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114 thoughts on “Read an eBook Day coming September 18th!

  1. Judy Green Reply

    Love to read! Always! From hardcover to kindle. Love taking it with me! My daughter and Grandsons are readers too!

  2. Peggy Reply

    I found ebooks about a month ago. The convenience of finding a book any time day or night is perfect for those times I finish a book and want to read another book. The selection of books contain not only my favorite authors but have helped me find new authors that i probably would not have read otherwise. I love ebooks!

  3. Marty Best Reply

    Today, I will be taking my eBook to the laundromat. While the soap does its magic, I will be magically whisked away to 1776/7 because I am finishing the Outlander Series today. While the dryers are warming my clothes, Claire and Jamie will be warmed by a camp or hearth fire. And, my eReader will be sitting on the table with me, I won’t need to worry about wrinkling pages when I am working on keeping the wrinkles out of my clothes. It will be a great day!

  4. Susan Reply

    Ebooks allow me to read in bed without disturbing my husband. Even my booklight on a conventional book was bothering him. I can read myself to sleep again as I have for most of my life.

  5. joyce Reply

    Every day is read an ebook day for me. My favorite pass time I love thinking of
    Myself as one of the chsrscters

  6. bett Reply

    Working my way through the books of John D. Macdonald for the first time since I was a teenager. Am glad to see his strong environmentalist leanings anew. (But watch out for the creaky antiquated attitudes toward women! Sometimes a little hard to take! But instructive. #Ebooklove

  7. Ruth Kenyon Reply

    I’m a librarian who should have a houseful of books but has had to move about a lot as part of my career. It’s been heartrending to have to leave behind many of my books because I couldn’t transport them or I didn’t have space for them where I was living . With the arrival of ebook readers that problem has totally gone away. I can carry my library with me in my rucksack and access what I am reading on whatever electronic device I am using at the time. Overdrive is so usefull as I have access to thousands of FREE books I can read on the app. Adobe Digital Editions allos to transfer the books the to my Kobo too. I’m thoroughly enjoying readig Goodye, Things by Fumio Sasaki atthe moment which I have borrowed from Norfolk Library Service here in the UK. It encapsulates the idea of my life completely explining about minmalism and how a tablet and an ereader can help clear out that clutter yet allow you to be well read.

  8. Glenne Lenske Reply

    Love being able to take multiple books away when travelling, all on my iPad, and I can read them in the dark! #ebooklove

  9. J. Griffith Reply

    Tomorrow I will wake up, get a cup of coffee, my tablet and start a new ebook.
    When I take my break at work I will read my book from my cell phone.
    At lunch I will read while I eat.
    At my next break I will read some more.
    Then when I am home well dinner and the ebook until I go to bed.
    🙂 yes obsessed I am.

  10. Lynn Cheverie Reply

    For me, EVERY day is #eBOOKLOVE day. I have been an avid reader since I was a little girl enjoying Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys & Trixie Beldon books to name just a few!
    Due to Arthritis in my hands it was getting too painful to hold paperback or hardcover books anymore. I was thrilled to discover that I could still enjoy my love of reading with an ereader. I’ve had my Sony ereader now for over 7 years & take everywhere I go. I use the Overdrive through my local Library for ALL my reading material. I read at least 7-9 books a week.
    I would truly be lost without it!

  11. Kathy Reply

    I have been reading while on a treadmill or elliptical machine for over 10 years. A large clip kept my place steady in hardbacks as well as paperbacks. I converted to Overdrive when I got an IPad 6 years ago and the clip was retired…with me. I miss the frequent visits to the library, but I love the Overdrive history feature to remind me of what I have read. Retired, I now read during meals and breaks and, weather permitting, in my favorite location, my backyard. I panic if I don’t have a book or two on my bookshelf, especially after a trip, but I can fill it up 24/7.

  12. Kay Reply

    Just finished The Neon Lawyer by Victor Methos. Loved it!

    With English as my second language, reading on an ebook makes it easy. Definition of new words are at my fingertips. #Ebooklove

  13. Sharon Gary Reply

    All too often I’m going to check out a must read on NYPL only to find it can only be checked out as an ebook. So I hopped onto the ebook train. Now I can keep up with culture, psychology, fiction, non-fiction and work-related inspiration through all reading formats. Of course, I still love the feel and weight of books in my hand. I love ebooks, too – for their ubiquity, ease of use and compact format. No more books in piles all over the apartment. That’s a big deal when you live in NYC.

  14. Alice Romberger Reply

    Get hooked on a series like Rizzoli and Isles by Gerritsen? Read into the wee hours on a weekend. Now I don’t have to wait for the library to open. Overdrive is 24/7. I’m a 65 year old new covert … l love it!

  15. Cathi Lewis Reply

    I am an avid reader and have two library cards for all my ebook needs! There is nothing better then not having to leave my couch and having countless adventures at my fimgertips! Reading is fundamental!

  16. Cheri Stringer Reply

    I love my Kobo so much I bought a Nook as well. Overdrive and Axis 360 are downloaded on each but only the Nook is configured for Hoopla which my public library is using for many of my older favorites.
    I’ll certainly be reading something on 9/18.

  17. Diana Chavez Reply

    Every day is #eBookLove day. I read just about every free moment I have, (I’m a little addicted). I love that I have access to my public library thanks to Overdrive and Libby anywhere, anytime, on any device. The selection is so good it’s going to be hard to decide what to read on 9/18. Will it be Heather Graham, J.A. Jance, or Nora Roberts? I just don’t know how I will ever decide, the possibilities are endless.

  18. Lynn F Reply

    #EBOOKLOVE – Life is wonderful with an eReader, so many books and so little time to read them all. If only all of life’s problems were so easy to fix. Download a new ebook and escape all of life’s other pesky little issues. Currently reading Nine Women One Dress by Jane Rossen, loving it and will for sure be reading an ebook on September 18th!

  19. Lynn F Reply

    I just finished Summer on Butternut Lake, book 2 in the Butternut Lake series by Mary McNear and started Nine Women One Dress by Jane Rossen. You will never find me without my eReader, my husband actually jokes that it is a permanent appendage. Before I had an eReader I seemed to read just a select few authors because the one thing I disliked most was picking up a book by a new author and finding out that I didn’t like the writing style. Now with my eReader and the Overdrive or Libby app if I find I don’t care for the book it is easy to delete and move on to the next book waiting in line. Life is too short to suffer through a book you don’t like, instead move on to something you love!! I will be reading in ebook on September 18th for sure and most likely every other day of the year too. 📖

  20. Angela Nesbitt Reply

    #EBOOKLOVE eBooks saved me my home was turning into a library, every room I was running out of space. With e-books I can enjoy all my books in one place. Even better if can borrow it again anytime from my library without anyou hassle. I just love e-Books

  21. Janet Stuart Reply

    Don’t need a day to read an ebook, I read everyday! But as it’s a
    special day , I will be squeezing in a few pages and chapters in at breaks and on lunch during work tomorrow. I am currently reading, or trying to, all the Stuart McBride series books. Thank goodness for the public library for free downloads. Hope everybody enjoys the day.