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114 thoughts on “Read an eBook Day coming September 18th!

  1. Rachana Reply

    I started reading this book “THE NATURAL PREGNANCY BOOK” by Aviva Jill Romm which really helps me a lot during my pregnancy period. I am expecting right now and it gives me relief when I don’t have anyone at night time, when I can’t call midnight to nurse or midwife then I just open this book and read if have any doubts.

    During pregnancy, women have a lot of thoughts and unanswered questions.
    A ton of questions that continuously bubbled up in every women’s mind. We need answers and want to relax your mind but can not have doctor appointments every time. This is not only one time thoughts, women have to go through nine months of her life with different types of thoughts. On that time, women really need support and I would suggest this book make your really good friend and good helper which is available 24*7.
    “THE NATURAL PREGNANCY BOOK” is the right healthcare provider and everyone wants to have a relaxed and healthy pregnancy. women need to stress-free during that time period and along with that other information which acknowledges about nutrition, herbs, exercise, week by week baby’s growth,
    labor and delivery information, preparation after baby born etc. we can use this book as a good platform for all of our above concerns.

    I would highly recommend reading this book which really helps during pregnancy time period. Anyone can read this book to re-create support for women. Reading eBook has really nice and big platform and can use anywhere anytime. I enjoy using eBook and appreciate the team who organize an amazing platform for e-readers.

  2. Patricia Holland Reply

    On September 18, 2017 I read a book of poems called “I Could Chew on This” by Francesco Marciuliano. I borrowed it as an ebook from the Bourbon County, Kentucky, library via Overdrive. Please enter me in the contest for winning an ebook reader. Thanks.

  3. Debie Reply

    I’m reading Pachinko on my ebook, plus U is for Undertow on Overdrive MP3. I love the convenience of having multiple books at hand. I’m an avid reader, always carry my ebook with me, JIC. I also have several books downloaded so I never run out.

  4. Cheri Clark Reply

    Checked out two library e-books to begin today, “Jonathan, Unleashed: A Novel” and “A Dog Named Boo: The Underdog with a Heart of Gold”!

  5. Heidi McCartney Reply

    I hate buying a book and getting the covers messed up by carrying them around so I read those at home and ebooks on the go! #ebooklove

  6. Kathleen Jarvis Reply

    I almost exclusively read ebooks. They are so convenient for travel because I can take many books with me, and not be concerned about the weight in my luggage. Also it is much lighter to hold my reader or ipad than a heavy hardback. I belong to two libraries, and I am delighted with the choice available, and the freedom from paying late fees.

  7. Faye Richard Reply

    Ebook day is a great opportunity to share my love of ebooks. So much easier to carry with me wherever I go. Always have a great book to fill in wait or travel times!