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Every reader has a book they love, has a favorite reading spot, has been moved by powerful  prose. All of these make up who we are as readers and even shape who we are as people. What was the first book you read? What’s your favorite story and why? Share your eReading experience with us in the comments section below or on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #eBookDay and be entered to win a tablet or device!

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“I like to travel a lot. So, that gives me plenty of time to read.”



“I always set aside some time at the end of the night to read before bed.”


“I like to get to the coffee shop early on Sunday so I can grab my favorite table. It’s out of the way and perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee, a scone, and whatever book I happen to be reading.”  


“There’s a nice spot in the park where I like to read and enjoy nature. It’s a great place to spend an hour or even my lunch break.”  

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  1. Mei

    With advanced technology like ereader, I enjoy reading ebooks. It’s convenient to just carry one device that contains numerous ebooks for me to enjoy anywhere and anytime.

  2. Chris

    I’ve read ebooks on a Kindle and on a Google Nexus (the 7 is a perfect size!). I underwent two orthopedic surgeries last year, and eBooks were my salvation–being able to store so many books on my devices kept me from boredom and allowed me to switch from title to title if the book did not suit my limited concentration ability.

    I’m also a huge fan of borrowing eBooks from the library. Wireless delivery saves me walking and I can choose so many titles I wouldn’t necessarily want to buy.

  3. Nila

    When I think of e-books, I think of Best, eBooks is the best thing that has ever happened in my life, I love books have all my life, now I no longer have to carry around heavy books, can take eBooks everywhere I go,to the park, outside on my patio,to the beach ,on vacations ..I am having the time of my life reading eBooks!Without having to walk everywhere to find a book .I love my e-Books!!!

  4. Charity Freeman

    When I read my first e-book I used my phone. I enjoyed it immensely. It was so easy to turn the pages and I didn’t have to wait to get a book from the Library. I enjoy all the books that you can get. I enjoy the recommendations! It makes it easy to look for different books that are similar to the book that you’re reading. Thank you!

  5. Summer Burns

    I love ebooks! I still like real books, but the ebooks are an advantage! You can take an entire series and more with you! not to mention, if you are a mom, you can have the convenience of getting library books without taking all the kids with you to the library. I love my iPad because i can use the ibooks app as well as the kindle app! i will be getting a kindle though soon just for reading! I’m soooooo excited about that!

  6. Dominic

    I was reading ebooks when ebooks weren’t cool. Long before anybody Kindle meant anything more than starting a campfire, I was downloading ebooks from Fictionwise to read on an eBay purchased Phillips Nino PDA using the app Starbuck. Since then I have graduated through, in order, a Cassiopeia E-100, a Dell Axim X-50, an iPod touch 2nd Gen., a 7″ Android tablet and my current favorite, MoonReader+ and the Kindle app on a Moto G.
    I’ve long enjoyed the convenience of having a full library in my pocket, and of never being without a book. I can’t remember the last time I was bored, and can’t imagine the next time I will be. Long live the digital format.

  7. Sandye Beyersdorf

    I enjoy reading books on Nook. However, I would like to advise anyone considering purchasing a Nook that you look into the Customer Service aspect of B/N.
    Recently I needed some assistance and ended up talking to someone in the Phillipines. When I tried to contact my local B/N they were no help whatsoever. Some people at my local B/N have actually told me they received little to no training in using the Nook.
    Just be aware folks.

  8. Josie

    As a busy high school student it is difficult at times to fit reading into my everyday schedule. EBooks have allowed me to read anytime, either on my phone or kindle. I spend time reading eBooks everyday whether I am in the car, or at home. Having access to thousands of books that are just a touch away has made it easier and more fun to read.

  9. nicholas

    I love reading ebooks.I have poor eyesight,so I can manipulate the fonts. It makes it easier to enjoy reading.g. I read so many books on my tablet,because the ease of reading them. I am so glad that the technology of ebooks exists

  10. Cindy Doll

    My sister surprised me and sent me a Nook a year ago. At the time, I was just finishing up my last semester of school, and was so immersed in final projects, papers to write and last minute details of graduation, that I thought I’d never get to enjoy this wonderful little gadget. Lo and behold, graduation finally came and I couldn’t wait to commence in my passion….reading. Oh the adventures I could begin to go on…..ebooks are the best thing since sliced bread!

    I love to read I can’t deny
    I’ll read anything that catches my eye
    My favorite thing is something new
    It’s called an ebook….have you heard it too?
    I love to see what free books there are
    And with my e reader, I can travel near or far.

  11. Denise

    I haven’t read an ebook yet but I hope to do so soon! The convenience, portability, and easy access to a huge collection of literature are significant advantages of eBooks. My favourite time to read is for a half hour or so just before turning out the light and going to sleep. The last book I read was The Rosie Project.

  12. Joscelyn Smith

    I love being able to carry a library sized number of books with me anywhere I go. I check-out books from multiple libraries and never have to worry about late fees or going out in bad weather to return or pick-up books. I’ve been reading for a long as I can remember and my family happily supports my addiction to books. I can’t imagine going even one day without reading, I don’t even leave my house without at least one book on me. E-books are just so convenient because items on hold are distributed so quickly from one patron to the next, no waiting for it to be ready for pick-up at a library branch. I can also check-out books from anywhere I have internet access, it doesn’t get any better than that.

  13. Genesis

    I absolutely LOVE ebooks! I could never survive without them. Last summer I had exhausted my supply of books when my librarian told me of Overdrive and digital libraries. My favorite book is Matched by Ally Condie because of her love of poetry and words. I have fallen in love with poetry an words because of Condie’s portrayal of a world where only the “best” is kept and everything else is destroyed. Sometimes we take things for granted. I also love the Hunger Games and almost every other book there is, both contemporary and classical. Happy Reading Everyone!

  14. James Holgate.

    In the classroom, eBooks allow me to connect a projector for the whole class to read along as I read. I can enlarge and highlight text. Some eBooks read the story aloud and help emerging readers read independently.

    eBooks are a publishing format that emerging readers can learn from and enjoy like accomplished readers, so there is less of a literacy divide in a class with diverse learning abilities.

  15. Laura

    I am a mom of 11, and it’s hard to get to sit down with a book, so being able to have a book open on my phone (ready whenever I am) is a big help. I love being able to change the font size and style. I also don’t have to keep a toddler from pulling out my bookmark!

    My children also read ebooks. We live a fair way outside of the city and cannot depend on getting to the local library on a regular basis. Having the library available on our tablets lets us get in a lot more reading than we would otherwise. :-)

  16. Cheryl

    I spent my summer downloading ebooks to my Kindle keyboard. I would put my tablet in a waterproof case, get on my favorite float in my swimming pool and read in the sun. To me there was no better or relaxing way to spend a free day. If only summer could last forever…….

  17. Devon Regal

    eBooks are simply the best- they are everything you could ask for. You can highlight your favorite parts and make notes without permanently damaging the book. You can define words without having to pull out a dictionary from the dusty corners of the shelves. If you are unfamiliar with a phrase, a historical figure, or a historical place, you can look it up with just a tap. You can even translate words and phrases that are in a different language. Plus, they are cheaper and environmentally friendly, so no more forests getting cut down! eBooks make life easier.

  18. Alex Maxwell

    After my stroke in 2006 I got headaches reading a print book. My wife bought me an iPad for my birthday and I downloaded my all time favourite book, Dune by Frank Herbert, and I was able to enjoy reading again. I have purchase ebooks and downloaded books from my library. I really enjoy reading again!

  19. Melanie

    China Dolls pulled me in and connected me with the emotions that the characters felt, so vividly as if they were my own. I was hurt when I experienced with Grace the absolute betrayal of her roommate/friend and the love of her life, cried with Grace as her mother spoke the last words she would hear for a long time, leaving her with a few pieces of advice for the rest of her life. I was still disappointed in and failed to understand Ruby’s motives even as I was reading in her perspective, unable to forgive her for the things she had done. And Helen, although the most conservative of ideals and traditions, proved to be the highest source of wisdom through the bare truth found in her words.

    Thankfully, with the availability of a laptop at home and a cell phone, I was able to read this book at any time of day, and could easily open up the app or the Overdrive page, and pop right back into the page I stopped at. It was extremely helpful that I could read from my cell phone under the covers at night, because if not I’d have to leave the lamp on and prop up in my bed to read the physical copy upright. I don’t want to wake up my parents when they’re sleeping, and it’s difficult to turn the pages of a book under the blanket with a flashlight around my neck. With my phone, I just have to set it to the lowest brightness and wala! I don’t waste any electricity and I don’t have to sweat under the blanket. I have spent a couple of nights, reading A Teenager’s Journey and crying for the narrator as he struggled with maintaining a sense of identity with his connections and wearily debated with himself the ways he could escape his way of life, failing in all his efforts. I felt extremely sad for the narrator especially when he stood in the forest for hours, asking God to help him, giving God one more chance to change his motives before he committed suicide. He received no answer, no closure at all, and it stung him as he continued to live.

  20. Emily B Rawley

    I enjoy eBooks because I can find a book that I can t find in my local library. I also love eBooks because they are online and the pages are not ripped when I read the book. I live ina small town so we don’t get that many books, but thanks to eBook I can get the books that I want to read not the boring ones. they have fun ones like the hobbit and all kinds of good books. I also can just search it up and not go shelf to shelf to shelf looking for a book I want to read. I can just go to eBook and search it up and its there.

  21. Carolyn Pringle

    I love to reduce my stress and chill by reading and/or listening to an ebook! I discovered library ebooks about 2 years ago while in college. The escape into my fantasy/paranormal books was just the ticket for me. (However, I do get a little obsessed with following a series!!!) Since discovering library ebooks, my ebook/audiobook addiction is a great deal cheaper. Such a blessing to have free books to access. Plus, in the old days I would forget to return books and have library fines……no more of that anymore. Thank God for ebooks!!!!!! More please!!!!

  22. Jan

    I love the convenience and flexibility of eBooks. Sometimes it just hits me that I need something to read, and there are thousands of choices at my fingertips! Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I download an eBook and read myself to sleep. I can sit in a park, by a lake, on my patio….anywhere….and choose anything I feel like reading at the moment. Greatest thing to come along since chocolate!

  23. Valerie Philipps

    I love eBooks because they are a convenient way for a reader like me to carry multiple books at once. As a school student this is helpful because I always need multiple books with me for SSR, class novels, and textbooks. It’s the small lightweight solution.

  24. Susanne Philipps

    I use an ebook to make my workout enjoyable. I don’t really like to work out, but I like how it feels when I’m done. I found a way to look forward to it now. I select a great ebook and I only read it when I’m working out. That way, I exercise my body and my mind. It’s the best motivation I’ve ever found.

  25. Melanie

    The past summer, when I had volunteering shifts at the library three days a week and English & Composition class two days a week, I took breaks in between those hours by simply logging in to overdrive and reading books straight from the computer! Whenever I got stuck with writing the narration or with the organization of an essay in English, I would click back to the page where I was reading a book called China Dolls, and take note of the strategies the author used to make her writing interesting, such as the dialogue, foreshadowing, and using the details to imply what happens in the story. It would help me greatly when I had to write the narrative short story, the definition essay, and finally the research paper!

    1. L.D. Trost

      I love ebooks! The advantage is realized when one tries to read the hardback version of a Diana Gabaldon 900 page Outlander book where you end up nearly blind from small print and 2 sprained wrists from trying to hold onto it!

  26. Chad

    I fell in love with eBooks because of their portability – either on my laptop, tablet or smartphone -, the ability to adjust the view and readability of text, and the fact I know longer have to prop open the pages with something… the eBook doesn’t try to snap close. Portability, adjustable views, and convenience: that’s why I love eBooks. Happy reading everybody!

    1. Lynda

      I look for Alexander McCall Smith and anything new that he writes–No. 1 Ladies Detective series, Isabel Dalhousie series, Scotland Street series. Great reads. Sometimes the ebook versions of popular authors are available before the print versions. My local library introduced me to ebooks by having Kindles to check out starting in 2014.

  27. brook

    I just got the overdrive app and I almost don’t read with anything else. I love that you can access a book anywhere you want!I just love reading!!!!!!!

  28. Linda

    As I get older and have more and more frustration with the glasses that have been a part of my face since I was 17, I so love taking off my glasses, increasing the font, turning off the light and enjoying the book dujour without trying to figure which part of my lens will supply readability. The only problem is when I fall asleep while reading. The iPad is a tad heavier than a book when it hits me in the face.

  29. Tori

    As a librarian not only do I thoroughly enjoy reading eBooks myself, but I love offering the alternate format for those that are interested. This ability to be able to offer an alternate format for those who otherwise may not have access to physical books is a wonderful thing.

  30. Susan Dewey

    I just finished reading my first eBook on my laptop. I have always just books made of paper, and never considered an reading an eBook. Last week I could get the book I wanted from the library only as an iBook. It was great. I have arthritis in my hands. I could read the book without holding it with both hands, and I didn’t have to grasp pages to turn them. It was easier and faster to read that way. I also liked being able to search and bookmark.

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