don’t have time to sit and read.

  20. Mu Bramble Reply

    I love to read ebooks on my iPad. That’s because (1) it is so easy to carry multiple books at once, this is great especially during a trip; (2) I can read ebooks any time, like at night or on a plane without turning a light on; and (3) I don’t have to carry a dictionary with me!

    There are other reasons as well, but these are my main reasons why I love ebooks!

  21. Cecile Martin Reply

    I always read eBooks. Do not read printed book anymore. I use the app Overdrive on my iPad to read ebooks I borrow from Okanagan Regional Library. I love eBooks and strongly recommend it to family and friends

  22. Robein-Lee Reply

    I listen to ebooks because I spend so much time driving and waiting on kids and grand kids. I also listen at bedtime to slow my brain down for sleep. I sure don’t want to think about life without them,it would be awful.

  23. Jean Richardson Reply

    I love digital reading because I know that all my books are in one place and my hands don’t hurt from holding a book. Also, I cannot lose my bookmark!

  24. svea Reply

    Hi, it wont let me share on facebook some content error pops up. It worked for a page i manage but not on my personal page.