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  1. I never leave home without my kindle! Currently reading You by Caroline Kepnes. Also just got a lot of great recommendations today from Professional Book Nerds– thank you!

  2. Listening to audio books through Overdrive and now Sora, has made my long commute an actual pleasure. Just finished Clayton Byrd Goes Underground, next up is Wizards of Once.

  3. Happy “Read an Ebook Day!” I’m currently reading “Salt to the Sea” and “The Murderer’s Ape.” @gpisdlibraries #ebooklove

  4. For #readanebookday I will be reading a book that I hadn’t heard of until listening to ProfessionalBookNerds episode #262 with author Kami Garcia. The ebook is Broken Beautiful Hearts.

  5. I read it on my Libby and I listen on my Libby and I am so grateful to Library’s all over for continuing to lend the stories we get ourselves absorbed into.

  6. I love to read Sci Fi/Fantasy but due to a neurological disease I have a lot of hip pain if I sit for more than an hour. Sort of the opposite of arthritis. I still work my way thru eBooks and have hundreds in my personal library and have read a lot thru the library (Overdrive). Still the majority of my books are audiobooks because I can be up and moving around. I retired early because of my condition and am enjoying it greatly. I’m on 3 libraries. Navy, Air Force, and The state of North Carolina. A great benefit of military service is continued access to military libraries even after you leave. BTW I really think you should cover military libraries on your podcast. I don’t think many veterans even realize they are available to them. Of my 3 libraries the Navy is the most comprehensive.

  7. I’m continuing the series I started on my kindle (Romeo’s Hammer), but a hard copy because I can’t borrow this one on the kindle. Goodreads should allow a space to list hard copy books we’re reading.


  9. Louise Candlish is a “new” author whom I have recently discovered. Loved “Swimming Pool”, & ” Sudden Departure of Frasers”

  10. I appreciate our local library system and the many venues to e- books, especially Overdrive and now Libby…E- books , are amazing in their own way as you can adjust fonts and background lighting.. and convenience with your tablet or e-reader able to contain many books. I am very thankful to those who made this technology available and to be able to have access to so many books!!!

  11. I try to read two books at a time. Typically I will listen to an audio book in my car during my commute and while running errands. Another is on my kindle while I’m at home or at work during my break. I find this keeps my brain alert by keeping the two stories separate in different locations. I retell the audio story to my coworkers to make sure I’m grasping the book in it’s entirety. Thanks to the Overdrive and Libby aps, I love that I can do both through you. Keeping my brain sharp and alert is important! I love visiting the library as well just to experience the energy of all those living stories just waiting to be taken.

  12. I am totally hooked on Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. I am devouring them, in fact I read 23 three books in January. Love my e-reader and my connection to the library.

  13. Love reading from my library on my I pad. Have been doing it for years now. Do not remember the last time I held a hard copy. I can switch between I phone and I pad so I can read anytime, any place. No heavy books in luggage any more Overdrive fits my style!?

  14. Reading the third book in the Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant. Loving it! Also reading: Seduction In Death by JD Robb and the Kinsey Milhone detective series by Sue Grafton.

  15. When I was growing up my dad would make us go to the bookmobile every Tuesday during our summer vacation! He always quizzed us on the books we checked out sooo no cheating!!!
    Well, thank you dad! I LOVE to read now. I would spend hours at the library. I love the convenience of OverDrive ebooks!
    This fall and winter I am going to stay warm and cozy with my ebooks!
    I love this app!

  16. I’m reading Dunbar by Edward St.Aubyn, a retelling of King Lear in the Hogarth Shakespeare series. I love St. Aubyn, and this book just reinforces my admiration for his work. Love his wit!

  17. Finishing A perfect evil by Alex Kava..
    Ebooks are so convenient. No need to cerry a 800 pages book. It sucks when you’re done with a physical book and you have an hour left before you get home and you have no book to make it go faster. Ebooks to the rescue!

  18. I’m currently reading Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts on Overdrive. It’s a bit different from the movie with Natalie Portman. Reading ebooks has allowed me to continue reading just as much as before I had my baby in July. Now I can read while I’m feeding my baby. #ebooklove #readanebookday

  19. I’m currently rereading ‘Fahrenheit 451’ by Ray Bradbury on my Kindle Fire HD … great dystopian novel which is even more relevant to today’s social/political climate!

  20. I love to be able to see what I have waiting on my list and see how the timing works out. It also saves me a trip to the library which I love ❤️

  21. I read everyday. I am retired, so I can indulge in one of my favourite pastimes whenever I want. I always use ebooks, and can use the library on my tablet or Kobo reader. My friends and I are always communicating when we find a great read. Most of us enjoy the same books, so it’s a treat when we discover an author we haven’t previously read.

  22. Just finished listening to Thirteen Reason Why and Started on David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. I love to listen to a good storyteller while I am driving. I have listened to some great book that way.

  23. Living in Cairo, Egypt accessibility to large library collections is limited. Being able to download books onto my Kobo Arc from either the Kobo Store or, from a library in Ontario, Canada has been a godsend for an avid reader like me. I love the fact that I can go to Settings and adjust the brightness, font style and size especially today, Sept. 18th for I had an eye operation early this morning to improve my sight. My physician suggested following the procedure that I go home and enjoy a good read. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for most of the day. I really like the fact that I can readily put down one book and pick up another one so conveniently using my e-reader. One simply can’t resist have such a large collection of books to choose from right at your fingertips. Thank you!

  24. I LOVE reading ebooks and regular books especially LARGE print. I usually have at least 2 books going at the same time; my own favorites and ones that my book club recommends. The last book I read was “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens in hardback. I prefer ebooks most of the time since you can find out the meaning of a word by just clicking on it. You can’t do that with a hardback !! I enjoy JD Robb’s “In Death” series and am on the 7th (out of 40) book. They are fun, a fast read and I love the story female character !! Try out the BookBub site for FREE ebooks. I’ve loaded tons of books onto my Kindle Fire !!

  25. Am reading Karin Slaughters newest best seller “The Good Daughter”. As usual intrigue and suspense grip you from the first page. Literally can NOT put it down. What a perfect way to spend Read an Ebook day!

  26. The ebook I’m reading has been a banned book. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle was once banned for being not Christian enough and again for being too Christian. #eBookLove

  27. I found myself shut in with various medical comditions. The left me too weak to participate in my teaching and design career and limited severely my contact with others. Using the library and Overdrive app, my days are full with stories , insights, and the lives of others -taking my focus off my self has bee a great boost in my self esteem and over came the isolation and loneliness I was experiencing. God bless eBooks and audiobooks for being part of my life and for all the libraries and apps that make them available to me and countless others!
    Thank you!

  28. I just finished Kate Morton’s The Forgotton Garden read on my I-Pad. Since The Secret Garden was and is my favorite child’s book and there has always been something of a small rather messy and beautiful Garden anywhere I have lived. There has been one or two in my childhood, one in a small town in England and one I treasured for 40 years before a move to a charmer right in the middle of a mobile home park. Now at almost eighty I must find another Garden in another city. I feel up to the task still and will find comfort derived from reading in the new one. Thanks to Pierce County Library the best library ever. I should know as was employed in libraries from a small town to a large one to a college library in my working years. inlibrarie

  29. I am never without a book, but with my Nook I can slip it in my purse and free up my hands. Not able to do that with a paper book. I still love paper books, especially the smell of a new book! But I reserve that treat for times when I can sit at home and read to my heart’s content. The rest of the time, I work my way through long books as I find myself in a waiting room, a long line at the store, or waiting in the car to pick someone up. I’ve read / re-read Harry Potter, Eragon, Outlander, and I just got Gone with the Wind from the library on my Nook. Tomorrow might be Read an eBook day for the rest of the world, but every day is read an eBook day for me! #eBooklove

  30. My kindle is like my refrigerator. When my mind begins to rumble for something more substantial than TV, I open my kindle. Hmmm, do I want something healthy and intellectual, or comfort food like escapism. Its all nourishing!

  31. I love reading Ebooks they are a great way to keep reading when you don’t wants to carry around a book and reading is a great way to keep your brain occupied.Thank you for giving us a wag to read all he time.

  32. Since my brain surgery in 2010, I have to read the same books over and over since I can’t remember them.
    For me to read an ebook is great! Read on the go and not bulky.
    Anything good and mystery related. My husband sleeps and I can read without disturbing him. At the moment I am ereading:
    Louise Penny
    Christopher Fowler
    2 paperbacks from another author.
    Love to read ebooks everywhere I go.

  33. Just finished “The Late Show” amazing, truly satisfying.
    Half way through “The Girl who takes an eye for an eye”. Starts well, is building nicely.

  34. The Couple Next Door…read it in one sitting. Love ebooks it takes me back to my childhood, reading under the covers but with ebooks you don’t need the flashlight!

  35. Hey check out E-Books thousand to choose from. It easy and once book is read just hit return and you can do it as many time as you want. Can’t sleep order up a book and read, anytime day or night.

  36. Have never read so many books! Appreciate the length, breadth and depth of the range, which in turn opens many interesting conversations with others who now read, or wish to read, more.

  37. Bringing Magie home by kim vogel wonderful book with a great messge for all, this book makes your heart sing, while making you search yout our own heart , and mend family relationships,

  38. I’m reading Glass Houses by Louise Penny. I love her Three Pines novels and started over by reading them in order since I skipped around at first. It’s a wonderful series and much loved by many many people since Glass Houses came out August 29 and immediately was #1.

  39. I am a retired disabled Vietnam Veteran. I enjoy reading Martin Walker series about a local policeman in France. Lots of local history, brotherhood and love of France.

  40. Call me addicted, but I love reading e-books! I am able to open my iPad and read an e-book wherever and whenever I want. Always easy to fill this addiction.

  41. I love the new resident libby app. It makes finding e books so much easier and i can read them free instead of spending tons of money to get them on amazon for kindle. I can even find some on amazon and then find them on the libby app! Currently reading – The Leavers by Lisa Ko #readanebookday

  42. Going on a short trip to visit my son and planning to read Snow on the Bayou by Sandra Hill. I live in central Florida, and made sure to download a couple of books prior to Hurricane Irma. It helped to pass the evenings when we were without power.

  43. I have been listening to your audio books to rest my eyes, since reading can be such an addiction.
    I have just discovered your ambient-background setting and it also helps rest the eyes late at night. Kudos to you for being such a help.
    I have been reading the Dragon Slippers trilogy for juniors and am in the midst of Jim butcher’s Calderon series for adults. A good book is where you find them and I like them well written. I’ve also discovered some old friends no longer in hard copy. Save them, they are treasures, especially Lois McMaster Bujold. Whether Sci-fi or fantasy I like to go back to them, often.

  44. Oaxaca Journal by Oliver Sacks

    A trip to see ferns in Mexico turns into a meditation on Mesoamerican civilization,chocolate, agriculture, mescal, amateur naturalists and more.

    I am looking forward to diving into this one!

  45. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in April 2017. I’ve always been a huge reader all my life, I’ve spent countless trips to libraries carrying out stacks and stacks of books. My happy place is the library it’s where me and only me, matter. When my children bought me a kindle I was reluctant to embrace “New technology” as I saw it. And then they introduced me to E books, WHAT??? I’ve been enjoying renting e-books from my library ever since. NOW, I CAN READ AS MUCH AS I WANT , RIGHT AT my fingertips as I fight this dreaded illness. Everyday is a relaxing one as long as I have my kindle along with my ebooks! # doomsday

    1. Hi Kim- I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for sharing your story. We’re thinking the most positive thoughts we possibly can for you.

    2. Kim, try some audio books when your eyes and brain are tired.I have listen to all of Jan Karon’s Mitford/Father Tim books recently.The narators voice is very soothing.If you like series, I would also recommend the “Cat Who….” books by Lillian Braun. I have chronic pain so sleeping alludes me many nights and I have found audio books help me rest. I am a stage four survivor, and reading was my solace and my peace during treatment.
      checking out Rita Mae Brown’s series set in small town Maryland

    3. God Bless you Kim ! My prayers are with you and your family ! Happy reading to you and enjoy the adventures that your books take you !

  46. Hi, I read a lot of Crime fiction. I am currently reading Lynda La Plante Backlash ebook downloaded courtesy of Yarra Plenty library via Overdrive. I have also put a hold on the next Lynda La Plante ebook in Anna Travis series ‘Wrongful Death’. I just finished reading a paperback book in this series and find I have to have a table across the bed to support the book a my fingers go numb. But, not so with my ereader – I don’t have to have a bedside light on as I have a backlight and I do not disturb my Husband, so I can read for as long as my eyes hold out!
    I much prefer an ereader as it is more portable and I can take it in my handbag to read whenever I have time to fill in, and it is not as heavy.

  47. Just finished The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominque Bauby- a story about a man enduring locked-in syndrome. Very good.

  48. Enjoying The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks on my Kindle and listening to Ready Player One for our High School Battle of the Books Team! For more fun, reading YA Serafina on my tablet!

  49. Reading Manhattan Mayhem by Mary Higgins Clark, waiting for the new John Le Carre, booked Modern Upcycling. Great range from Libraries NI

  50. Ebooks are just ANOTHER source of reading my wonderful books.
    It is amazing to get the books so quickly. Click and download, baby!

  51. As a parent ebooks are great. Your kids cant mess the books up and you can take them on the go to the park or anywhere. Plus they are so much easier to handle in those moments when you have a clingy, sleeping toddler in your lap.

  52. I love reading, it’s something that I have to do every day and every spare time. I read a lot of romance and the ebook gives me the privacy of not having any smirks directed at me and my books.overdrive is my salvation #readanebookday

  53. I am old school and still prefer paper books to ebooks, however I do love the convenience of e-books! I’m currently reading Mullumbimby by Melissa Lucashenko as an e-book, however I should be finished that before Monday. By Monday I will probably be reading Once Lost by Ber Carroll since I’ll be reading it for Together We Read – – a digital book club available in participating countries through participating libraries where readers can read the same book simultaneously because Overdrive makes it available to everyone!

  54. I love reading e-books! I have thousands and I read all the time. I am currently reading a book called Twisted. A twisted fairy tail about Rumpelstiltskin. I like many genres and am glad to be able to borrow them from Overdrive!

  55. My Kindle is my constant companion! I am a cozy mystery fan and I am currently reading a Savannah Reid Mystery “Killer Physique.”

  56. I read all of my spare time I am not tied to strict genre as I prefer mixes it makes things fresh and not cliched. I prefer books to film and television (yes I’m British) The remainder is taken up with my writing! My material is a mixed pouch of psychological suspense and mystery I hope to emerge soon as I have written 27 engaging stories.
    I am currently reading Jojo Moyes excellent work “ME BEFORE YOU”

  57. I have had my Nook HD for a few years and only began to use it a year ago through the use of the Overdrive App. I am reading a lot of Grisham, and recently read the Stig Larsson series. The convenience of downloading epubs from the city and county libraries is fantastic, and I recently discovered Bookbub for free and discounted ebooks!

  58. Just finished “The Japanese Lover” and I loved it. I pretty much like anything Allende writes. Everything I read is on one of my devices. Although I must say I do miss a physical book but find it so easy to access my current e book where ever I happen to be. I also read every day of my life.

  59. I have loved reading my whole life. My e-reader comes with me everywhere I go, loaded with books. I can never have enough, just in case, and am constantly maxing out the request list from my local library. I am never alone with a constant cast of characters to choose from. Currently reading Killer Look by Linda Fairstein and Midnight Crossing by Charlaine Harris and am ahead of my 100 book goal on Goodreads 🙂

  60. Having finished American Sniper earlier thus summer, I’m now reading American Wife. I Love ebooks because they are easy on the back, and can be read combined with audio for a more in depth reading.

  61. Just finished “Dead Eyes” by Stuart Woods. I love reading books on my 4″ iPhone 5c. People probably think I’m crazy for using a small device, but I LOVE it. It’s so convenient. I always have a book with me and can access the library any time of day. I’ve increased the number of books I read by at least 500% since switching to ebooks.

  62. RkI love my Nook tablet and I never leave home without it. I can read anytime I want while I am waiting for my kids to get out of school or in the dark in bed at night as I settle down. I don’t have to get up and turn the lights out when I’m ready to sleep! I am currently reading Robert B Parkers’s Spenser series as well as the latest James Patterson and Sanford novels. Sice I found my library’s Overdrive app I ca read more than I ever have before and have found a lot more aauathors that I enjoy!

  63. I am reading PALACE WALK. I love reading on the Kindle because I can get the book to me un a minute and then start reading. I also like the fact that I can increase the font for my aging eyes and can touch the word for a definition. It is also fun to get AUDIO books for when we are traveling. I also only have to take the Kindle instead a stack of books when traveling. Life is good with a kindle.

  64. I’ve been reading Inexcusable by Chris Lynch on my IPad. It was offered as a free read on the Riveted site, a place for YA books.

  65. Just finished “From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg” by John Naughton, and I am beginning “Find the Good: Unexpected Life Lessons from a Small-Town Obituary Writer” by Heather Lende.

    So grateful to have a library card and to have access to OverDrive!

  66. I’m reading a Harlequin Kimani Romance. It’s a Guilty Pleasure, until I write my own. Celebrating 20 years of Black Literature as a member of
    The Go On Girl Book Club, Brooklyn NY3.


    Thanks Overdrive & NYPL!

  67. Just finished Dana Marton’s Flash Fire. Action adventure romance that reminded me of the first Indian Jones movie or Romancing the Stone. Won the RITA for best Romantic Suspense for 2015 – and I agree. Riveting.

  68. My husband is 100% disabled Viet Nam Vet… So reading is my enjoyment. I don’t need to run out to the library. I use my Kindle and read as often as I can. Everything is at my finger tips. I have been doing this for years. Thank you so much, reading helps me relax.

  69. I read everyday of my life. E-books are the greatest invention since the lightbulb! Overdrive saves a lot of gasoline.# readane-bookday!

  70. Love my e-reader “Nook”! I can download from my Library or buy from other sites. So easy! I am never without several books to read. It is amazing technology!
    Recently read – Night Road by Kristin Hannah, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, A Life Interrupted by Tom Brokaw and Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer.

  71. I use overdrive every day to read my ebooks which I download from the library. I belong to the Goodreads site and have set a challenge of 75 books read during 2016. To date, I have completed and charted 88 books read. It is so easy to have overdrive on each of my electronics and that way I also have my current book with me.
    I have just completed ” The Book Thief ” by ” Markus Zusak “.
    I am starting ” The Piano Maker ” by ” Kurt Palka “.

  72. I like the eBook because is convenience for me. My eye sight is not so good, so I can choose the best size of font to suit me. Large print book is heavy. I can adjust the brightness to fit in the environment for reading. I use the “Dictionary” to get the meaning of those words. I can choose another language books , if they are avaiable. It save me a trip to library and it save me from those ‘Fine’ that I forget to return the book. I am reading Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, it’s a different style from the previous Harry Potter. I read all those 7 books in paper, now it’s the eBook.

  73. Our bookshelves are loaded and I love my Kindle because I can load hundreds
    Of books on it and carry it anywhere. I read a lot more because it’s so easy to get books either to purchase or from our local library. Everyone should have some kind of E-reader! Currently reading The Sister by Louise Jenson.

  74. I just finished Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children on my tablet. Just downloaded Hollow City and can’t wait to start!

  75. I love my ebooks. I used to carry at least 4 different book when I went to work only because when I was on my lunch I never knew what mood I’d be in and what I was in the mood to read. I usually had at least one Louis L’lamour a science-fiction and 2 different fantasy. People at work would make fun saying, “why did you bring your library with you?”
    But know with e readers I can take as many as I want. And as I upgrade my readers I can lend out my old ones to friends that don’t have ereader of there own.


    Duane E. II

  76. There wasn’t any room left on my book shelves. I donated 11 boxes of books and still there was not room. Trying to simplify and being able to carry all your books with you hit a core with me. Although, much can be said about a hardcover…my E-reader is my carry it with me.

  77. I just finished The Midwife of Hope River on my Kindle. I love that Overdrive allows me to check out books from my local library to read. This is my absolute favorite use of technology. I have been a bookworm all my life. One of my earliest memories is reading with my grandfather at age 3. I can’t read with him anymore but he certainly spurred a love of reading that I have to this day. E-books and e-readers are the greatest invention ever. We can bring books to everyone, even people far from a library. The universe is our library. How amazingly awesome.

  78. Faith Hunter is one of my favorite authors and I keep a library of her books on my ereader. Love Jane Yellowrock and the new Soulwood series! Oh – and the entire Pendergast collection by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It’s so nice to carry a library with me wherever I go 🙂

  79. I’m reading The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. This book has been getting a lot of attention recently since Oprah made it a book club pick and I am not disappointed thus far! Looking forward to finishing it up on my Kindle Fire this Friday!

  80. I’m currently reading “The Paris Wife” but I recently finished “Behind Closed Doors” which was an intense read. I highly recommend it as it kept me guessing to the end.

  81. Love reading Ebooks. I had my E reader for years before I started downloading books but now I can’t imagine going without it. I like to alternate the books I read so I’m often reading 3 at a time and ebooks are the perfect way to do that. I like mystery/crime novels and just started getting into Elizabeth George so I’m working through her collection.

  82. I’m a voracious reader and was reluctant to venture into e-reading because I love the feel of a book, the ability to flip back and forth, but this little thing stole my heart. #ebooklove And while I’ll probably never give up on books, I do love the idea that a good read is always within reach.

  83. Just read Rook and am waiting for Stiletto, the next one in the series. I really enjoyed Rook and can’t wait to find out what happens in the next part of the storyline!

  84. I love being able to read on my iPad. The Ontario Librbary Service Consortium allows me to do just that without having to spend money on purchasing books.

  85. I would be lost without digital reading. I mostly use audio books and sometimes I read along with the narrative. I just finished reading “Excursion” a terrific action packed novel by L.A. Zett. I’m now into “Burned” by the same author. I love just about anything by Preston & Child. The list of great writers is endless.

  86. Welcome to the Read an eBook Day comments section! On Sept. 16th we’ll be celebrating Read an eBook Day all around the world and talking about the eBooks we’re reading but for now feel free to leave a comment about why you love digital reading and what titles you’re currently enjoying. Welcome to the #eBookLove party!

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