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114 thoughts on “Read an eBook Day coming September 18th!

  1. Carrie Reply

    #ebooklove I have always been a reader and was quite hesitant to try an ereader at first. I bought a kobo after a lot of research and comparing devices. Wore it out after 2.5 years, bought another, and I am now using a small tablet as a reader but prefer an ereader for my books. Ebooks have allowed me to discover new authors, and books that I normally would not have tried and allow me to read a lot more than I used to. Love, love, LOVE my ebooks!

  2. sally bonshor Reply

    Love my e books. I can take a few books with me where ever I travel. While in London, England, finished my books and was able to download a new book from home library. Amaxing and fabulous!

  3. Dlynn Reply

    Reading Deborah Harkness Discovery of Witches again for the 3rd time. Great to have a library of #Ebooklove titles at my fingertips

  4. Carol Van Egmond Reply

    I love audio books. The ability to borrow a book for up to 21 days and never have to worry about late charges or going out in rain or snow to return it is wonderful. I like the audio books as they can read to me while I am busy doing other things. I also have them read me a bedtime story as I drift off to sleep.

  5. C Reply

    I love my ebooks. I must confess to reading a book everyday. If I’m not reading on my iPad I’m reading on my iPhone. I love Overdrive.

  6. Ken Kingston Reply

    I will be traveling on business on eBookDay – So I will using my Overdrive library to get a great eBook (or 2) – The portability and easy access make eBook reading the best way to read!

  7. Stephen Reply

    I think it’s time to re-read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, I have yet to read it on an E-Reader. #Ebooklove

  8. Jacquie Schwartz Reply

    Reading has been an almost daily practice since my English teacher inspired me at the age of 12, I am now 64 years old. Books have become my educator, my friend, my inspiration and my entertainment. They have helped me journey the world without ever leaving my home. I am especially grateful for ebooks, and the Overdrive library for providing me with a wealth of books.

  9. Nina Reply

    I will be checking out ebooks from BanQ library. I always have to have one waiting for when I finish an ebook

  10. William Corelle Reply

    Love the Overdrive app for my kindle, makes reading easy and fun. I don’t know what I would do without it!

  11. Katelyn Martin Reply

    When reading new books or rereading old ones, eBooks are fantastic. So much #EBookLove!

  12. ShelleeBellee Reply

    We as readers are so spoiled with the wealth of technology at our disposal. Not only can we pick and choose between many platforms for reading but there is an inexhaustible amount of material within our compass. This literary world is made readily available to people of all lifestyles thanks in large part to our local library systems and platforms such as Overdrive Media. Remember to thank a teacher or a librarian at least as often as you read.

  13. Mary Brisbin Reply

    I was diagnosed over a year ago with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and. am unable to read so getting books on tape has saved me! I listen to at least 1 to 2 books a week.. What aGodsend for my sanity . Thank you.

  14. Janice Byer Reply

    By allowing visually impaired me to ‘zoom in’ and virtually enlarge what’s unavailable in large-print edition, ebooks enlarge my world. #ebooklove

  15. Christiane Beckham Reply

    Love my free ebooks using Overdrive. I can do the “heavy” lifting of all of my many books, held in the palm of my hand, using my ipad.

  16. Rachna Daryanani Reply

    Have always been a “bookworm”. Can’t remember a time I’m not reading. I just finished reading Cat and Mouse and am looking forward to getting Pop goes the Weasel. Thank you Queens Library and Overdrive.

  17. Jean Lafrance Reply

    Hubby and I have to take long rides to shop, dr.visits, etc. and it’s so easy to read on the way; in the car or dr’s office. It’s on my iPad and iPhone!

  18. GenDoyle Reply

    A friend suggested that I try reading ebooks from Overdrive and I haven’t looked back since! I get most of my books online now from the Halifax Central Library.I especially like the wide range of books to choose from, especially In Canadian Literature which is a personal favorite of mine.I recently read “From a Good Home “by Trudy Johnston who is from Newfoundland and “Late Nights on Air” by Elizabeth Hay.
    Because the reader is able to enlarge the print and the screen is bright , it makes the reading move along more quickly.I am always pleased when I see ebooks that have been “Recommended” for me as it makes me feel like somebody is making an effort to select books that I will enjoy.I appreciate that … Thanks to Halifax Central Libray and Overdrive.

  19. Tracee Reply

    I love when I get an email letting me know my e book is available and all I have to do is push a button and it’s mine for 21 days. And I can read straight from my phone anywhere, anytime.
    I still love the fill of a book, but oh the convenience.

  20. Rich Heermann Reply

    Im reenjoying Enders Game, and found prior that Orson Scott Card has a whole group of background books that add to the timeline before and after Enders Game. It helps when you can put them in order first, but you will still enjoy them. I did.

  21. Jane Zwiers Reply

    Our bookclub is reading Five Smooth Stones and I ordered 5 copies for those who needed a copy. The huge paperback was difficult to manage reading in bed, the tiny print hard on my eyes and thin pages difficult to turn. Next time club met I gave my copy to a new member and bought the ebook. My kindle manages any size or shape book very well!!! And we’re happy to go to bed together

  22. Donna Reply

    I love reading the books on my I pad. I take it everywhere I go and especially love it when I travel. It saves me loads of luggage space.
    I also really enjoy listening to e-books. I can get all of my housework done without even sitting down. I have even been known to listen while I do yoga at home.

  23. Sharon Kulick Reply

    I’m reading, or rather listening to, Eighty Days, the story of Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s race around the world. Love requesting ebooks or audio books from our local library. I’ve read or listened to all kinds of books, some I probably wouln’t have tried reading from a regular book, like Stephen Hawkings, A Brief History of Time.