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114 thoughts on “Who’s Reading What?

  1. NancyAnne Reply

    I appreciate our local library system and the many venues to e- books, especially Overdrive and now Libby…E- books , are amazing in their own way as you can adjust fonts and background lighting.. and convenience with your tablet or e-reader able to contain many books. I am very thankful to those who made this technology available and to be able to have access to so many books!!!

  2. Jennifer Shanahan Reply

    Reading an ebook, The Golden House compliments of @NetGalley! #eBookLove

  3. Debi Reply

    I try to read two books at a time. Typically I will listen to an audio book in my car during my commute and while running errands. Another is on my kindle while I’m at home or at work during my break. I find this keeps my brain alert by keeping the two stories separate in different locations. I retell the audio story to my coworkers to make sure I’m grasping the book in it’s entirety. Thanks to the Overdrive and Libby aps, I love that I can do both through you. Keeping my brain sharp and alert is important! I love visiting the library as well just to experience the energy of all those living stories just waiting to be taken.

  4. Susan Haydock Reply

    I am totally hooked on Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. I am devouring them, in fact I read 23 three books in January. Love my e-reader and my connection to the library.

  5. Beverly Reply

    Love reading from my library on my I pad. Have been doing it for years now. Do not remember the last time I held a hard copy. I can switch between I phone and I pad so I can read anytime, any place. No heavy books in luggage any more Overdrive fits my style!😍

  6. Heidi McCartney Reply

    Reading the third book in the Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant. Loving it! Also reading: Seduction In Death by JD Robb and the Kinsey Milhone detective series by Sue Grafton.

  7. Ginae Reply

    When I was growing up my dad would make us go to the bookmobile every Tuesday during our summer vacation! He always quizzed us on the books we checked out sooo no cheating!!!
    Well, thank you dad! I LOVE to read now. I would spend hours at the library. I love the convenience of OverDrive ebooks!
    This fall and winter I am going to stay warm and cozy with my ebooks!
    I love this app!