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What is Read an eBook Day?

Read an eBook Day is a celebration of modern storytelling. Be a part of the festivities by checking out your favorite eBook from your library and join the conversation below by sharing what you’re reading and stories about why you love eBooks and by using the hashtag #eBookLove on social media.

What are you reading?

Every reader has a book or author they love and a favorite reading spot. Many of us have been moved by powerful prose or moving quotes. These reading experiences make up who we are as readers and even shape who we are as people. What are you reading for Read an eBook Day? What was the book that made you fall in love with reading? Do you have an author or genre you can’t get enough of? We want to know! > Share with us

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  1. Bev

    I’ve audio-read over 35 books (most were 600 or more printed pages) since I started (5/1/15) with eBooks. It’s SO convenient on my iPad with the same great selections as from a “real” library & not even having to go there. Watching very little TV anymore! I mostly enjoy listening to eBooks while having breakfast & coffee or while gardening, driving, housework, or just sitting at poolside. It’s so helpful to hear the narrators change their voices to distinguish between the characters. I’m retired now and I’M eBOOK HOOKED!

  2. Christine Kinsella

    I enjoy the convenience. Always something handy while I’m waiting for someone or something. Currently reading All the Lights We Cannot See.

  3. Maria poldervaart

    I love being able to have lots of books together on one small device. Very handy to take on holiday or to appointments or anywhere. Also much easier to rest on a book stand when reading at home. I regularly down load library books using overdrive which is great although I still borrow books from my local library as well.

  4. Nancy

    Reading “Stay” by Dave Burchett -lessons my dogs taught me about life, loss and grace.
    Check it out, really good inspirational book on life I think.

  5. Mary

    I love that I can make the text bigger. :) it’s such a pain to find large-print books, so I’m glad I can use e-books to make reading a little more flexible. Right now I’m reading “Evil librarian” by Michelle Knudson, and it’s a fun ride to say the least.
    #ebooklove @hsplshigov

  6. David

    I download them from Leeds library to my iPad and read them on the train or bus but mainly at home. Much more convenient than having to carry a book around although I do take books too. Currently reading Desert Heat by J A Jance.

  7. Betty Alford

    My children laugh at me because I will not leave home without my kindle! I have 9 children and when they were small I promised myself that someday I would read all I wanted. I am now 76 and that day has come! I live on a farm in the country and it is not easy to get to the library and I could never afford to buy all the books I read. It is wonderful to have free books available 24 hours a day!

  8. Deidre B.

    I live in a rural area, so I love that I can find out about a book and BAM! I have an electronic copy on my tablet. I also check out a ton of ebooks from my beloved library. Traveling with books is much simpler as well, since my books are on a lightweight tablet the slips easily into my purse.

  9. Krysta

    I’m currently reading The Scam by Janet Evanovich. I love the convenience ebooks offers. I can check out another book as soon as I’m finished, no matter where I am or what time it is. My books are always at my fingertips. I’m never without a book now.

  10. Carolyn F Peterson

    I read them at night and there is a really good variety. When I read at night I don’t need to keep a light on because my Kindle serves that purpose. Don’t need a bookmark. Has a dictionary to refer to for words I need to define.
    I love to read!

  11. Kathy Gates

    Last year I had a serious eye problem. Reading print on paper became impossible – the print would dance around the page. What would I have done without my Kindle? The ability to adjust the font and type size plus the little light saved me. I can’t imagine not reading, I can’t even remember a time when I couldn’t read. Happy ending — eye fixed and my sight is better than ever — now happily ploughing through my bookcase and old faves. It’s not the container, it’s the content!

  12. Nancie Mathis

    I love the convenience of eBooks from my local library via OverDrive. This allows me to read more than I used to and maintain my personal goal of reading 70+ books a year, and what’s even better is that I can access it anytime, anywhere from my phone.

  13. Winnie

    I love being able to borrow ebooks via OverDrive. Currently laughing through Jennifer Crusie’s Agnes and the Hitman. Next is A Study in Sherlock. #eBookLove @hsplshigov

  14. alicia

    i’m reading the eBook “LeaderShift” by Orrin Woodward & Oliver DeMille while cozied up with my napping 1-yr-old! #eBookLove @hsplshigov

  15. Karen

    I love to use my IPOD and download books as I walk to work and back. It makes the walk entertaining. I loved “Outcasts united” by Warren St. John

  16. Chauncey Davis

    I read all the time , when I am done with a book it goes away no books to store. I can always get back if I want to read it again.

  17. Bennthere

    I always use Overdrive! it’s so convenient. The moment my book club selects a book to read, I just log in, search for the book (and if it’s available) Check it out and DONE! such an easy process. #Ilovetechnology

  18. Genata

    I am reading e-books for more than 6-7 years already and really enjoing this technology. Last year was very helpfull when i travelled more intensively to ready e-books during my trips (Airplanes, hotels). It is so easy and addictive with e-books and these readers are quite easy and you can read hours without being tired. Nowdays at home we almost do not have any paper books anymore (also space is an issue) and i belive this technology will change the full publishing industry, will make books more afordable and accessable than ever. Finally not to forget how many trees are saved with it, it is really green technology.

  19. Claudine Polley

    I like ebooks on my iPad AND I enjoy them in audio form from my phone. I like listening to books at the gym or when I run around the neighborhood. It keeps my mind off how much I don’t want to be working out or how out of breath I truly am and how much I wanna stop and just watch TV! Ebooks are an extremely convenient way to take my favorite book with me and never be bored wherever I am. AND I can bookmark those parts I liked and want to reread again later. SCORE!

  20. Nyree Farmer

    I absolutely love it. I usually listen to books on CD but this way I don’t have the task of changing cd’s & I can listen on my phone which means I can listen ANYWHERE even when there’s no cd player. Can’t get enough & am sad when my series comes to an end.

  21. Pamela Gullion

    Currently reading “Smaller and Smaller Circles” by F. H. Batacan; and also reading “The Truth and Other Lies” by Sascha Arango. I like e-books because the devices (tablets) are smaller and lighter weight than books. They are easy to transport to places you have to wait (i.e. doctor appointments, etc.)

  22. catherine metzler

    I would totally enjoy them a heck of a lot more if it were not so difficult to open and read one on my color nook. I finally was able to get one, much to my surprise, and low and behold the next minute it was gone. If anyone can tell me how to do this in a few easy steps; I would be most grateful. Frustrated in VA. P.S. Yes, I have tried all the help steps as well.

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