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Every reader has a book they love, has a favorite reading spot, has been moved by powerful  prose. All of these make up who we are as readers and even shape who we are as people. What was the first book you read? What’s your favorite story and why? Share your eReading experience with us in the comments section below or on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #eBookDay and be entered to win a tablet or device!

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“I like to travel a lot. So, that gives me plenty of time to read.”



“I always set aside some time at the end of the night to read before bed.”


“I like to get to the coffee shop early on Sunday so I can grab my favorite table. It’s out of the way and perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee, a scone, and whatever book I happen to be reading.”  


“There’s a nice spot in the park where I like to read and enjoy nature. It’s a great place to spend an hour or even my lunch break.”  

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  1. Terry

    My husband is a professor who has taught in many study-abroad programs so we find ourselves out of the country for four months at a time. There would be no way we could pack enough books to keep us busy. Love to cozy up with a physical book at home but rely on eBooks while traveling!

  2. HELEN

    Oh my!! Where do I begin? I was one of those old traditionalists who lamented that I “have to FEEL a book in my hand” or “I just love the SMELL of a new book” or “I am too old to learn to read on a DEVICE” (I’m in my 50s). Well, since I received my first ereader as a gift in 2009 I can say without a doubt that I am a huge fan of ereaders. After a few days of reading on the new ereader, I was completely hooked and I have never looked back. It is so freeing to leave home with one reading device instead of a tote bag full of books because I needed a variety to choose from. I’ve always loved reading and ereaders have made the joy of reading even more enjoyable.

  3. E Pantazoglou

    EBoooks is a wonderful opportunity for everyone. It afforded me the luxury of reading and in my job search as I was able to borrow and download a wealth of material from the Pubic Library through EBooks … It was a great assistance during a time of great need for so many. The materials are endless from reading for enjoyment to educationak and research there is something for everyone … EBooks is Great. Thank you!

  4. Cindy

    I put the kids to bed. They want me in the room and and I settle down to read on the carpet. I keep reading, get sleepy and eventually fall asleep briefly, only to wake up when my kindle hits my forehead. Then I know it’s time to wake up and close up the house for the evening. I’ll bring my kindle to my bedroom and read until I fall asleep. It’s my one moment of escapism in my busy stay at home mom routine.

  5. Clare

    I love eBooks. I am partially sighted and cannot really read a book when commuting on the bus or train as find it difficult to focus on normal size print whilst in a moving vehicle. eBooks are a lifesaver because the text can be as big as I need it to be and I can enjoy my books and not waste my travel time. I have been able to get through so many more books since I got hooked on eBooks and think they make the world a happier place – well, for me anyway. X :-)

  6. Kathleen Wozniak

    Living on a budget, eBooks allows me to read all types of books. I love the fact that I don’t have to leave home to check out a book also>

  7. Georgeann

    My husband hates when I turn on my bed lamp to read before sleep, so I make sure I have an ebook loaded on my Kindle to avoid an argument. Now, if I could only do something about the tv blaring as his background noise while he surfs the Internet and plays Scrabble on his phone/tablet!! Like Fran, I haven’t given up on physical books entirely, but am embracing the convenience of ebooks! The enjoyment of the story is what matters, and I will take it in whatever format I can!

  8. Tabitha Adkins

    Before getting my kindle, I would carry around 5 or 6 books were ever I went, my family would joke about me carrying a library around. After my kindle I realized what I was missing out on not having an e-reader. Being able to access so many e-books, whether by my own personal library or by checking them out from my overdrive acct. It’s incredibly liberating. Whether I’m in my room reading a textbook for classes or on the road reading my favorite book I love the freedom that e-books give. Right at this moment I’m sitting at over 3,000 e-book and climbing, and I’ve read every one of them… at least once, some more than that! Happy Read an E-Book Day!

  9. Heather

    I don’t have my own small device yet for reading print eBooks, but I have downloaded audio from Overdrive to my laptop to enjoy while doing housework, knitting, cooking, etc. A good book helps me get the job done in a better mood!

  10. Jessica Kathryn Olson

    Although i love traditional books, I love e-readers as well. While with traditional books you choose one or two books to take with you when you go. with an e-reader i could have all the books of my favorite series, like Leven Thumps wherever i go. I cannot remember the first book i ever read on an e reader, but then i have read so many i cannot tell you all i have either. What i know is that it is an easy way to carry many books with me, lessening the size of the bag i carry (in theory) doesn’t usually work that way lol. i tend to carry a traditional book with me and my nook just in case i want to read that story instead of what i have on my nook. My favorite books however are those by Obert Skye. The Leven Thumps series is one of my ultimate favorites. It is a good story, simple to read with humor thrown in at random times. and for those who didn’t know today is national ebook day. #eBookDay

  11. Claudia MacFarlane

    I love to read. My e-book allows me to read in places where I would normally just be wasting time eg. Dr’s Office. I also love to travel and rather than taking 6-7 books with me on vacation, I can now just carry my e-book reader! (more room for my shoe purchases )


  12. Debs

    I love the way eBooks are available 24 hours a day and from any where in the world. On holiday I can log in to my app and refresh my holiday reading whenever I want. No more suitcase filled with books now all my reading will fit on to my ipad and the bonus is I can fill the suitcase up on the way home with shopping!

  13. Linda Charlier

    My favorite part of having eBooks available is that when I am reading a book, if it is not that interesting to me I can have another book immediately available to me. There are so many books available now, and yet so little time!

  14. Kim Javins

    I always have at least 2 e books on my phone. They are great to have right at my fingertips while waiting in the doctors office, standing in line, on my lunch break, or anywhere else that I can steal a few minutes for myself.

  15. Debbie M

    I love reading and read whenever I get a free moment but with 4 kids there’s not a lot of free moments. So my favorite time to read is at night when everyone else is asleep and the house is quiet and even though it’s been a long day and I’m tired and should go to sleep, I stay up to read. One of the reasons I love my ebooks is that I can read anywhere, anytime and even in the dark which makes hubby happy when I’m reading at 1am and he’s trying to sleep.

  16. Joyce

    Love reading ebooks . Have books downloaded on phone, nook and tablet . Overdrive is so easy to use. Still use my library for new best sellers. Janet Evanovich ‘a books make me laugh out loud!

  17. Michele

    I am unable to drive due to limitations of MS and it is not often enough that I get to the library or a book store. EBooks are so special to me because I have an entire library at my fingertips! It is so easy to stay connected, learn, and escape through eBooks :)

  18. Julie Mike

    I think one of the best inventions of our time is the ereader. I have been an avid reader all my life and loved the feel of books in my hand. When ereaders first appeared, I admit I was a hold out. Working at a public library, however, I pretty much had to learn how to use them in order to better inform our patrons. My first ebook downloaded was Jacob’s Faith by Lora Leigh, and I was hooked. The convenience of the ereader as opposed to a book is fantastic for travel, and the convenience of being able to download a title anywhere there is wifi is awesome. My physical library has thinned to a few select titles I still keep for sentimental reasons, but the majority of my books are on my reader. I am an avid fan.

  19. Virginia March

    I am able to request books from my library in both traditional and eBook format. Whichever becomes available first, I start reading!

  20. Diana Morris

    I recently got an e-reader using gift cards I received from my friends when I retired from teaching elementary school. I have always wanted one, but thought I didn’t have the time for it. I wish I would have gotten one sooner. My first borrow from the digital library was a read-to book for my great nephew… If I Were Your Monster by Scott Nicholson. I really like the choice of being able to either read it myself or have the book read to him. What a great way to share a good book with a child! I can’t wait to take out books during the winter months when I won’t be able to get to the closest library-(10 miles away). Having e-books to read -increases my choices of what I can read, and definitely broadens ” my personal reading library.” What a great invention! Audio,video, disco

  21. Nick

    eBooks, for me and so many others, is that wonderful escape from the world. The ability to get lost in a book is always something I’ve loved, but it wasn’t always easy to make time for the book store or even ordering online and waiting. Being able to dive right in to a book anywhere I am and being able to find something new truly at my fingertips with the OverDrive app is amazing! So from road trips and traveling for work to reading a few pages before bed, I enjoy time with my eBooks anywhere I can!

  22. Janet

    I absolutely love that I can have ebooks anywhere. I have them on my smartphone, and I’m never caught without a book in my hand because I can download directly from my library where ever I am–the files are so small that they don’t even use much cell data if I’m away from wifi. LOVE ebooks!

  23. Erik

    Spare minutes at lunch or a quick weekday breaks are easy moments to read from my phone. Plus, I don’t have to turn on a reading lamp at night and wake up my little one.

  24. Carol

    I love eBooks! They help me stay active in ways hard cover books really could not. I enjoy reading them while I walk on my treadmill! It makes me forget all about myself as I get absorbed in the story! I Enjoy the audiobooks when I have work to do outdoors!

  25. Kelly H.

    I love being able to take books on the go with me – I never worry I’ll “run out” as long as I have a wifi connection! Also, as a librarian, I love being able to share eBooks with our patrons. Every day, I teach people just how easy it is to start downloading eBooks through OverDrive on just about any device, and I love hearing people talk about how excited they are to get started.

  26. Wendy

    Ebooks allow me to read at any time. I have problems with my hands that prevent me from holding onto a physical book, so the only way I can read one is if it is propped up in front of me. My EReader allows me to read any time, any place, because it is not heavy and awkward – so light and easy to hang onto. It has really brought reading back to me :)

  27. Fran Bott

    I ride the bus a lot and ebooks make it easy to pass the time away. Being able to checkout a ebook at the library is a huge plus as it allows me to carry that big book with me and travel light. While I still love holding a physical book in my hands, ebooks definetly have a place in my life making reading convient.

  28. martha

    I alternate between library books and ebooks so not only do I get the best of both worlds, but a huge selection of new and older books.

  29. Lee Anne Jodoin

    Ebooks gave reading back to me.
    I work two jobs, go to college full time, and I have 5 kids. The only time I have to read is late at night, when everyone else is asleep, or on breaks between activities. Ebooks allow me read multiple books without having to drag 50 lbs. of books with me everywhere I go.
    Having access to endless books without an extra trip to the library or bookstore is just the icing on the cake.

  30. Kathy

    I love the fact that I always have a book on me, because I have a smart phone. Waiting for appointments is always easy now, because I always have a book on me, and this may be superstitious, but they always seem to get me in quicker because I don’t mind waiting and even look forward to the wait because I have a good book with me. Whereas before, if I forgot my book, it seemed to take forever to be called. I’m currently relishing Diana Gabaldon’s Written in My Own Heart’s Blood!

  31. Jarrod Scarbrough

    I’m a life long bibliophile. The ease and availability of eBooks is one of the greatest inventions of late! I love that I can purchase a new release, borrow from the library, or browse my own collection, all from the comfort of my own home, or while on the go. I can read a book on my eReader, then while standing in line at the grocery store, pick up where I left off by reading on my smart phone. It is estimated that one tree makes about 30 books, so I love that my eBook collection has saved the lives of many trees!

  32. Stephanie Biggs

    I read every chance I get, so if I am waiting on a train to pass, the light to change, or waiting for an appointment, I get out my iPad or phone and read!

  33. Moy

    I love the links to free e books that a lot of face book interest pages put up. It’s broadened my reading. I’d love a free reader too ;)

  34. Eleanor

    I was a firm believer that ebooks were “not my cup of tea.” One day I decided to give it a try and now two years later, I wouldn’t read any other way. It’s the best as you always have a book with you. My nose is constantly in my phone or ipad. I have done so much more reading now than in the past. My favorite books so far is the Victoria Thompson Gaslight Mysteries series. Love that time period.

  35. Mayim

    Ebooks provide an amazing way to read. Many times you can just look for a book online if you can’t find it in the library. Plus it is on your device so you have easy access to the books. I love that I can read books anytime without having to carrying the extra weight around.

  36. Heaz

    I purchased a Kobo simply because it allows library books to be downloaded. I love the library and my reader. I wasn’t sure about not physically holding a book, but the Kobo is great! I read on my breaks at work and couldn’t imagine my reading life without my ebooks. =)

  37. Michelle

    I love laying with my daughters each night before bed and reading them ebooks. It’s such a special way to say goodnight and we have overdrive to thank for that.

  38. Jane Sibley

    How very inspiring to read all the stories about ebooks! I am newly converted to ebooks. Being an avid reader I have always enjoyed having a huge pile of books waiting to be read. How could that ever be replaced? But after joining OverDrive and being able to easily download books to my iPad I have discovered the joy of being able read what ever I want whenever I want to from home quickly and easily. It is wonderful to be able to see what new books are available and of course even listen to a book if I so desire. I feel privileged to be able to be part of such a great new technology. My favourite part must be being able to go directly to where I left off when reading an ebook. No more finding bookmarks or spending time finding my page of my book. Book bliss!

  39. Marsha

    I always have at least one book going and have been like that since I was a child. I always resented not being able to read anytime or anywhere but now with e-books I can. I especially like the audio books as I can listen to a good book while I am cooking or cleaning the house or driving someplace in my car. I think the e-books are also wonderful for the blind, the elderly, for anyone that struggles with the written word and for all the individuals that are just too busy in their everyday lives to sit down and enjoy the written word. Thank you for providing such an important, free service to all people around the world that have the advantage of an electronic means to access the books. I hope your prizes go to people that do not yet have access.

  40. JoAnna

    I never really believed in EBooks until it was the only option I had. I recently had my baby and while I was pregnant I could no leave my bed. Going to the library was near impossible as well as a lot of other tasks. My husband saw how distressed I was about this and told me about the library app for my phone. At first I didn’t want to use the app because it would mean that I know longer support my local libraries, I was definitely wrong! At first I was just perusing and looking around and then I found the series I was reading and I could borrow it right away! That was only the beginning. Now I have a book wherever I go because my phone is always with me. Between doctor appointments and waiting for the train to the mundane nights where i have time to read I know I will always have a book. I read on my phone for most of my books and love that I am still supporting my library at the same time.

  41. Jessica

    I love my kindle fire. I can play games, surf the web, and most importantly, read ebooks! The first book I read was Eragon and I’ve since read almost the entire series on my kindle fire. Ebooks are the best!

  42. Sandra Malafronte

    I take my ereader everywhere with me, even to the park when I take our grandchildren to play. They have fun and so do I. The ereader has made it easier to have my books with me (and many at one time) wherever we go when traveling. Once the books are loaded I only have to worry about recharging my unit and I know I’ll have plenty of entertainment when we have down time. Still trying to convince my husband that an ereader is the way to go.

  43. Elaine

    I truly enjoy my ebook experience. I read on the beach! No sand in the pages! The reader I have has paperwhite technology, so no sun glare! I received this as a birthday present from children and have been reading quite a lot ever since ! I go to the “library” check out a book a begin my journey!

  44. Karen Sapinski

    All my life I have been a reader. For a few years when I was little and getting teased, books were a good friend, always there, never judging. I walked to the library a lot. Now I am forty seven so that was a while back. Today a lot of kids can’t get to their library unless their busy parents can bring them. Overdrive gives a child a chance to fall in love with reading. We can not measure the amazing benefits this makes for a child’s future. And for all of society. Thank you Overdrive!

  45. Katelyn

    I love listening to eBooks at work while I am doing data entry. It is a great way for me to “read” while maintaining presence on the job.

  46. Athena

    I wasn’t sure e-books were for me… there is just something about holding a real book and turning it’s pages. But then I tried the e-book service available at my local library and I was hooked!! E-books is the best way to read as many books as possible and have them readily available at all times at my fingertips. I especially love e-reads for my travels… I don’t have to worry about which books I want to take or leave behind because of a lack of space in my luggage! Here’s to e-reads! :)

  47. Dianna

    I love reading, always have. With my digital book I can take it anywhere and read while waiting for car to be serviced or at doctor and especially on vacation. Now I have a smart phone and download books to listen to, I do this while I am quilting in my sewing room, love it.

  48. Margaret

    I read eBooks checked out from my free public local library. It’s great that I can have any eBook at hand anywhere on my phone, tablet, or computer.

  49. Jim

    My dad recently became ill and I frequently have to spend a few hours at a stretch at the hospital with him as well as doctor offices. E-books are great because with all the equipment I have to take for him, my e-reader takes up so little room I can always pack it. This allows me to keep up on my reading and makes the time more productive. Also, with e-magazines, I can read current issues rather than year-old copies in the doctor’s office.

  50. Ellen

    Not only do I read ebooks personally, I am a Library Media Specialists and I use ebooks with students during my 5th grade lunchtime book club. I project an ebook so they can read along with an audio book as they eat lunch. A favorite for the last two years has been Wonder by R.J. Palacio. A book that everyone should read!

  51. Rachel M

    I have rediscovered a love of reading since reading ebooks on my tablet. I’m dyslexic and find the ability to change the size and colour of text, increase margins etc brilliant to make reading easier. I have borrowed ebooks from the library, although it would nice if more were available, and bought them as well as reading loads of free ones. eBooks and ereaders are brilliant :)

  52. Gina Maida

    I had owned an iPad for years but I was reluctant to switch to reading on a “device”. Then I downloaded one of my all-time favorite novels out of curiosity, more than anything. Now I’m hooked! The convenience of carrying multiple books in one small package overcame my distrust of the electronic medium. Thanks, to both my public library and OverDrive for turning me around!

  53. Eve

    I absolutely love reading eBooks on my Nook! I have done so for about 5 years, both purchasing eBooks and utilizing Overdrive and selecting books from my local library system. Besides being so convenient, it is a must for me as I have severe Rheumatoid arthritis! My hands are very deformed and weak making it impossible for me to hold a regular book not to mention I cannot turn the pages with my fingers. I have been an avid reader for over 40 years and was so excited to find out about eReaders – that made me so immensely happy, I cannot begin to tell you!

  54. Courtney

    Just recently in the past year I have realized how much I love to read! With college tuition and papers OverDrive has definitely been a life saver. It allows me to read books without having to pay for them, which is a great thing for a college student! Also it allows me to relieve some of my stress by relaxing and curling up to a good book.

  55. cmadler

    Back in the 1990s when I first heard about the idea of ebooks, I thought it sounded silly. Why would you want to read on an electronic device that runs on a battery when we’ve had a perfectly good non-battery-powered format for hundreds of years.

    Over the last six years, I’ve found the answer. ebooks win by just always being there. I’ve always got my phone with me, and I’ve always got plenty of ebooks on it. Wherever I am, wherever I go, whenever I have a moment, I can “pick up a book” and start reading.

    The other advantage of ebooks is the ability to get untold numbers of public domain works absolutely free. This summer I’ve been reading the entire Sherlock Holmes canon in ebook format. At the moment, I’m midway through “The Valley of Fear”.

  56. Ursula

    I started listening to ebooks as a way to make a daily treadmill workout more enjoyable. With a good book I found myself jumping onto that treadmill the next day! I then moved on to listening during my drive to and from work and on long car trips. Just love the opportunity to fill time I would otherwise be wasting. I highly recommend ebooks to young and old. It knows no age limits or genres. Try one, you will fall in love with it.

  57. Norma Hannah

    I love to read them anywhere, home, waiting at a doctor’s office, or in the car. I also enjoy listening to audiobooks: biking, sewing, or riding in the car.

  58. Gail

    I’ve been using ebooks in the classroom for years. Not only does it provide a treasure trove of built in benefits like the ability to look up text, taking notes, sharing quotes but you can use all the features of your devise to explore, create, and publish media in response to the knowledge you are gaining. Thee ae even bonus health features! The backpack is so much lighter when you can carry so many resources and books in one small, lightweight device. Truly revolutionizes the classroom and a lifetime of learning and exploring!

  59. Angela

    I love the convenience of e-books. I probably wouldn’t have gotten a chance to read some of the books I have if not for e-books. I just browse the library or ebook sites and if something perks my interest, I read it. I read on my Kindle while lying in bed or at work during down time. So much easier than carrying 3 or 4 books around. Today I’m reading “The Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie as my ebook of choice. Have fun reading folks :)

  60. Jill

    In honor of read an ebook day, I just borrowed On My Honor from my library through Overdrive. This book was recommended by my 6th grade daughter’s teacher. One of the great things about ebooks is that she can read it on her iPod and I can read it on my Kindle at the same time. And we can discuss and share and bond as we read along. I am also a huge fan of audio books that I also borrow from Overdrive and listen to on my iPod or iPhone. It’s a great way to read a book when you don’t have time to sit down to read a book. I listen while I walk my dog, drive to work, put makeup on in the morning, clean the house, and wash dishes. This way I probably double the amount of books I read per year.
    What I love most about ebooks is that since I always have my phone, I always have my current book with me and whenever I have a small pocket of time, I can sneak in a few pages and escape to that wonderful world of a great book.

  61. Michelle Ball

    I always have my Kindle or iPad with me so when I have a minute I can read my book. I’m a middle school librarian and I’m slowly pushing ebooks on my students as well. A lot of them love that they can read on their phone! We use OverDrive to download books from the public library. :)

  62. Shawn Pecze

    I love the convenience of ebooks. Being able to borrow a book from my library while on vacation gives me the freedom to read whatever genre comes to mind

  63. Sherrie Cohen

    I love over drive media and have been downloading books for years. I have MS and need to exercise everyday. I download an audio book and listening to the book gets me though the exercises and allows me at least an hour everyday to exercise while my mind is someplace else – with the characters from whichever book I am listening to that week. I also download e-books every two weeks. Reading on a device is much easy to read – the device usually weighs less so less arm strength is needed to hold the book up. Probably the best thing about reading on a device is that I can change the font size to adjust to my day and my eyesight that day. I finished Silver Bay this morning and will download the next book soon. Thank you also for allowing us to suspend holds for a week or so. I always have lots of books on hold and very ofter two books become available on the same day. It is great that I no longer have to chose which one I am going to read and then wait another couple of months for a best seller – but can not suspend a hold for a week until I am finished the first book.

  64. Morgan Craft

    I read an eBook just about every day. Reading is and has always been my passion. I remember thinking how terrible it would be to read a book without physically holding it. Typically, I’ll read at night, so I always had to have one of those bulky awful book lights. My grandmother finally bought me a Nook a couple years back, and I couldn’t begin to explain the difference. I find it so nice to be able to lie in bed and read without turning pages or fussing with a light. Of course the portabity is an added plus. :) Being able to now check out books online is amazing! Believe me, I take full advantage of this privelege. I love reading anything and everything wherever I go!
    Yay eBooks!!!

  65. Marty

    Ebooks are the great. When I 1st started reading ebooks, I didn’t think I would enjoy bit having the hard copy. Now I only read ebooks. You always have a book with you.

  66. Janis Marshall

    It is great for vacation, when the library is closed or just for searching for different books. Very convenient. Love it, Still like to visit the library too.

  67. Joan Peluso

    A whole new world of reading opened up when I discovered eBooks. I can always have a book with me no matter what piece of technology I have with me; my phone, my iPad mini, my lap top. What a great example to my grands and my 2nd grade students – “Have a moment? READ!”

  68. Sharon

    I love how ebooks are so portable and can be accessed from anywhere. Being able to check out a new title from my library while at the airport, on the beach, at midnight in my PJs…awesome!

  69. Kelly

    At first I didn’t know about not holding a book in my hands. But once I downloaded my first eBook I loved it!!! Now, it’s so nice to have my kindle with me where I go. I can read when and where ever I have a few free minutes!!!

  70. Katie

    I’m Katie and I am 13 years old. I love going to my public library and checking out books, and went almost every day last year. Soon we were going less and less, from after school activities to my parents work schedule, it was hard to go. One day, while my grandmother was visiting from another state, she was reading a book on her kindle. I had a tablet with books my dad bought for me on Amazon, but he rarely buys them because you have to pay $5-$20 for books. My grandmother told us about OverDrive, and once I started using it, my brother and sister used it. When my tablet broke, the thing I bugged my dad for on my iPod was OverDrive. Now I read everywhere I go that I bring my iPod!!! #ebookday

  71. Suzanne Schultz Pick

    EBooks are a Godsend. It’s so much easier to browse books from home. I can carry around a stack of them on my Kindle and read whatever matches my mood. It’s also made a big impact on authors too – we reach a wider audience with ebooks.

  72. Joyce

    I’ve been enjoying audiobook and digital books for years. I listen to them on my daily bus commute to/from work. I’ve introduced my daughters to them as well. One of my daughters has dyslexia and struggles with reading. Audiobooks are a lifesaver for high school and college kids with reading issues. If only EVERY classic novel were available in this format!

  73. Dana Brigandi

    eBooks have allowed me to simplify my life and save money. I have the joy and power of reading in my hand — without taking up space in my home or spending money on books I don’t love. I can check out books from my local library and read them in peace (to fulfill my secret YA addiction) without anyone knowing what I’m reading! I always have a book with me, no matter how big it is, and it easily fits in my purse. Sometimes I spend hours browsing the OverDrive site trying to figure out which five books I should put on my bookshelf and which ones I should put on hold request. So many great books, so little time. #eBookDay

  74. Bri

    I look forward to the end of the day so I can lay in bed and cuddle up with a good book. My lifestyle has become so busy at times that I do not have time to sit and read so I am a big fan of audio books. I can download a book and listen as I’m on the go. Dean Koontz is my favorite author and I will read/listen to his books over and over. I love all kinds of books in all different genres but Dean Koontz will always be my favorite.

  75. Nancy Kolis

    My elderly mother sometimes encounters technology such as downloading an ebook via Wi-Fi. “Magic,” she says quietly. I’m inclined to agree.

  76. Nate

    eBooks have been such a pivotal discovery in my life! I’m a high school senior, and the stress can really pile up every night. I decided that reading every night could help me to organize my thoughts and get some much needed downtime before bed every night. I started reading eBooks on my phone, and not only have my stress levels decreased, I enjoy it so much! eBooks are so easy to check out or buy, and I can have as many as I want on my device! OverDrive makes everything so easy: it’s just like my library! #eBookDay

  77. June

    1. Right one my husband is asleep, I am awake, and I am reading an ebook in bed. No having to turn on the light.

    2. I travel a lot with just a carry on. No more tring to find a skinny book I can read. I load up my iPad and voila!

    3. So easy to get free books from the library.

  78. Donna Doolin Anderson's

    wow I have one of the first readers that came and have up graded…… My reader goes every where I go. I started a senior book club at our hospital and. Everyone ended up with and ereader . I now have a book club at our local library. I think this is so important that I donate my time teaching how to use the ereaders . The first thing I do is get them on overdrive. Our library is so busy I am set to teach the staff how to use the readers. My son is a Docter he carries his kindle in his white coat.
    my family are avid readers I have over a thousand books in my cloud. Would love to win a new version… husband says I treat my readers as if they have a soul, I say of course they do….. overdrive doing a great job thanks for all the hard work.

  79. Allison

    I can’t tell you how much I love my drive to & from work now that I listen to my books. Sometimes I wish my commute could be longer. By the time I get home my work day is so far in the past. It’s “my time”.

  80. Laura

    I love eBooks for their convenience. But when I recently saw my “reluctant reader” reading a book on his new Kindle Fire – it made really appreciate eBooks.

  81. Lynette

    As a teacher librarian, I love ALIA’s statement of “50:50 by 2020″! That about sums it up for me, personally and professionally. Books in both formats are great, for so many reasons!

  82. Maryanne

    While I still love the physical book, ebooks have actually encouraged me to read more. I am more likely to download a book that is out of my comfort zone, so I have enjoyed many non-fiction titles I probably would never have picked up off my library”s shelf. I also teach ereader classes at my local library and am so excited that just yesterday we added wifi to our children’ s library . The digital library can now enhance our children’s programming!

  83. Svargo

    Love being able to read in bed with the lights out and not disturb my husband.Love that it remembers where I’ve got up to. Love listening to a book in the car – no stupid adverts and endlessly repeating “news” items. Love that I can make the font bigger. Just love my ebooks

  84. Jayne

    I commute to work via the bus, which can be very crowded at times! It’s so easy to pull out my kindle and start to read, which makes the commute so much more tolerable! And with OverDrive, I’m never “stuck” with having to read just one book! I love how I can take out a few ebooks of my liking and read whatever I’m in the mood for! I also recently discovered the joy of audiobooks, so I now have the option of just listening to a ebook when I’m too tired to actually read! And the fact that OverDrive can be accessed anywhere, including directly on my kindle via the wi-fi, I’m never without a ebook!

  85. Arushi monne

    hi, I’m Arushi and i am 10 years old .I am from pathways school Noida. Right now ,in our school it is literary week so we are reading alot of books because it is literary week and because we are having an inter-house competition on which all the houses read the most will win and we are using a Caterpillar and the body will be books that the participants have read.

  86. peter edwards

    I am an 80 years old and disabled I love e-books as I do not sleep very well and read for hours at night about two weeks ago I tried to download another book as normal but my tablet keeps telling me I have reached my checkout limit of five even though there are no books on my bookshelf and it tells me I have not got a book out on loan.
    I have a tablet called a HUDL from Tesco since last Xmas that I bought specifically to borrow books from Newcastle library. I live in Consett Co Durham but I can come to the library if there is somebody there that can help me. I am not great on I-pads but I have managed up till now.
    Peter J Edwards library number 1024 4776

  87. Navya

    I am a student and as literary week is going on in my school i read a ebook. I like ebooks because i can read them anywhere i want. And some of them even have a narrator speaking so they are more interesting to me.

  88. Shubhamgupta

    I am Shubham Gupta I am 10 years old. it online so I like to online doing stuff like website . it is fun also. are reading also get more high level and we get inturst.

  89. Varsha

    Hi, I’m Varsha, I am 9 years old. I am from Pathways School Noida. Right now, in our school it’s literary week going on so we are reading a lot of books. ebooks is a nice way of reading. I really enjoyed reading from ebooks.

  90. jaiya

    I am a student that likes books. I like books because they are fun. I can also read them anywhere. I am going to read lots of books.

  91. Navya

    I am a student and as literary week is going on in our school i read some ebooks. I like ebooks because, I can read them anywhere without a book. And some books also have a speaker so its more interesting.

  92. Ananya

    I really enjoyed the book THE BIG GAME ADVENTURES it was really interesting and a very nice book I really liked and i will read more books on ebook.

  93. Stacey

    Although I do not own my own eReader our local library does have a borrowing program! Being able to pack all of our books in one device is convenient and frees up valuable space in my bag. Pulling out the device to catch a few pages without having to reread is wonderful as my little one can’t remove the bookmark like he can on paper copies.

  94. Gail

    I absolutely love eBooks. I’ve always loved reading, but eBooks make it easier and quicker and simpler in all kinds of ways.

    I can now read easily in bed. I am very short-sighted and need to wear my glasses when reading, which was very uncomfortable if I tried to read in bed. With a regular book, I could read it without glasses if I put the book really close to my eyes, but I could only see one part of the page at a time, so had to keep moving the page around, which soon got annoying and tiring. Now I can read on my phone in bed, without my glasses, and the screen’s small enough that I can see it all at once close up, plus I can make the font big enough to see from more of a distance.

    I also have Asperger Syndrome, which means I have some visual processing difficulties, and I see every little detail – I can’t filter out irrelevant things. Regular books were quite distracting because I would see every little groove in the wood of the page. And I have difficulty with serif fonts, because the serifs, and different thicknesses of different parts of the letters, would be too much information for me, and got quite overwhelming. All paper books seem to have these serif fonts with mixed thicknesses (other than ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’, interestingly – that’s in a simple sans serif font). So something I really love about eBooks is that eReaders have a smooth, undistracting background, and I can select a sans serif font, and I can also space out the lines and give good margins, so that it’s easier visually. I like being able to select a yellowish background when reading on my phone, and I like that my Nook has a greyish background, because it’s a gentler contrast than stark black on white.

    I also really love being able to carry lots of books around in one device. If I’m going away somewhere I don’t have to pack lots of books, as I used to, so it’s a lot lighter. And I always have my phone with me, so I always have plenty of books to read wherever I am. It’s also easier to read while eating or drinking, because you only need one hand to hold the device and turn the page. And I read from my phone as I walk to work – walking while reading a paper book gets you some odd looks, but lots of people walk while looking at their phone, so now I can read while walking and blend in.

    And I am very happy that the classics are available for free on Project Gutenberg. I don’t have much money, and buying cheap classics in paper book form generally meant that they had tiny, cramped text, so there are classics I never read simply because the font put me off!

    Basically, eBooks and eReaders have made reading a lot more accessible to me, and as reading is what I like to do more than anything, I’m incredibly grateful for this.

  95. Jill

    I love eBooks. Having a world of books at your fingertips is amazing. I can’t wait to check out the new eBooks from Doncaster Libraries. Which to choose next?

  96. Shirley

    I discovered eBooks at Doncaster libraries. My favourite eBook experience was reading Life of Pi, with the beautiful coast of Norway as a backdrop whilst on the Norwegian Coastal Voyage (hoping the boat wouldn’t sink and land me in same predicament!) I now have the fjords as the wallpaper on my tablet.

  97. Jane Fanning Brown

    Thanks to I got rid of TV! I have a Kindle, a Nook, the Kindle app on my laptop and iPad and I download audiobooks to my laptop and mp3 player. The audiobooks on my laptop keep me company when working on projects where I need to use my eyes, so can’t read. The audiobooks on my mp3 player keep me company when I’m out walking or I plug it in to my car stereo when on long trips. The best part is that Overdrive is always with me when it’s time to download another book to whatever device I’ll be using! The only problem I have is deciding which device gets the download since I can only check out three books at a time! Between Overdrive and other download sites, I usually have five books going at one time!

  98. Andrea Vaughan

    omg e books have changed my life. I have only been downloading e books since Feb (7 months) but I seriously have read over a hundred ebooks since that time. I love the convenience and the ease…not to mention the huge selection. I read 3 to 4 e books a week and don’t see it stopping anytime soon

  99. Kym

    I enjoy reading eBook during my 2 hour work commutes. I have become more productive reader ever since. Because I have lots of love for mother earth, I have been having a paperless classroom by leveraging on eBook. The outcome is marvelous! My trainees love it – no more carrying heavy reference books to their lessons. They save a lot of money and storage spaces too :)

  100. Josey Fountain

    I am now the proud mom of a beautiful little boy. Reading is one of my favorite things to do… but with a six month old it gets hard to find time. With Overdrive I can listen to my favorite autio books in the car or while folding one of the million loads of laundry I do every week! Overdrive has brought back a passion I thought I had lost time for! Now I can cook, clean, and care for my son all while getting lost in my favorite stories!

  101. Pete

    All the words, none of the weight. To be able to carry so many books with no extra weight is awesome. It’s not like the weight of the phone will be going away anytime soon, so having books on it is weightless – and getting an eBook on Overdrive is waitless too!

  102. Mary Ann Hogle

    Libraries have always been a safe haven for me. I recommend! When new to a school; it ‘s the place you’ll want to be. When junior high junk is more than you can take: visit the media center. Take a social break. Long mommy days are brightened by an outing to the library. Picture books for children and chapter books for mom–let’s get you kids home it’s time for your nap!
    Now, I’m a middle-aged woman and life it is grand! With eBooks this grandma can check in to check out the best of all books. I read with my eyes and I listen with my ears. Yep, there’s an entire library right here in my bag. I’ve the dearest of friends; I’m never alone; I’m safe in my haven and my grandchildren–oh– they are ALL just darling!

  103. John Miles

    have only been using eBooks for two months its really great i do a lot of reading at work and eBooks allows me to load up many of my favourite authors on my tablet rather than having to carry a bagful of books

  104. Susan Korstanje

    I love reading in bed to wind down from the work of the day. I don’t need to have the light on to read on my tablet, so reading an ebook doesn’t keep my hubby awake.

  105. GrowlyCub

    All the time. One of the best days of my life was when I stumbled across the READS link on my local library’s website. I almost always have my full complement of e- and audiobooks checked out and I’m on the website looking to see what new books have been added several times a week. E-books rock. :)

  106. doug

    I pretty much read eBooks exclusively now. With small children, I have to read (often only a few minutes at a time) whenever i get the opportunity. eBooks & iphones makes that easy to do. The Sisters Brothers was one of my recent favorites.

  107. Justine Meredith

    I have only been reading eBooks for a few months and I don’t know how I lived without them before. I have had a shocking year with family illnesses and I myself struggle with stress and anxiety but when I read my sBooks it is like I can forget it all, I can escape into another world, even if it is only for 5 minutes as I have 3 daughters so I read when I can and where I can. eBooks on Overdrive are amazing now I don’t have the worry of having to spend money on a book I cant afford. Even my eldest has borrowed a couple of books so she can read which is great though she has to wait till I have finish to get on and read, but she doesn’t mind. I have to thank my mother for introducing me to eBooks, what a wonderful mum. I would have to say so far my favourite books are the Partials Series by Dan Wells, just amazing. I could read them again and again.

  108. Kirsten Benhiam

    My first eBook was the Rosie Project. I really wanted to read it but the only place I could find it was as an eBook. I was worried that it would be hard curling up at night with the reader and that I would hate the whole thing. Nothing could be further from the truth and I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it. The lamp wasn’t on so my husband wasn’t getting angry with me, the brightness could be adjusted for my eyes and I could even make the text bigger. I devoured the Rosie Project in a few nights and went online straightaway for next book. Looking through the titles in my pyjamas at breakfast was fun and convenient. I am hooked now and love that the book returns itself.

  109. Chelle

    eBooks have become very much a part of my routine and I appreciate the convenience of using them. I’ve been a lot more productive, knowledgeable & inquisitive. These books are my companions. Cheers to a healthier mind! And the blessings of technology!

  110. Vera

    I read every day. I use my e-book reader when I travel on the bus, and I read paperback books at home. My favourite place to read is the bathtub! :) I enjoy mysteries, detective stories, young adult and romantic books, and sometimes science fiction. One of my favourite books is The City and the Stars from Arthur C. Clarke.

  111. Andre Edgerson

    Well the first ebook I ever listened to was “Under the Dome”. I am a huge Stephen King fan and since June of this year I have listened to 5 ebooks. Funny thing is for the last 6 years I have given my wife TONS of grief about her obsession with ebooks……so I had to profusely apologize to her when I got hooked. I have listened to “IT”…….”11/22/63″…….”Mr. Mercedes”……”The Cell”……The Gunslinger: The Dark Tower and Currently The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three. I bought my new Jeep Patriot back on July 5 and pretty much all I listen to up until this date (September 17) are my ebooks. I don’t believe I could even READ another book going forward in my life…….I am an ebook junkie for life…..LOL!!!!!!!

    1. Andre Edgerson

      Just for Clarification…..I know there is a difference between ebooks and audiobooks. However with that being said it is all digital media to a certain extent and while I don’t really read ebooks……I do love audiobooks and I check them out regularly from my public library. Thank You!!!!!!

  112. Jeffery Davis

    I enjoy ebooks anywhere and any time. I’m able to read multiple books at once and I keep the wife happy by not adding to our already overflowing home library. Like your wallet or keys I never leave home without my e reader loaded with my next adventure being just a finger touch away

  113. Robyn Blackburn

    After my Mom passed away from cancer I started reading a lot to escape. I was averaging about one book every two days. Soon after I discovered ebooks and then overdrive and fell in love. I can now keep as many books as I want on hand and don’t have to worry about where to put them. Overdrive is amazing I love that when you check out a book from the library it will return it for you at the end of your loan period. I don’t like to spend a lot on books so being able to borrow ebooks from my library is great. It has been five years since I lost my Mom I no longer read to escape but read because there is nothing better than a good book. I still manage to read around 200 ebooks a year thankfully I’m a speed reader. In the last Year I have only read one book that was not an ebook.

  114. Mark

    My wife is particularly fond of my kindle paperwhite since unlike my old book lights, this doesn’t keep her up at night while I’m reading. Plus, it’s very lightweight and perfect for travel. It’s great to load two or three books on it before a trip and not worry about finishing a book and searching for a bookstore to find a new book for the ride home. Currently reading How Kentucky Became Southern, on loan from my library. I just wish the library would give us longer than 14 days for a checkout period. It can get tough to finish some books in only 14days.

  115. Rebecca

    I was once a sceptic about ebooks thinking that they would never take the place of a “real” book. The feel and smell of the paper only enhanced the story on my mind. Until, that is,I got my first iPad mini as a gift. Through the iBooks, Kindle, Nook, and the wonderful Overdrive apps I have found hundreds of authors I would never have discovered and tunneled through thousands of pages of wonderful stories. Soon, I ran out of room and developed a need to upgrade to avoid the dreaded trash icon.

  116. Jovina

    I count eBooks as one of the greatest inventions… having access to countless books wherever you go, and being able to read these books on iPad or on your mobile phone even in the dark is just fantastic. With eBooks, I can read anytime, anywhere!

  117. Anna

    eBooks are a great bedtime reading. It saves me the hassle of using a book lamp! It’s easier to preview books and make a decision from the short description before borrowing them.

  118. Jeny Lanuza

    I would go to our community library regularly and grab a book that looks interesting in the the ‘staff’s pick’ section. Each item is different type of reads, and each time I pick one, I ended up hooked into either the characters of the book or the author. I would start borrowing the series or the other novels by this author from the library, and before I realize it, I’m already stalking the authors avidly following them in social media. My favourite author is Louise Penny.

  119. Anthony Fraley

    I had a minor surgery that has kept me from doing any real hard work for the week. How am I passing that time? I am going to happily read a book or 5 this week. #eBookDay is a good thing, I hope for a good day of reading.

  120. Layla Natsheh

    I have always enjoyed reading from a child to my adult years. Recently we moved overseas and lost contact to an access able library. E-books and overdrive solved this problem for me. Now I can log into my digital library and the world of books is open to me again. The best thing is my children can also choose what books they would like me to read to them at night simply by searching the the iPad library. The world of books is again within reach!

  121. Anna

    I love reading on the train on my commute to work. eBooks can be easily borrowed and downloaded from my local library without having to go there in person. I can carry with me several eBooks at the same time all in my tablet with no extra volume or weight! eBooks…. great invention!

  122. Gerri

    A lover of reading books, I did not expect to enjoy ebooks as much as I do. I expected to missing holding an actual book. I recently started reading ebooks and love the ease of ebooks. I love that I can borrow an ebook from my library 24/7. And when my friend recently recommended I read “If Nuns Ruled the World,” which she is figured in, it was so cool to be able to purchase the ebook as soon as I hung up the phone. A quick click on my Ipad and the book was on my ebook shelf.
    And it is so great to have several books on my ebook shelf, ready to read all under one device. With OverDrive it is like I have my own traveling library open 24/7.

  123. Margaret

    I love to read ebooks. Its so much easier than having to go to the library when i need a book. The library or store is always open. I don’t have to go anywhere to pick up a book. I sometimes read 2 books at the same time depending on what I am in the mood to read. I also enjoy listening to books when I’m on my way to work or on my way home. Some of my favorite books are the Stephanie Plum series. They are hilarious. Ebook readers is the best invention ever!!

  124. sue green

    I love listening to audio books while I exercise or do housework. Also when my husband and I travel, I load my I-pod with audio books and the I-pad with e-books so that I’m never without my favourite entertainment.

  125. Gord Hamilton

    With my ereader I find it much easier to find and enjoy my favorite authors, which includes the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. It so easy to go online to my local library and down and read the books.

  126. Jenny Lavender

    Even though I worked for an Ohio Public Library for 16 years I could never hold still long enough to actually read a book, and then I was introduced to audio books, and from that moment on, as I have told my husband many times, “who needs Sirius XM radio when you always have a good book playing!” In 2008 I put together my first ever book club, with the stipulation that any title chosen – there had to be an audio format available for me. After leaving the library in 2009 I am proud to say for the past five years we still continue to meet monthly and once a title is chosen, I am not the only member downloading the title from the State Library’s digital service, as several members are. I have enjoyed having the privilege of utilizing the Overdrive app that I continuously inform friends on Facebook – instructing them on how-to download and use the Overdrive app and website, as well as inform co-workers and total strangers, you know the ones you meet waiting in line and strike up a conversation, whereas the love of books just seems to take over? Yes, everyone! I just believe that everyone should know that their library card holds more opportunities for them then they probably could ever imagine. I also must add just how much I appreciate the convenience. It doesn’t get any easier than downloading a title, especially when you need a book at the last minute! A few weeks ago I had to make an unexpected jaunt and leave directly from my office and believe it or not I didn’t have an audio book in the car. So while gathering my items to take with me I grabbed my phone, opened up overdrive, headed to the State Library of Ohio and downloaded a title, plugged my phone up to my car and I was on my way – easy peasey! Yes, I truly do enjoy this amazing opportunity offered by our local and state library and honestly, it gives me the opportunity of enjoying so many wonderful books that without it, I probably would not have had the opportunity of discovering such wonderful places, engaging characters and such expressive imagination! Thank you for such an amazing gift!

  127. Paige

    Hi my name is Paige

    Hi I love eBooks because when I’m bored I can get my chromebook out of my back and open my download book and read it. I also like it because i can read my favorite author Geronimo Stilton and it helps me to find books that i like to read chapter books nonfiction or fiction and catch up on the latest kidding books.

    Thank You



  128. Nesi

    I love reading on-line because you can read heaps of books. I like reading on-line because you don’t have to go to the library. I also like reading on-line because if the library doesn’t have the book and you can just search the book you’re looking for. I like the non fiction books. I like reading on-line because I also learn from them. I love reading on-line. :)

  129. Tai

    Hi my name is Tai and I am 10 years old and I am from panmurebridge school. I really enjoy eBooks and they help me read better and the book that I am reading now is spookvills

  130. Kyle

    I have always been an avid reader, but having an e-reader has really opened my horizons. I will never have to worry about finishing a book and not have a new book to follow it up with. Not only do I have plenty of books on the cloud, but at any time, day or night, I can browse the shelves at my library via Overdrive, check out a book and have it downloaded and ready to read in the time it takes me to close the browser. Whether printed on paper or in a digital file, the stories are the same.

  131. Aminiasi

    Reading e-books is really cool because you can change your book if you wanted. There are lots or books that I like. Every time when I go to my Grandpa and grandma’s house I always read.

    1. Aminiasi

      My name is Aminiasi and I am 9 years old. Reading e-books is really cool because you can change your book if you wanted. There are lots or books that I like. Every time when I go to my Grandpa and grandma’s house I always read.

  132. Jane Mikyla

    Hi my name is Jane and I go to Panmure Bridge School. I am 10 years old. I love to read ebooks. I like ebooks because ebook are interesting to me. Ebook are interesting because some books that I read is interesting. I like reading gerronimo stilton Books. Ebooks Rock!!!!!

  133. Jasmine

    I love to read e book because when i bored that some thing i can do and it get my level up and some time my home work is reading !!!! :) and i’m 11

  134. Sylvia

    I make lists of books that I would like to read or listen to & spend hours on the overdrive site searching for books, reading the highlights of books & checking out books that I would have never heard of! Love my e/audiobooks!!

    1. Nate Hoekman

      eBooks have been such a pivotal discovery in my life! I’m a high school senior, and the stress can really pile up every night. I decided that reading every night could help me to organize my thoughts and get some much needed downtime before bed every night. I started reading eBooks on my phone, and not only have my stress levels decreased, I enjoy it so much! eBooks are so easy to check out or buy, and I can have as many as I want on my device! OverDrive makes everything so easy: it’s just like my library! #eBookDay

    2. Kat

      I have been in l love with books since the first story was read to me as a toddler. I can remember not being able to wait to start school so I could learn to read for myself. Because of my insatiable desire to read, libraries were the greatest thing ever. In fact, I grew up to work at one. Needless to say books have always played an important part of my life. When I discovered my public library gave me access to Overdrive I immediately became a fan. To have access to so many books, day or night, regardless of where I am is incredible. I have a smart phone mainly so I have access to my ebooks when I don’t want to carry my tablet around. Overdrive is the best service ever! So now I enjoy ebooks whenever I have a spare moment to read and audio books for the moments I can’t. Thanks Overdrive!

  135. sylis

    Hi my name is Sylis and I love to read eBooks. Why I like to read eBooks is because it is online and there are a lot of books that I like. The best book I like is zac power tomb of doom and zac power mind games.

  136. Ruth

    I read ebooks on my Kindle, which was a gift from my nephew. Reading ebooks is like a miracle to me. When I was a child–way way back in the last century–this kind of technology was unimaginable. I love being able to carry numerous books in my purse all stored in one small device. I love being able to borrow books from the library-ebooks-any time, any place.

  137. pat

    I carry my e reader where ever I go. One of the best gifts my kids have given me.! I love the fact that I can get ebooks from the library any time I want. one of my favorites was “The Husband’s Secret” by Liane Moriarty. My next challenge is to download some audio books.

  138. Coral

    I love downloading an entire book series and reading them back to back. It’s great for long weekends and I always have something to read for a rainy day. I share them with my friends and we talk about our favorite parts together.

  139. Quinn

    I’m a writer, avid reader, and lover of all things technology, so when the first e-readers were introduced, I was all over them. Now my iPad, iPod, and even my iPhone (with their corresponding Kindle and iBooks apps) serve as my personal library that travel with me wherever I go.

    More than the obvious perks mentioned here and by many others, I’ve found my e-reading apps to be essential. My eyes just don’t allow me to read good old-fashioned print books anymore. The ability to change and enlarge my e-books typography is fantastic and spares my eyes unnecessary strain.

    I’m a huge fan of the Overdrive Media app and I check out titles frequently through my local library, including audio books which I love to listen to during my (almost) daily exercise routine. To all those print book purists, I get it… I really do. Books are a beautiful thing in all forms, but if you’re an eye strain sufferer as I used to be, it might be time to give e-books and e-readers a try.

  140. Sharon

    I have been reading since I was a kid (to many years ago to confess the number). Reading is my number one pass time and escape and I have a great collection of paperbacks. Then almost 3 years ago I bought my first Kindle…. Now I have more on my Kindle than in my paperback collection. I love being able to go to the library at midnight to pick out another ‘trip’. I also have all of my books with me no matter where I go and I can reread all of my favorite titles or authors with just a click. The other thing I really like about my Kindle is that I don’t have to have a light on to read and I don’t keep my husband up because of the light. I won’t be without my Kindle now.

  141. Lucie

    My husband purchased a Nook Color for me as a Christmas gift and with the technological advances it’s so much easier with Over Drive to download and place holds on selected titles than the old way of connecting to a desktop computer and using Adobe digital. So on ebook day I look forward to selecting many classics that I once read in high school..appreciating good literature more so now than when it was required reading and being able to have educated discussions with the ladies in my book club.

  142. Anna

    I love being able to use different apps on my iPad to read eBooks. It is great for travelling to take my iPad with me to a conference to take notes and I also have the benefit of having heaps of eBooks downloaded ready to read.

  143. JSCAH

    To me reading is like going to #myhappyplace!! When it’s been a stressful day nothing is better than getting cozy and curled up in the recliner with my book. I love to get so submersed in them to where I almost feel like I’m right there on their journey or the main character feels like a friend and not just something on paper. And to be able to have ebooks where I can just whip out my phone or iPad while I’m at the doctor or waiting in an incredibly long line is such a convenience and gives you hundreds of options. I usually have 2 or 3 I’m reading at a time because some days you are in the mood for certain genres and other days not. So the ebook let’s you carry them all around to be on the ready for your any whim!#lovetoread, love ebooks audiobooks just love books in general!! ‪#‎eBookDay‬

  144. Carol Purfield

    When I was about 8 years old, I was able to get to the library on my own. I decided to read every book in the place. Sixty four years later, Overdrive has made my dream come true. All the books can be mine to read!!!!!!!

  145. Xavier

    Hello my name is Xavier and I’m in year 5. I love to read eBooks because I don’t need to go library. I like this site because we can read eBooks on my chromebook. And my favorite eBook is History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs.

    1. Lilyan M

      I use ebook in school andit’s so much better than carrying a book around ,you could chose any book you want which is really help full because sometimes you can find a hardcopy of the book you like, and you can’t lose the book that way and now I could read any book I want so thank you ebook.

  146. Moeses

    HI my name is Moeses and I am 9 year old and my favorite author is Justin Richards. His book is called The Wolfstone Curse . I enjoy the book

  147. Sue Boos

    I bought my first Kindle when library books could be downloaded to Kindles. I much prefer ebooks now as I can take several books with me at a time. My grandkids asked me if I always have had a book in my hands; and the answer is a definite, “Yes!”

  148. Jo Ann

    Once I finished The Hunger Games on e-book I ached for more stories written by Suzanne Collins. Then I found Gregor the Overlander series on e-book (all on Overdrive) and could not stop until I finished those. Impressed with Overdrive ease of use, I adopted the software and digital format in my library at Spearfish Middle School. Don’t miss a moment of time – read read read and e-books are the best!!

  149. Rebecca

    When my husband and I retired 3 years ago, we each bought e-readers. We both have always loved to read “real”books. We completely fell in love with e-readers and Overdrive makes it so easy to check out books since we do not live near libraries. I received a new tablet for my birthday but I am hoping I can WIN one for my husband that will be easier for him to read. Our eyesight isn’t what it used to be! THANKS

  150. Cindy

    I’m new to e-books, but I’ve come to love them as much as regular books. It’s great being able to carry around multiple titles on one device and there are so many interesting e-books to borrow from my local libraries. The ability to change the size and shape of fonts as well as the color of the type and background on e-books is a very useful feature as well, especially for those like myself who have to struggle when the text is too small or hard to read. I was initially skeptical about e-books, but now I am definitely a fan of them. I also enjoy listening to audiobooks, and am lucky enough to be able to do so at work.

  151. Peggy

    I enjoy watching my 85 year old mother enjoy her ebooks. Certainly not a techie, she is still comfortable navigating the ebooks. One of her 10 children help load the books on her iPad and then she is good to go. She even uses Overdrive from the public library to borrow titles.

  152. Richelle

    Hi my name is Richelle. I am 10 years old. I like to read the ebooks because they are easy and fun to read. The ebooks keeps me occupied when I have nothing to do and when i’m bored. It is really really fun to read the ebooks because it is interesting and fun. I was so amazed when I read my first book because it was on my chromebook. Thank you so much Tamaki Collage Library for letting us borrow and read the books from your library. We are so lucky to be reading these awesome books.

  153. Lorenzo

    Hi i’m Lorenzo I love ebooks. It is fun to read. When i read it it feels like i’m on a holiday . So read ebooks. It is good to read . I am 9 and I love to read.

  154. Lisa W

    As a ruptured brain aneurysm survivor who had to relearn everything including how to read, I enjoy ebooks usually waiting for doctor appoinments! Ebooks offer a contrast that makes it easier on my eyes than a book and is much easier to carry since I use the app on my phone!

  155. Lorenzo

    hi i’m lorenzo i love ebooks it is fun to read if i had time to read i love them when i read it it feels like i’m on a holiday so read ebooks it is good to read i am 9 and i love to read i love to read tongue-tied paul jennings

  156. Limi

    My name is Limi and I am 10 years old. I think eBooks are better to read because you don’t have to go to the library to get a book . If you would like to read you can just get it from the Tamaki College eLibrary or other libraries. You can also get it any where and any time. I am so lucky to have a eBook to read every day because my teacher gives us time after morning tea and lunch to read. When I read books I like to read different kinds of books, small ones and big chapter ones. The best books that I have read from Tamaki College eLibrary is Madison Finn and Franklin.The book i’m going to talk about now is Franklin says I Love You, written by Paulette Bourgeois and illustrated by Brenda Clark. The story is about Franklin wanting to give his mother the best birthday present in the world to show how much he loved her. He did not know what to get her. Every year Franklin made a birthday present for his mother. She loved her macaroni necklace and she even wore her birthday hat to shopping. At the end he finally found the best birthday present for his mum.The present was him saying, “I love you”.

  157. Zachary

    Well, I’ve never had the pleasure to enjoy an eBook. I can’t afford a kindle or any other sort of tablet. I don’t even have a smart phone! But, I love to read. I absolutely LOVE reading! I read for at least an hour or two a day. My favorite thing to do, especially in the summer, is sitting outside first thing in the morning and read my book with my coffee. I hope to one day get a kindle and then I can build a proud eLibrary like I have my personal library!

  158. Huntah

    Hi my name is Huntah and I am 9 years old. I am from glen innes school I really like reading eBooks.
    I like eBooks because some have friends and cousins from all around the world and cause they some of the words that people don’t know how to spell it.
    I made my own eBook and I put it on my blog. I don’t think that it was that good.

  159. Rebecca

    Hi my name is Rebecca and I am 9 years old. I am in room 9 at school and I enjoy reading a lot. My favourite book to read is Madison Finn.
    I get my books from the Tamaki College e library. My time for reading is after school and after morning tea and after lunch time. Our teacher Mr Ramkolowan encourages us to read books so that we can be better at reading. An e book is the best to read because I can read it any where and any time.
    Thank you Tamaki College for the ebooks.

  160. Jasmine

    Hi my name is Jasmine and I am 11 years old.I go to Glen Innes School , in room 9. My teacher, Mr Ramkolowan, encourages me to read and know what eBooks are. I enjoy reading and listening to people when they read an ebook. I love the way people create nice and wonderful ebooks. I also enjoy listening to audiobooks during school. I love being able to get a ebook at anyplace and anytime. I love when I find new words and what it is and how to do it. Now I know why I love books and ebooks its because it can help you with lots of things and it never ends that’s the good thing. I am very happy I met ebooks because now I think I can read them anywhere and anytime.

    Thank you

  161. Lana

    I am 10 years old

    I enjoy reading eBooks because they are so easy to read, anywhere and anytime. When I started reading the book Astray written by Amy Christine Parker I was so amazed by the book she had written. The book is about a girl named Lyla caught in between two worlds and navigating the outside world for the very first time. Lyla also tries to find out what Pioneer and the Community are truly up to if she wants to survive. So that is why I choose this book and found it very interesting to read. If this wasn’t a eBook I would have to go to the library and read for a long time, but as it was an eBook it was easier to read and I could read it anytime and anywhere.

    Thank you Tamaki college and Overdrive

  162. Petuana

    I am 11 years old

    I have read Elizabeth Gone Missing and I enjoyed the book because of all the mystery and suspense it had in it. I like Reading eBooks because you can go anywhere with them. By reading on the internet you can read thousands of different books from around the world. I also like how creative the books can be with all the illustrations. You can read eBooks anytime and anywhere.

  163. Lauren

    Hi my name is Lauren and I’m 10 years old. The e book I read was Dollbaby and I thought it was going to be really boring but when I started to read it I was so amazed that it was so interesting to read. I enjoyed reading Dollbaby because it’s such a interesting book. You can read e books any time you want. I just go to the Tamaki College overdrive to read more e books. I love to read at school and I hope others do as well. You can read e books anywhere at anytime.

  164. Kerry

    I love to read, and I LOVE my local library :) but I love that I can now also download eBooks from my library. Because it gives me access 24/7. Like the other day when I finished reading all the books I had borrowed, it was late on a Saturday night….
    Well I was able to just login to the library website and download a book, within minutes I was tucked up in bed with my new book :) PERFECT

  165. Sina

    I am 10 years old

    I read a E Book called Frankenstein, i love that book because it is cool and fun to read and it is funny too.

    I get time to read at home anytime, at school after morning tea and lunch or in the afternoon.
    E books is better than those original books that are in the library or schools. The reason why E books are better the normal books is because we don’t need to keep flipping the pages and you don’t need to hold it.

  166. Havea

    Hi, my name is Havea and I love reading ebooks.
    E books are good for people to read even if it’s just a sample.
    I hope that one day I could grow up to write a lot of ebooks just like these ones.
    If you don’t agree with me I don’t see why because ebooks are really good.
    They help you read hard words, learn new words, and spell.

    1. Havea

      Hi,my,name is haves I love reading eBook because read is good for
      people to read even if they are just the same I hope if one day I can grow up with a lot of e book just like this ones.
      E BOOKS ROCK!!!.

  167. Daniel

    I love ebooks, I don’t even know how many I’ve read but they are absolutely wonderful. I really like ebooks because you can read books online! I can even find some of my favorite series that I can’t find in some shops.

  168. Nesi Otuhouma

    Hi my name is Nesi. I enjoy borrowing books on-line. My favourite topic about books are non fiction chapter books. I enjoy reading your books because I can learn from them and I can get another book whenever I want to. I also love books because it’s much faster than turning a page of a book. I love reading on-line because sometimes the library won’t have the book your looking for and you can just search the book your looking for. I love reading on-line. <3 : )

  169. Sebastian

    I enjoy reading eBook because where ever I go I can always take my device and read any book I like. A eBook is much faster and when you want to change the book you are reading you can just switch straight onto another eBook instead of getting out a regular book. I really enjoy reading eBooks because it is more faster and fun.

  170. Latham

    I think eBooks are brilliant because I can read them at school and at home and I also can learn how to play a guitar in one of the books that i’m reading,It is wonderful to be able to read these books and I want to thank you guys for letting us have the opportunity to read them.

  171. Pote

    I like and enjoy ebooks at home and school. The selection of ebooks are enormous. They help me to understand more about the used of reading that helps you with many learning obstacle ahead of me in my school grade and year. I wish there were more E-books for kids and teenagers so that they get to read books online and offline. Thank you overdrive for posting E-books in different language so people around the world can read.

  172. Deb

    I read every night for thirty minutes before bed to help my brain wind down. I also love to carry books with me so I can take a chance for a break at lunch or when waiting for an appointment. eBooks are the perfect solution to be able to carry words with me always!

    1. Julia

      My kids bought me a Kindle as a Mother’s Day gift a few years ago. I didn’t think I would us it much because I love holding a “real” book. Boy, was I wrong. I first realized how much I was going to love it when I loaded my Kindle with several books for a vacation that was going to involve several hours in the car. I was use to carrying a bag full of books and having to cram them under my feet in the passenger seat. After that first trip I was HOOKED. Love the ease of Overdrive. I love being able to download ebooks, audiobooks, and more than one at a time all contained in a slim little friend. :)

  173. Lorenzo

    hi i’m lorenzo
    I love eBooks. They are so easy and you can take hundreds of them with you everywhere if you want. They also safe paper which is very good for the environment. Also there is just something special when you are reading with your iPad or other electronic reading device.I love eBooks. They are so easy and you can take hundreds of them with you everywhere if you want. They also safe paper which is very good for the environment. Also there is just something special when you are reading with your iPad or other electronic reading deviceI love eBooks. They are so easy and you can take hundreds of them with you everywhere if you want. They also safe paper which is very good for the time i like to read . I love eBooks. They are so easy and you can take hundreds of them with you everywhere if you want. They also safe paper which is very good for the environment. Also there is just something special when you are reading with your iPad or other electronic reading device

  174. Janice

    My first experience with E-books was a 4 week trip to Brazil and cruising the Amazon. It was great not to have to pack many heavy books and yet still get to enjoy reading while travelling. My E-reader will be coming with me on all of my trips.

  175. Mandy

    My class of 9 and 10 year olds love reading e-books. They were only reading for 2 minutes without stopping at the beginning of the year. Now that they are hooked on e-books, they will read for 20 minutes without stopping.

  176. Amber Taylor

    I love ebooks! I check them out on my Kindle through my library so they are free and I don’t have to worry about returning them. Currently reading The Divorce Papers and it is so good!

    1. jeleina

      Sometimes when i’m not doing anything i start reading a book and i just love it, if i could i would read all day everyday

    2. jeleina

      Its good for everyone to read and is helpful at the best of times books are great i love books if i find a big thick novel i want it but know i cant have it because i have hundreds of books already and I LOVE BOOKS!!!

  177. Eva

    Like the thousands others who have contributed to these comments, I love that I can read or listen to books almost anywhere. Overdrive is a great gift to humanity and we don’t need large book cases or to spend lots of money to find our favourite books. I love also that I can look for new authors and read new books. Great invention. I love it. Thank you!!

  178. Leslie Goodson

    I love reading period! But I LOVE that I can check out e books from the library for my kids! I’ll either search for something they want or I’ll let them peruse the titles and then check one out…NEVER a lost library book again! Awesome!

  179. Saruja

    I enjoy my eBooks by reading at home and at school. We can read eBook everywhere and when we are camping we also can read eBook on the Ipad. Unlike normal books, you can switch books rather than sticking to one book. In eBooks we also can listen to the story . In my school all the people enjoy the eBooks. I also enjoy eBooks by read at home and at school.

  180. Lyn Court

    I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed reading my ebooks while I have been overseas. I am never without a good book to read and relax with. I am reading Lynn Austin’s books at the moment and loving them.

  181. Akansha

    I love to read eBooks, the Over Drive is awesome! What a good thing to read in the weekend or holidays/or listen anywhere you want, any time. My favourite thing is to read eBook every day and eat.

  182. Kathleen

    Being an avid reader, travelling for a week presents a problem in how do you pack up to four books for the week. With my Kobo I was able to read about six books, all fantasy and large ones. My favourite author is Patrick Rothfuss’ Name of the Wind and Wiseman’s fear ; I can hardly wait for the third volume.

  183. Leighton

    I do still love a real printed book, but my wife is from Germany and when we go to visit her family I can’t pack three or four books with me. So instead, I load of my iPad with a bunch of e-books and have plenty to read while sitting in the airport or riding on the plane for nine hours. :)

  184. Andrea Kincannon

    I’m tied to my computer until 7 p.m. during the week; the local library closes at 8, and has short hours on the weekends, so I can’t always get in there. By reading e-books, so far I’ve improved my pool game, learned about using Magistrate Court and serving warrants, eBay, blogging, sewing, cooking, fitness and health.

  185. Katherine

    I borrowed a Kobo from our local library, what a great way to test eReading out that was! I now read series of books this way, and I love being able to get the next book from the comfort of my living room at any time of day (or night)…

  186. Jazire

    Hi, my name is Jazire and I love reading ebooks.
    Ebooks are good for people to read even if it’s just a sample.
    I hope that one day I could grow up to write a lot of ebooks just like these ones.
    If you don’t agree with me I don’t see why because ebooks are really good.
    They help you read hard words, learn new words, and spell.

  187. Craig Utting

    I have a job which is highly skilled, but doesn’t require my full attention …. so I listen to audiobooks from my local library while I work. I get a lot more done, and stay focussed for a lot longer!

  188. Janna Niemi

    I love eBooks. They are so easy and you can take hundreds of them with you everywhere if you want. They also safe paper which is very good for the environment. Also there is just something special when you are reading with your iPad or other electronic reading device.

  189. Quaid Fletcher

    My name is Quaid from Panmure Bridge School.

    We use laptops at our school. I use the Overdrive app to access stories.
    I enjoy audio ebooks. I especially like Sci-Fi stories and Mystery stories. These books allows me to imagine the readers point of view with an interesting perspective. I enjoy reading ebooks/audiobooks After lunch because after playing in the playground, I can just sit on the beanbags while relaxing and reading a Sci-Fi novel. I recently finished the Harry Potter – The Goblet of Fire. It is a scary book.

  190. JeanMarie

    I resisted ebooks for a long time in favor of harcover volumes. Then I read The Orphan Train on my Kindle app on the beach! Awesome–now I have a couple of books with me everywhere I go! And my bag is so much lighter when I travel. Plus my public library makes it super easy to check out ebooks.

  191. mj goff

    As a big, big lover of books, I hesitated to even acknowledge the eBook reader. “How dare they even try…,” I lamented. However, when I had some travelling coming up, I saw that the eReader was a terrific way to bring a lot of reading material without overloading my carryon. One of the books I downloaded was “Unbroken,” by Laura Hillenbrand, and I thoroughly that particular eReading experience. When a book has hundreds of pages, it can be intimidating to pick it up…when it’s on an eReader, that whole “visual” intimidation is erased. I love my eReader, AND love my old fashioned books.

  192. Mom6MN

    I love being able to have 600+ books in my purse (with my eReader) when I travel. Books on my device can have my mind and body thousands of miles apart while I am literally hundreds of miles in the air. I love eBooks! Thank You Overdrive!!!

  193. Lorraine

    I started reading ebooks when I discovered the OverDrive app. That was a few years ago and I used my iPhone.
    Having enjoyed the convenience, I joined 3 online libraries, purchased an iPad and have been happily reading everyday. I just put a hold on The Good Girl as recommended on this page. I really love to download audio books to listen to in the car and be read to sleep each night by setting the timer. My favourites genres are mystery, thriller/suspense, historical fiction, biographies… I am a member of 3 book clubs and wouldn’t know what to do without OverDrive.

  194. Lydia Ball-Arthur

    Ebooks have saved my back and neck from toting a backpack of books around. I love the new interaction with my library without ever leaving my home. An unexpected disability has limited my mobility and As an Avid reader having the ebook option has been a blessing. #ebookday

  195. Pauline Tibbertsma

    I talk about ebooks to everyone I meet! I think the concept is amazing. I can read a book on my phone while I’m in a long queue, then go home and read the same book on my tablet, and it syncs to the very same page. I can borrow and return with the click of a button without having to go to a library or check open hours. My friend who is blind can talk about and read the same books. The concept is amazing and my library is way ahead of most libraries in my country because of it.

  196. Anna Lawson

    A book has ALWAYS unfailingly, been my best friend. I now work as a travel nurse , and tried packing my new books and old favs with me, but soon found a need for other things on my 3 month tours. So I discovered the world of e-books and audio books. I can now pack extra clothes and linens and carry my wonderful, extensive library in my purse or on the front seat, wherever I go!

  197. Omer Latif

    I love Reading eBooks. I have been looking for applications that provide free eBooks for all my Life. I like reading eBooks because the real books are very expensive. My favorite book series are Goosebumps and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I like them because they are funny and scary. The eBook applications I have are OverDrive and 10000+ eBooks.

  198. Sue

    I have an ancient reader and downloaded a ton of classic books that I’d always meant to read (but hadn’t yet) and all of Jane Austen’s books (which I’ve read many times). It is so great to never be without a book to read, whatever your mood or time constraints that keeps your place no matter where or when you have to put it down. Am now sharing my reader with my guy who has a writer friend who only publishes in ebook format–he’s getting hooked too.

  199. Norma

    I ALWAYS said “I NEVER want a Kindle/Nook/etc”–I Love the feel of All my books around me!!!
    Welllll—Guess What——I was SOOOO WRONG!!! Thank Goodness I had Friends who kept after me to
    just Try!!!! The BEST thing I ever did for MYSELF!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! And OverDrive, Inc.
    is GREAT—-I have my limit of Holds waiting for another to read!!! Keep new ones coming!!!
    It works and Never Want To Be Without It !!!! Thanks

  200. Lisa

    My job changed last year and now I find myself spending 10+ hours commuting each week. I decided to give ebooks a try to pass the time, and I fell in love! Now I’m never without a book!

    1. Lorraine Danyluk

      I started reading ebooks when I discovered the overdrive app. That was a few years ago and I used my iPhone.
      Having enjoyed the convenience and joined 3 online libraries, I purchased an iPad and have been happily reading everyday. Right to putting a hold on The Good Girl recommended on this page. I really love to download audio books to listen to in the car and be read to sleep each night by setting the timer. My favourites genres are mystery, thriller/suspense, historical fiction, biographies… I am a member of 3 book clubs and wouldn’t know what to do without overdrive.

  201. Melissa

    I bought my Kindle from a coworker. It is one of the first ones, with the keyboard at the bottom. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy reading on an e-reader, that is why I bought a used one. It ends up, I LOVE it! I love that I can balance it on my lap and not lose my page. I love that if I am near the end of a book when going away I don’t have to take multiple books with me, they are all right their on my kindle. I love that my case has a light on it (it’s so old it is not backlit) and I can read in the dark. I love that sends me free or cheep books. When I go back to a regular book, I get frustrated with all of these things. Lets just say I am hooked on my e-reader!

  202. Noah Strickland

    I love the convenience of ebooks, because well, who doesn’t like convenient things?
    I recently got a kindle fire from my school and now read ebooks all the time.
    I always read before going to sleep and it is part of my nighttime ritual . Reading is definitely one of my favorite things to do – ebooks make it even more of a joy. I’m not rich, so I can’t afford to buy ebooks all the time, that is why I really like overdrive because it makes it possible to borrow books from my library.

    1. Marion

      I’ve always loved books and reading but thru some busy years I stopped reading. My husband bought me an iPad 2 years ago and I discovered eBooks! Having access to previews of such a wide assortment of books has me reading books I would not have considered reading before. My favourite reading time is while I have early breakfast, no one else to disturb my immersion in my story! Marion

  203. Leslie

    Whenever I finish a book, I am a little sad. But with eBooks, when I finish the last page I love that I always have my next ebook waiting for me in my OverDrive app!

  204. Marilyn Grossenbacher

    I am probably a reading junkie–If I don’t have a book available to read at all times, I can start to feel panicky. I read through the Childrens Department in our small town library by the time I was 12 years old and had to move into the Adult Department. I love the convenience of ebooks and can usually find something great to read when I can’t get to the library. I recently acquired a tablet so I can take my books with me.

  205. Tom Hilpert

    Ebooks have changed my life. I am a voracious reader. A few years ago, wherever I went, I carried at least two or three books with me. Now, I can simply carry my ebook reader. I used to hate realizing it was too late to get to the Library to get some new reading material. Now, with Overdrive, the Library is never closed.
    Even more than that, ebooks have become part of my livelihood. I write novels, particularly, the Lake Superior Mysteries, and I sell far more ebooks than hard copies.

  206. Bonnie Neubauer

    My favorite eBook experience was actually with the first eBook I ever read, the Steve Jobs bio. The thought of reading about the man who was so pivotal in bringing about the technology on which I was reading the book was mind-blowing to me. I carried the book – I mean iPad – with me wherever I went and I showed everyone I met how cool it was to turn pages, highlight passages, look up words, and drop bookmarks. But the best part of all was being able to once again read in bed without glasses. I simply made the font huge, turned out the light, and read until I was bleary-eyed. At no point did my husband have to come in and shut out the light or remove my glasses. How liberating. And, the icing on the cake was that the book happened to also be a great read! Hooray for eBooks; I love ‘em.

  207. Alia Parrish

    I was working overseas for a few years and before each trip would go to the library book sale and stock up on as many books as I could-preferably paperbacks. You can imagine what this did to my luggage allowance! On my last trip to S. America I saw quite a few people reading eBooks and so, I bought a device. As it turns out, I won’t be traveling anymore, but as my eyes aren’t what they used to be, I love the ease of reading on a Nook. I just wish all the books I want would be in this format, but in time more and more will, so I’ll have years of happy reading!

  208. Donna Mobbs

    The first book I ever checked out was Winnie the Poo when I was six years old. That’s when I began reading under the covers at night with a flashlight until I grew sleepy. Then I grew up and got married, and that was no longer doable. With ebooks, I can now read under the covers again until I grow sleepy without disturbing a soul! I love reading and read every day, and it was that first book that got me hooked and made me realize that books can transport me around the world, through history, and even into the Hundred Acre Wood.

  209. Chris

    I have been reading since “forever”. But my favorite book is “Catch-22″ so now I am off to see if I can find on ebook so I can read it on a new-ish medium.

    1. RG

      I have been listening to audio books from Overdrive for about ten years which I hadn’t thought about until just now! I’m including these as a form of “e” books What a great way to improve listening skills and oral retention! I used to have to play back parts of the books when I first began. It’s amazing how you can train your brain while exercising at the same time – a double win! This is a great idea and I thought I’d casually look through everyones books to get ideas for adding to my list. So to see how long this link was I selected print and it said 188 pages!!! Wow!!! Guess we aren’t such a small group! Thank you to all the staff at Overdrive and the libraries for making reading on the go a joyful reality and raising literacy in these days of abbreviated texting/communications.

  210. charlotte

    I am not among the lucky ones to have a tablet, so I read regular books.
    I started reading when I was very young…….and at the time, my book of choice was the Nancy Drew Mysteries. I read every single one in the series, most times re-reading them. As I grew up, I always loved horror and mysteries. Now I enjoy Stephen King, along with a host of “cozy” mystery stories.
    I always read when I have my dinner, then when I am resting in bed, I read…..I take my book with me to any appointment I might have…..I love to read… is a wonderful way for me to escape.
    I go to the library at least twice a month…..I would be lost without my books

  211. Michaella

    I love my eBooks so much that I didn’t even consider that when I was camping that I wouldn’t have power for my reader. I went out and purchased a solar charger.
    There are so many things I love about eBooks and even more that my library has this capability. I am able to read in bed, not bothering my husband, even fall asleep with my book open and not lose my page when my reader shuts down.
    I read a lot of books, approximately 10 a month and having access to the library has given me so many more books to choose from and a much larger variety of book.

  212. Natalie

    #eBookDay… There is nothing better than when you receive an overdrive email telling you an ebook you put on hold has become available! I stop my whole life and download the book. I love the convenience of tablets to house your library, you can re-read any book you want without having to go look for it in a box somewhere in your house. I also love the privacy of getting to ready any book you want without your fellow coffee shop customers knowing what you are reading.

  213. Jacque Uriel

    When I was younger and I got in trouble for something (which wasn’t too often, thank goodness) my punishment was not being able to read. (That’s what I loved the most) That to me hurt a lot, so I did try to be very good! :) I Love to Read; to be able to go to places I’ve never heard of or seen and to become so immersed in the lives of people who become a part of you. I hate it when a truly good book ends. I never thought I would like to read an eBook but when I finally tried it on my phone I was hooked. I have read several books on my phone now and Love that you can pick it up and have the world right there at your fingertips. I love it. LOVE 2 READ!!!

  214. Paula

    I love reading audiobooks. In fact, I use overdrive almost every day to listen to books while I’m running and driving in the car. It is an amazing way to read. I hope my local library keeps adding more and more books available to be download in ebook and audio book format.

  215. Bev

    When ereaders first came out I didn’t want anything to do with them. I wanted to feel the book in my hands when I read it. I have since had a sony ereader that I absolutely loved and now I have a Kindle Fire. I do not leave home without it ever. I like having all my books on one machine and not have to carry a bag of books with me. I like to curl up on the sofa and read every night into the wee hours. I still like to read printed books but I would truly be lost if I could did not have my ereader with me at all times. I have recently started listening to audio books while in the car or at work and this has aloud me to read whenever or wherever I am.

  216. Vicki

    I love eBooks, and OverDrive is awesome! What a convenience to be able to read and/or listen anywhere, anytime. My favorite thing is to fall asleep while reading a good eBook.

  217. Al

    I have been using e-books for quite awhile and it’s a great way to learn and enjoy life’s facts or fiction only an ear shot away. It provides easy and convenient access in todays busy world anytime/anywhere. It’s a great application!

  218. Carolyn A

    I like the availabity of 24/ 7 to access the library or book store. Usually have 2 books on the go…one for lighter reading and the other more intense. I like the click away to interchange between them both.

  219. Laura

    For years I was able to get many, many books from OverDrive and really enjoy the ease and availability of so many of my favorite authors, as well as new ones. When we moved to very Southern NM about a year ago I found out that our little village library is not connected to OverDrive and nearly had a panic attack! I have been able to keep my old library account active, but I don’t know for how long. I love the convenience of being able to carry lots of books in my ONE ereader and to read on the road or away from home. I want to get a new ereader with backlight so I can read in bed and not disturb my husband, or when we travel I’ll be able to read when I no longer have enough light to knit by! I enjoy my ebooks anytime and everywhere I can. I have just discovered the Cobbled Court Quilts series by Marie Bostwick and OverDrive has them all!

  220. Shirley

    I am an avid reader and am really enjoying the ebooks. It is so handy and I can go to my computer and get a book in the genre I want and start reading immediately.

  221. Elizabeth

    I love that I can hear a great review on the radio and instantly download and start reading a great book! Or save myself some trouble lugging big books around – I just read Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton, both on my kindle. They were MUCH lighter as ebooks! : )

  222. Denise

    When I started reading the “Outlander” series, which is my favorite set of books, I had been reading the actual books, carrying the large books everywhere I went since I am an avid reader. By the time I got to the third book I switched from a blackberry phone to a smartphone. What a difference!! I no longer had to lug the books around. Downloaded an app to my phone and presto, I was good to go. I can search for books from the library or an online vendor and have the book on my phone momentarily. I am now able to read even in the tightest of places like the subway during rush hour and my pocketbooks have decreased in size. When I travel with my kids and they don’t want to carry their books it’s no longer an issue as well. Everyone has their books on their phones. They have always liked reading books but now they read even more because they don’t have to carry anything extra in their bags. We are a family of readers. I love it!! I also don’t need book shelves any more and have cleared up space in my home where tons of books used to be. I read a book every 2-3 days. It’s great!!

  223. Kimberly R Hall

    I enjoy reading ebooks so much. I have been reading them for about 3 years now. I love the fact that I can find any book I’m looking for. I take my kindle everywhere I go, so when i get bored I have something to keep me busy. My first book was a Brenda Jackson novel. I have so many favorites. I’m so glad I have any book I want it need at my finger tips. #ebook day

  224. Ken P

    I travel a lot and ebooks are PERFECT for what I don’t have to do and what I can do. What I don’t… Don’t have to run down to the library to pick up a book. Don’t have to worry about returning a book on time, let alone being in town to get it back to the library. Don’t have to be in town and able to get to the library when a requested book becomes available. What I do… I do search for books and download them from wherever I am on a layover in the country. I do sync books to both my tablet and smartphone. I do get to read them on both my tablet and smartphone. I do get to read from anywhere without carrying anything extra (always have my smartphone with me). I do enjoy all of the customization features (fonts, backgrounds, etc) and usability features (bookmarks) that come with OverDrive. Thank You!

  225. Toni Rodriguez

    I have worn glasses since I was 5 and am now 62. I used to read a lot of paperbacks but now find that the print is usually too small. Many of the authors I read come in paperback only. I received my kindle from my son as a gift. It was terrific! I could finally read paperbacks again by increasing the font size. I have only just discovered being able to download library books. Apparently my kindle is old and I had to download an app to do so but it seems to be working ok. I love actual hard cover books, but find the quality of the publishing to be getting worse and worse. I re-read most of my books and find that hardcovers are beginning to suffer from glue loss and loose pages. eBooks will last forever.

  226. Cel

    I am an avid user of the e-audiobooks. It is so convenient to borrow e-books and e-audiobooks anytime and anywhere I want and right on my devices which I take with me everywhere. I can listen to my books on my commutes, while doing chores, while doing repetitive work and just about anytime I want. It’s a great way to fit in some reading in a busy schedule and maximize the time in between.

  227. Kirsten Rogers

    I first got ebooks on an older computer when I was planning for my recovery time after an operation. I was so greatful I did that because during my recovery time, I read at least 67 books. I was amazed, but it was so easy and all the books were either FREE or checked out from a library. Thank goodness for eBooks!!

  228. Rosa Marina

    I had a accident in November 2013, my mobility was limited. Reading eBooks from my public help me with my recovery since I was able to obtain books without leaving the house. I got books that help me to go through my healing process but also books that keep me entertain (mystery).
    I was great, an of course now that I am better I am so use to this convenient. Love it

  229. Krista

    I can never remember to return my books on time, when i was introduced to overdrive e-books I was so happy that I never had to be late to return a book again. Then I discovered how easy it is to access my book anywhere, anytime, and on any device. I have been able to read more books since I started using overdrive than ever, because 15 mins here and 30 mins there while I am waiting for an appointment, or every night before bed gets alot of books read over the course of the last year or so, since I discovered overdrive and e-books. I also love being able to check out audio books to listen on my commute to work everyday! Thank you Overdrive

  230. Teresa Kirby

    I still love, and quote from ‘The Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame.
    When I say “treacle, treacle”, it means I’m tired.
    When a friend left to tour the world for two years, I wrote the following message in her card: “And I looked into her eyes, and her eyes were grey – they were the colour of the female sea rat going far, far away.”

  231. Wendi

    I come from a family of readers and now have my own family of readers. I have always enjoyed curling up with a good book for as long as I can remember, but noticed several years ago that my eyes were getting more and more strained. Then I invested in an e-reader and it changed everything for me. I have instant access to unlimited e-books through my local libraries, and now I can read with a font style and size that reduces eye strain for me. I take my e-reader everywhere I go and am never without great literature for myself or a great adventure story for my children. I wouldn’t know what to do without my e-reader!

  232. Shannon

    I love that I can bring my digital library with me everywhere I go and it doesn’t get heavier with every added book! I love that I can read books with my children, or let them read instead of playing games, wherever we are whenever we want. Books at your fingertips, what could be handier?

  233. Helena Kells

    My sister and I go to bed early every night so we can read our ebooks. Ebooks are easier to handle in bed. I like not having to have a light on as my concentration is fully on the story I am reading. Great site, you are always improving it.

  234. SoozB

    I like to read eBooks on my phone while I wait for my tea water to boil in the morning. Since I’m not fully functioning before the first sip of hot tea caffeine, I prefer anthologies on short stories on my phone. This is especially helpful for catching the stories between novels in various series like Melissa Marr’s “Wicked Lovely” series or, as I just discovered, Laurell K. Hamilton’s first Anita Blake story in “Strange Magic”.

    But eBooks also allow me access to books that are out-of-print and not available in my local libraries (Woohoo to Massachusetts and their library networks and sharing!). Plus there’s that instant gratification of having it NOW at midnight when the library is closed.

  235. Joseph

    I enjoy checking out overdrive ebooks from my library because I can’t accidentally damage a book. I used to carry a backpack everywhere while in college with my laptop and other books. Now I carry a smartphone and I can have a couple of ebooks checked out and my own personal Nook and Kindle library and never lose my place, lose a book nor damage a book plus I’ll never have an overdue ebook. They go back automatically! The selection at my library is decent and they add more every day and since I have an Overdrive account my bookmarks sync with my overdrive app on my kindle fire. I love read informative non-fiction and also adventurous fiction. What a joy!

  236. Ann Thompson

    I am a librarian and I know that these have been around for a while; however I really didn’t know how to take advantage of them until about a year ago when I was visiting a branch of my public library for a strategic planning meeting. They talked about ebooks and how easy they were to get. I talked to one of the public librarians that evening and she gave me pointers in how to get started. I absolutely love them. I used my older model iphone 3 to get these but couldn’t do the audiobooks until I purchased a Kindle this summer and then upgraded my phone to an iphone 5. I have been a reader from a little girl and now I am over 60. What a wonderful way to sneak in some reading or listening when you only have a few minutes in busy days.

  237. Shirley Garwood

    I have been reading ebooks from the library long before overdrive. I was so pleased when overdrive arrived. It made it so much easier and I like the improvements they have made to the site over time. I never go to sleep without reading my ebook. Also if I travel or am hospitalized I always have a book as close as my e reader.

    1. Elizabeth

      I am so pleased that I can get my library books
      at home and it is so convenient for seniors.
      I have read many books on Overdrive!

  238. Donald Middagh

    As a school librarian, I enjoy eBooks because they provide students an alternated way to fall in love with reading. The vast majority of our students do not have access to technology outside of school. Because of the fascination and increasing demand of technology in our society, students who are reluctant readers are drawn to eBooks. The more devices our library can obtain, the more reluctant readers we can reach and help to become successful. There is no better joy as an educator than to see a student become a reader.

  239. Veronica Carano

    A few years ago, I was speaking with a librarian at a book sale. She informed me how much she loved her e-reader. I simply stated that I enjoy turning the pages of a book. I like the feel of the book in my hand and the feel of the pages as I turn them. I also informed her that I like to visually see how much I have read and how much I have to go before the book is finished. I simply stated I will never use an e-reader. That was before I tried one. The following Christmas my husband purchased an e-reader for me. I have not gone back to the old ways. I enjoy my e-reader so much that I worn out chargers and a stylus. Now when I go on vacation, I can take as many books as I want. I don’t have to worry about having room for them. I can borrow books from my library and not worry about due dates. I love my e-reader and if I could eat the words I spoke that day to the librarian I would.

  240. Make Kay

    I love being able to buy ebooks or check them out from the library so I can start reading immediately. And I love being able to take my books with me everywhere via my phone!

  241. Kathy

    Love reading eBooks because I’m a late night person, so I can check out books at any hour of the night using Overdrive. Also my late night reading doesn’t bother my husband because I don’t need a light on in bed with my iPad.
    It took some time to get used to holding an iPad instead of an actual paper book, but I got used to it!

    Now it’s fun to get a book I have on hold, and not even have to go to the library to pick it up!

  242. Marcia

    Ebooks are the only way to go! I can make the type larger, not worry about light levels and not have to carry an extra few pounds of a paper book. Plus we can read with one hand, and get books immediately.
    I have read some wonderful books recently: “The Goldfiinch,” Americanah,” “The Dinner.”

    One Request: if a paper book can be easily renewed online, why can’t OverDrive (or our libraries) allow us to renew ebooks that way too?

  243. Laure

    I love that I can carry multiple books with me wherever I go and the space it saves at home having e-books. It’s also a great way to try a new author without leaving your home when using e-books from the library.

  244. Regina

    I keep my e-book reader on my nightstand. I read for about 30 minutes in the morning before I start my day, and about 45 minutes at night before I fall asleep. It is easy and convenient to borrow e-books from my library. I can borrow books anywhere at anytime. I don’t have to worry about running out of books before I can make a trip to the library. My e-reader also has a night light. I can read without disturbing my sleeping husband. Reading at the beginning and end of my day gives me so much pleasure. I cannot image my life without reading.

  245. Traci Kimble

    Reading has always been an important part of my life. The chance to escape, have adventures and let my imagination run wild is a thrilling experience whenever I open to the first page of a new book. I remember spending hours with my mother in the library when I was young. We still share a bond through books today, although it has transitioned from trips to the library to simply downloading something new straight to my device. I love the convenience of ebooks and being able to have my current read with me at all times.

  246. VivianLea

    I enjoy listening to audiobooks, particularly mysteries and historical fiction, while I work behind the scenes in a public library. I help patrons learn how to use eReaders and help them download eBooks and audiobooks to their personal devices. I love their excitement and enthusiasm for our eLibrary — it offers our patrons more options for reading which is a great thing!

  247. Betty

    Ebooks are awesome because they are always with me, so I can grab a quick read wherever I am. You can have them in book form or in audio form. I spend a lot of time on the road and this is a great way to keep up on the latest books that are out there.

  248. Rosalyn Ward

    I work long, stressful hours. My best escape is to open my current ebook and allow my lunch hour to take me far away from the stress. I use the time while waiting at doctors’ offices for a great passage of time. However, my favorite is curled up in my recliner with a good book and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

  249. Elizabeth

    I love ebooks. I used to have to take at least 3 or 4 books with me whenever I traveled. Ebooks are so much lighter. And no one can tell that I’m reading a trashy romance novel on the plane. Only trashy romances will do on a plane. I still get paper books of anything really important to me, nothing can replace the smell and feel of a book, but ebooks are good for most of them.

  250. Jane Jensen

    I like mysteries, scifi, and fantasy. Right now I am reading Skin Games by Jim Butcher. I can just picture it on the big screen. Hugh Jackman would be perfect for the part of Harry Dresden. I like eBooks because I never run out of reading material and they eliminate clutter from my life. Also it is very easy to take them along anywhere I go.

  251. Bill

    many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting John D. MacDonald at his residence in Sarasota, his main character was a boat bum by the name of Travis McGee who was always getting into difficulty doing favors for friends. I loved his books and wrote him a letter and was invited , I spent an afternoon being regaled by adventures of Travis
    a nd have been a book lover ever since.
    My major problem is that my authors don’t write fast enough

  252. Karen Staten

    I love eBooks! While recovering from surgery, eBooks from my library kept me entertained. I could read them on my smartphone with just a thumb. I never buy books now. If my library doesn’t have one I’m looking for, I can request it and they always deliver. 

  253. Shirley

    My favorite? As an early riser, I take a couple of hours in the morning. Depending on the season, I read outdoors or indoors. Now on the cusp of fall, I head to my reading chaise to begin my escape to another world. In the summer, after tending the garden and plants, I sit on the patio ready to dive into a story for about an hour before the chores and day beckon. Sundays I get my spiritual fix on nice days when our neighbor, the church, opens their doors and windows for their one service. As the singing wafts over the fence, morning sun on my face, favorite cup of tea at hand, the world is a truly special place. My hunger for reading developed in a small Midwestern town where the local librarian, Mrs. Spencer, would open the town’s tiny library two days a week, Monday and Friday. My sisters and I would take the Rocket Flyer wagon with the youngest of us riding in the wagon the several blocks to the library. After selecting our books and fitting them around my youngest sister, we’d head home where our mom would let us read the rest of the day. My choice? The swing set with the chair swing. I can tell you e-books were not even a gleam in my eye back then. Today I carry my e-reader (Nook Simple Touch) with me everywhere. One never knows when there will be a few precious minutes in which to read. From the e-book aspect, travelling has become simpler and lighter. Yet, when home, I still go between the two, electronic and the “hold in your hand” book.

  254. Beth

    At first I didn’t really enjoy reading e-books. It seemed like my library just didn’t have anything worthwhile, in my opinion , to check out. Not the kind of books that I’ve been used to reading in hardcover. It was also difficult getting used to the feel of reading a book on the tablet as opposed to reading a real book that you could hold and turn the pages. But my husband had bought me a NOOK a few years ago, and I felt obligated to give it a try. As I used it more and more, I began to enjoy the luxury of being able to check out books at odd hours without having to go to the library. Once, however, I began to use my iPod to download audiobooks at any time that I wanted, and to use my iPad to download e-books without having to transfer them from my computer to my NOOK, I really began to enjoy using OverDrive. Now I use OverDrive more than I actually go to the library to check out hardcovers. I enjoy the luxury of being able to read an e-book in the middle of the night without having to have the lights on. I also really like the ability to sync my iPad with my iPhone so that I can read my book whenever and wherever I am , whenever and wherever I have downtime to just be able to pick up my device and immediately read. I can have any book I want just by reaching into my bag ,being able to grab my phone , and go to OverDrive. I am a true convert, because I didn’t really like it at first and now it seems I can’t be without it. Thank you for a great invention!

  255. Garry Underhill

    As a teacher the E book us the way to go. We are dealing with the E generation those connected electronically. Real books don’t compete with this Generation. As for me E books and the Overdrive App are the way to go. As the parent of a Special Needs child time is of the essence . The convenience of Ebooks and Overdrive can’t be overstated. No need to race to the Library to change the books just go Online. Wow fantastic unbelievable. Thanks so much fir ebooks and Overdrive. The number of books is also increasing all the time offering that real Library feeling and choice. And best of all look at all the money I save not buying books anymore. As I tell my students all the time Reading is Key to Learning and therefore the Key to Life. Let’s celebrate E book day Everyday.

  256. Len Horrocks

    September 17th. 2014
    The ease of borrowing books by simply downloading to my laptop means that I don’t even have to leave the house to enjoy reading my favourite novels which are crime mystery, and suspense types.This is comparable with internet shopping where I purchase items whilst sitting in my recliner chair and at the click of a few buttons I receive items often postage free delivered from anywhere in the world to my door or my local post office (as I live 2kms out of the township and have a PO box at the post office.

  257. Debbie Keltz-Wolk

    I enjoy reading eBooks and listening to audio books on my tablet. It’s wonderful to be able to read or listen to it anywhere I am, even if I’m in a foreign country. I really enjoy reading a good mystery or fiction.

  258. Julia Muse

    I have the Overdrive app on my phone among with the kindal app. I absolutely love them because I can listen to audio books in the car and read anywhere I am. So I can be “reading” at least 2 books at a time.

  259. Amanda

    I love e-reading! So much easier when travelling, there is no fumbling on pages or lost pages. As long as there is wifi I can download anything from my local library.

  260. diane

    Got my ereader as a hand-me-down from my nephew who upgraded. Love it. Borrow all my books from my local library and read during bus commute to work. also great for vacation to take multiple books on the reader taking up much less space than carrying a bunch of paperbacks.

    1. Anita Flanigan

      In the middle of the night when I can’t sleep my book is ready to take me on a journey . It has just enough light to read without bothering anyone else and sure beats ” under the covers with a flashlight” reads of my youth.
      Just wonderful!

  261. Dorothy

    I love the convenience of reading on my Nook. I’ve always enjoyed reading. With ebooks I can read any time and anywhere. It’s my relaxation before bedtime. Traveling, I don’t have to carry books and I can always borrow another book if I finish the one I’m reading. My only complaint is that I’m not able to read all the books in a series. Hopefully my library will eventually be able to provide them.

  262. Jeannine

    I listen to audiobooks every chance I get, and it is so convenient to be able to listen via my phone versus driving to the library for cassettes and CDs. There is no way I could afford to buy all of the audiobooks I read every week, so I am beyond grateful to the Delaware County Library System and Overdrive. Because of the library, I can check out new authors, subjects, and genres without risk. When I find a wonderful audiobook or book, I will buy it as a gift as a way to contribute back to the authors and publishers. I donate to the library as well. I can’t afford to buy all the books and audiobooks I read, but I do what I can and appreciate the incredible service that Overdrive and my library provide.

  263. Bev

    I’m a mom of three young kids, so I rarely have time to sit and enjoy a book. It’s easy to keep a few books on my phone to read while waiting in an office, standing in line, or rocking a baby in the middle of the night. And when my kids see me reading, they want to read too.

  264. Laurel

    I read constantly and electronic devices, ebooks, and audio books have allowed me to have the world at my fingertips. We live in a very small rural area and our local library does not have a large selection of books. The ebooks and audio books that are available through the library district allows me to check things out that I’d never be able to get in paper for from my library. I love ebooks!

  265. Katrina T

    I love reading ebooks, as a student I can borrow the book we’re reading in class from the overdrive library, and then I can highlight and take notes, so I can write my essays without having to search through the book. But, if I need to search through the book, I can easily search a word or quote throughout the book, and then I’m able to make connections in my essays I never would have seen.
    Not to mention, wherever I’m going I’m able to bring along enough books to keep me satisfied for the duration of the trip. I went on vacation for two weeks, and I brought probably way too many ebooks. But it didn’t matter, because I was able to keep them all, and they didn’t affect my luggage space or cause any trouble at all.

  266. erica

    I love reading eBooks because my reading experience happens anywhere now. Before my reader, I would have to carry around one book everywhere in case of boredom setting in (doctor’s office, lab work, waiting anywhere) and now life is easier with this as I simply click away to whichever book or magazine I feel like at the time and read, read, read!

  267. Greg McGillis

    I love the fact that I can read my Kobo in bed, in the bath or in transit. I get a lot more reading done and the non-lit, ink-like presentation means I often have that natural feel of reading that I enjoy so much.

  268. Nina

    As an avid book reader I swore I could never be converted to e books, however after being bought a reader for a christmas present a few years ago I love them. No longer a heavy bag full of books when I go on holiday, or the frustration of not having a book with me when waiting in the dentist. Nor the frustration of picking up my book then finding I don’t fancy that one. But best of all, when I get my email from my work book club about the lateset choice, I can download it there and then.

  269. Kimberly McCall

    eBooks keeps me connected to the world. I am always linked whether its my phone, ipad or computer. Work, home or play its my life! I can always find a moment to read….stuck in traffic, doctors office, football game, or long line at the grocery store there is always a way to connect! It’s so convenient. My night stand is no longer covered with books. #eBookDay

  270. Kathleen

    I love internet reading, both text and written books. My favorites are mysteries/thrillers. I can multitask while following a novel very closely. When the reader has done a good job, the book gets even better! As for reading text, I do love checking a book out of the library at 4 am while still in bed, either with insomnia or having woken up early. #eBookDay

  271. Amy

    My eReader is my favorite traveling companion. So many books at my fingertips. It also allows me to read Stephen King books at night without the threat of dropping a 5 pound book on my nose if I nod off.

  272. Trish

    I have a busy schedule everyday but sometimes I get a few minutes between clients to grab some escape time. Ebooks is perfect because I can set my iPad down and pick it up in an hour and never lose my place. I also like to end the day with a good read. When I finish one book I can return it and check out another right away, be it 7 p.m. or 11 p.m. I never have to worry about late fees or getting out to return or check out books. Thanks OverDrive for an amazing way to read books!

  273. Dorothy

    It is so simple and easy to download eBooks to my tablet and read my favorite authors anywhere. I have spent too much time in the hospital with a relative and reading helps calm my nerves. Thanks, eBooks!

  274. Doris Pelletier

    Ebooks is the best media! I was never an avid reader, but since books became available online through the library, I read 3-4 books in a 2 week period. Overdrive media console is so easy to use. When I know that I don’t have access to wifi for any length of time, I download a few books to make sure I have my books with me. It is so easy to open my ipad and have access to books. Happy reading everyone !

  275. Judy

    Ebooks are so convenient. You can take them everywhere. We travel a lot and it was great to know that I can take 10 to 12 books with me and they weigh less than a pound. Also, when colds and flu are circulating, my ebook is safe and sanitary. No worries about the previous reader being sick or spreading unwanted germs.

  276. ann

    Books are my tv. I read to relax or learn about things. Always have my kindle or phone with a few books downloaded so I can read any chance I get. :-)

  277. Marian

    I usually took my Kindle when going to see my 90 year old mother in North Wales but this time it did not come back! She had sprained her ankle by falling out of the bath and after 10 weeks in the local cottage hospital she had returned home alone with a gigantic splint on her leg. Getting around the house was a trial and required ingenuity. She decided to wear a bag round her neck and carry essential items in it. Mum is a great reader and savvy with technology. She does intenet banking and orders groceries from Tesco online. I showed her my Kindle ( lighter then a book!) and she took to it immediately. By the time I left, she was deep into a Victoria Hislop novel and I did not have the heart to ask for the Kindle back. So I read my ebooks on my iPhone!

  278. Elizabeth

    I absolutely have to begin a new book as soon as I turn the last page of the book I am finishing. I feel such a loss at the end of a book, like I just left a good friend. eBooks allows me to be able to get that next great read as soon as I need/want it. I don’t have to worry about what time it is or if the library is open or if I have something at home lined up and waiting for me at home. I can open it wherever I am on any device at hand.

  279. Carol

    I’ve been reading since I was 5. I’m almost 90 now and no longer drive. Once I discovered e-readers and e-books about 6 years ago, life has improved considerably. Unfortunately, not all books have been available via e-books, but the supply constantly grows. Thank Heavens!!

  280. KayMarie Jones

    I enjoy ebooks two ways. First, I drive 100 miles a day, 6 days a week. I used to have books on cassette or DVD, but since I’d have to have atleast two in case I finished one, they’d take up a bit of space. They were also a hassle to switch to the next part of the book while driving and were not safe. Now, I download two audiobooks and plug my iPhone into the sound system and enjoy my latest book. Also, I would never be able afford all those audiobooks. I am very thankful for digital libraries.

    The second way I enjoy audiobooks is on my kindle. Again, because I’m an avid reader, I used to carry around atleast two books, in case I finished one. Now I carry around over one hundred, and it doesn’t hurt my back. I love ebooks!

  281. Carla Aycock

    Not only do I use my ebook every day to read at night or if I am waiting for an appt.; I also decided to share the love of reading via ebooks. I am the principal of a middle school and with a grant last year I bought Kindle Paperwrites for every one of my students to borrow. With Overdrive my students will have access to appropriate books for their level. We are a very poor school district and I am thrilled to be able to offer this to my students.

    1. Ann Drew

      Hi I’m Ann, who loves Ebooks and Audi books great one I listened to recentlyWe are Water Wally Lamb .Certainly different,very expletive -so glad I carried on listening to this book the last chapter was beautiful.feel better about it having heard the Authors the way am 75 so have lots of time on my hands,opened a whole new world.

  282. Carla V.

    My granddaughter, who just turned two, loves looking at the photos on her “Papa Nonno’s” iPad. When she sees me reading the older version of my Kindle, she wants to look at the pictures. I tell her it’s just a book. Now everytime she sees my old Kindle she points to it and says, “Mimi’s book.” She does love reading her books on my newer version of the Kindle.

  283. Carolyn Brown

    I have been reading eBooks for over two years and love it. As technology advances, there is nothing easier – I have an eReader that I use at home but can also read on my phone or tablet and that comes in handy. I download a lot of books from the library which is ideal since I read a LOT! My favorite time to read is before bed, it helps me relax to fall asleep and rainy or snowy days with a nice cup of tea and a fire!

  284. Magda Diaz

    I am not a good traveler,whether by plane or car (backseat driver), yet I don’t want to miss seeing the world. That is when I take out my e-books(need plenty for a long trip) and stick my head in a book. I forget about the getting to my destination and I am swept away by the story. Makes it a much better time for my husband if he is driving! we are both happy when we reach our destination!!

  285. Susie Gorman

    I have loved books all my life and have filled my walls with shelves to hold them. Now with a mini-tablet I can have my entire library of books at my fingertips wherever I am (when I’ve gotten around to buying the e-version or borrowed them via OverDrive from the library). I used to watch the little TVs on the machines at the gym, until I got my mini-tablet, now I read while I workout…two for one – a physical and mental workout! Go e-books!

    1. Chris

      I love the ease and convenience of ebook reading. I can slip my iPad into my purse and take my books wherever I go. As a member of a book club, I love the ability to highlight and bookmark passages for discussion at meetings. I really appreciate the ability to borrow titles through the library as I am retired now and have greater income restrictions.

  286. Shannon

    My 95 year old mother loved to be able to read these books on her Kindle. Her vision had been declining for years and she was concerned that she would not be able to continue with her love for reading . She would enlarge the font to the max and read away! Thanks Over Drive

  287. Pat MacDougall

    I have been an avid reader since my Dick and Jane days…….loved summer even more because I could check out five books at once rather than only three! I, too, did not want an e-reader…………until I was given one! When I broke my first one I immediately ordered a replacement, and paid about twenty dollars extra for next day delivery. I love getting eBooks from the library, and now there’s OverDrive to make it even easier! “Bookworms” rule!!!

  288. Michael Moreno

    I am an avid reader. I love to read eBooks on my breaks and during lunch at work. A good eBook helps me to travel to places I may never get to visit, they transport me to other worlds, other times and it breaks up the monotony that can be my job.

  289. Michelle

    I like reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks while doing sport. Sometimes I find myself walking very very fast while listening to exciting audiobooks.

  290. Connie Bursaw

    I love books and that I can read an book on any device, it make it so convenient. I use the overdrive app for borrowing ebook & audio books so whether I am able to read or listen I always have a book (or several) with me.
    Love the electronic visits to the library at any time of day, no worrying about what hours the library is open.

  291. Dory

    I like to use my e-reader at night before I go to sleep. Growing up I was always the kid with the flashlight trying to read under the covers. My parents would make me go to bed but I would read for hours into the night. I still read at night but I no longer need a flaslight! My e-reader is backlit and I can read with no other lights on.
    I also love the convenience of being able to have your whole library with you in one easy, lightweight place. I can change books or even read a magazine with just a touch.

  292. Ericka Johnson

    I have loved to read all my life. I like the idea that when you are done reading one book you another at your finger tips. The main reason I love to read ebooks is that I know I am saving a tree.

  293. Tom Flynn

    I have my favourite books on my windows phone and always have them handy for a quick read at lunch hour or in a long Q at the bank – there is now no excuse not to read books.

  294. Janet

    I used to buy a minimum of 3 paperback books a week until my fiance’ introduced me to eBooks. I signed up on Overdrive and chose my local library and have been reading ever since. It’s amazing to be able to borrow books on my i-phone and read anywhere, anytime, all the time. I love being able to place a new book on hold and being sure I will get to read it. Sometimes, I’ll see a new book and want to read it but will forget to place a hold at the library. But with Overdrive, I know I’ll get the book. Is there more fun than reading an interesting book? I don’t think so.

  295. Gary Fuller

    I have had the various eBook stores installed on my devices for ages, but only really got round to making use of them regularly a couple of months ago. Since then I’ve not stopped, and i’ve bought more books in one month than in the past year beforehand.

    I had read every day since age 12 until about a couple of years ago when time and life got in the way, leaving a whole in my relaxation time. Thanks to eBooks I’ve started to read every day again, and I’ve discovered a host of new authors that I was never aware of.

    To be able to carry a whole library in your rucksack is an incredible thing. I’m so keen on encouraging eBook reading now that I’m helping my local library pick up some eBook readers for lending, to encourage people to use them in the village I live in. They really are worth trying.

  296. Aisling Twohill

    I can now bring a selection of books with me on work trips abroad, without exceeding luggage restrictions. Unlike paperbacks, 3 books on my ereader still leaves room for a change of shoes in my carry-on suitcase! Also, if I finish a book in the airport, I can download another from a limitless supply, where everything is on the shelf, even the more obscure titles. No more waiting for ordered books to arrive.

  297. Sylvia Babins

    My mom is 87 years old. She just had a knee replacement. The thing she loves most is going to the library. She is an avid reader. She reads a book in about 2 days. We got her an iPad and presto she’s back in business and loving it. Also she’s enjoying the audio books feature. She says it reminds her of when she was a little girl and she would lay in bed and her dad use to tell her stories.

  298. Lourdes R. Kuethe

    My husband and I travel extensively due to historical research. When I turned seventy-five, our four children gave me a Kindle which when damaged was substituted by a Kindle Fire. Since then, I have been checking out books from my regional libraries and from Amazon using Overdrive. Recently, a friend gave me the name of an author that writes in the manner of Sherlock Holmes. Being an avid fan of his works, I got a list of a series of authors whose style is similar. Thanks to Overdrive, I just finished a lovely ten-book series by Jacqueline Winnspear featuring Maisie Dobbs, a veritable Sherlock in a skirt. From there, it has been easy to discover similar authors and delightful books. Overdrive and my Kindle Fire have given me endless enjoyable hours of reading. I am grateful.

  299. Margaret Lee

    I have read my whole life. My first librarian was Mrs. Brons, who was our next door neighbor, and she encouraged me to read a wonderful variety of books from a very early age. I thought I wouldn’t really like reading e books, but I find that I like all kinds of books, just as Mrs. Brons taught me 75 years ago, depending upon where I am, the mood I’m in, and what strikes my fancy. Thank heaven for librarians and books, books, and more books!!

  300. Stephanie

    I love eBooks because I don’t like to lug around my books when taking the bus to get somewhere. eBooks allow me to read whenever I want because I always have my phone me & not have to worry about losing the book or my place in the book I’m reading.

  301. Peter Goldstein

    I enjoy listening to audiobooks on long drive between the bay area and northern California. These ebooks have provided me the chance to read many interesting books including Laura Hildebrand’s “Unbroken” which I consider one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read.

  302. Fran Wheeler

    My first book was a “Mother Goose” rhymes at the age of 5…I still have it!! Now that I’m nearly 70, I’m very crippled up with arthritis. What a gift to have a “lite” e-book to hold as well as being able to make the font any size I want. My eyes have gone as well as my hands. I can’t say enough about our library bringing so many books into my home with the touch of the pad. The audio books are especially great when I want to enjoy a book at bedtime and my husband can’t sleep with the lights on. I plug in my earphone and listen to my heart’s content. So many wonderful books and the ways to enjoy them!!

  303. Sandi

    I am a recent convert to eBooks. I received a tablet for my birthday last month and I haven’t read anything but eBooks since that time. I love embracing technology, so that was never the problem. My library just didn’t have enough inventory of eBooks and the books I wanted to read were no on Overdrive. I actually worked at the library for 4 years and frequently looked to see if more books had been added. Now it seems like there is much more of a selection. I read about 2 – 3 books/week so a large selection is such a pleasant surprise for me. I also think people who read eBooks read them faster, as they are so much easier to return. You don’t have to wait for a trip to the library to bring your books back. That helps when I place a book on hold and don’t have to wait too long for it to become available.

  304. Apple

    i love reading from young and now more than ever since retirement. with the convenience of e-books i never have to run out of books and can simply grab the next one from the library.

  305. Anna

    I discovered e-books when my local library held an Information Session. Some time after, I had to have major surgery which meant no driving for at least six weeks. During this time I was unable to visit the Library, so spent many hours on Overdrive discovering the collection! I found authors from long ago, now no longer on library shelves. I was able to read the whole series of books of which I had enjoyed one or two from years ago, e.g. William X. Kienzle. Overdrive is wonderful – many current bestsellers are also available – so convenient! 2 weeks ago, my husband had unexpected, urgent surgery and is now housebound for 6 weeks – and I’ve discovered I don’t like having to share my tablet!

  306. Louise

    I love eBooks and the convenience of borrowing from the library and downloading to Overdrive. I can borrow a number of books at once and if I can’t quite get into one I can try the next one. No rushed trips to return books and the ease of always having a great book wherever you are.

  307. Michelle

    After my boyfriend who is a nurse told me he saw one of his patients’ library books all over the floor in the hospital, I started reading eBooks exclusively. I enjoy eBooks everywhere! at home, while commuting to and from work, at night before sleeping. :) I love eBooks!

  308. Margaret Phillips

    A couple of years ago as my husband and I sat at iHop enjoying a light lunch, he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I said, “a dog or a Kindle.” About a half hour later, I was holding a new Kindle Fire at Best Buy. I have always treasured reading, having completed the entire Nancy Drew Mystery stories by 6th grade. As an adult, often reading was more educational and medical related. Now that I have grandkids and continue to work full time, I really enjoy downloading e-books and having a reader that easily goes anywhere with me. I have also developed a addiction to audiobooks, especially when they are the same as the ebook and automatically sync. So now I can commute to work and listen and read at home. What a great development in our technology. Thank you, public library with Overdrive. I will never question voting yes on a bond issue relating to my public library.

  309. tj

    As a teacher, I relentlessly try to find books that my students can read. My students have difficult backgrounds and education has not been a priority; therefore, they need to learn what it is like to get lost in something other than drugs, sex, and craziness. I read eBooks to find those books that will connect with these young minds. To show them the imagination is more powerful than anything else they can experience. As I read and find books that my students will love, and watch them become engrossed in a book – a book that I read on my phone, tablet, or PC – I realize that education is truly powerful and it will change the world. When my students tell me that up until now they have never finished a book, I know they will never feel the same way about reading. EBooks are my way of creating change in these youth, they allow me to read anywhere and then to share what I read with them. I love it!

  310. Shelagh Coop

    I recently took the plunge, left my security blanket at home and travelled from my Auckland home to new and wonderful places. All good, BUT how much more enhanced was my stay in Cuba and Mexico City by looking forward to that restful period just before I go to sleep, to be able to tune into my e-book, and listen to a serene voice reading a gentle biography – Pamela Mountbatten, or a thriller Gabrielle Lord’s “Death Delights” or yet a tranquil Joanna Trollope’s “Men and boys” – you’re simply never alone when you have an audiobook friend with you.

  311. Wendy Barney

    My 3 year old son states that he is Superman and I am Wonder Woman while we “take on the bad guys” as we jump on our trampoline. Some days I feel like I really am Wonder Woman while others not so much! I have been in the throngs of raising 6 children over the course of 16 years and during that time, I have read lots of books while caring for a young infants. As technology has advanced, ebooks have enabled me to read books without a child ripping pages and I could even bounce a baby while reading a book that laid flat out for me without losing my place!

    Reading good books is therapeutic to me and helps me fill my bucket from all the chaos inside my home. Physical exercise is also therapeutic and with a busy life, I combine the two and read while walking on my treadmill (my friends don’t believe it, but I really do love to read while walking fast!) I also love when I can “escape” from my life and jump into history or fall in love all over again with a sweet and tender romance. Ebooks have become a lifesaver! Turning pages are a snap and make me just fall deeper into the story line while working out each morning. I always wonder what my kids will think if they ever catch me giggling hysterically or crying big drops of tears while dripping with sweat. At those times, I bet they more “wonder” about the “woman” in front of them.

  312. Donna

    I love to read, but do not have a lot of free time. For the past couple of years, I have listened to many audio books on my I-phone – while I garden, knit, walk, cook, drive – any repetitive task. Books are no longer a treat reserved for holidays. Knitting and listening to audio books is the best! I download most of them from the library.

  313. Rhonda

    Love them! My grandma got me reading when I was a little girl and I am now fifty eight. I am always with a book or two going. Ebooks are alot easier to travel with! And they dont take up much room in the house. Hahaa! Ebooks are so easy to get from a website or the library. I have a Kindle but I also have an Ipad so I can use the Nook and Ibooks app. So many books, so little time. I tried my first audiobook not long ago and now enjoy them too.
    Love to read!

  314. Ann-Marie

    As a child and young adult, I read constantly. I am not sure what happened, but in adulthood, I found that I would just spot-read, meaning I would dip into different books here and there, but no longer read books cover to cover. At any given time, I might be reading 3-5 different non-fiction books simultaneously, but seemed to lack the time and focus to stick to any one book, and I no longer read fiction at all. After getting my first smartphone, I downloaded some ebook samples, and wanted to continue reading, so I purchased my first ebook. I discovered that reading an ebook was much easier for me than keeping up with physical books. I had my phone with me at all times, and I read my first ebook from beginning to end in no time at all! Subsequently I discovered audiobooks, and now I am devouring books again like I did in my youth, including fiction. I am so happy to be reading again!

  315. Lynn

    Before bed is perfect way to settle down with my book. Love that I can finish a book, look online at library and seconds later download a new book to start. Has changed my life for the better in every way!

  316. Kathy

    I love ebooks. As a kid i always had my nose in a book and as technology progressed to ebooks i scoffed and said id never go digital..until i received my first ereader. Im constantly tottering it everywhere and read while waiting. Im so addicted to reading its crazy. Ebooks are so awesome. I even download books for my grandchildren and they love it durning car rides if my ereader is missing i usually find it in one of my grandchildren hands

  317. Edward Baldwin

    I usually download e-books from my library thru Overdrive but my most recent read was from Book-Shout and it was a great read titled SIEGE by Simon Kernick.I believe I read e-books faster than paper books,at least it seems that way.It’s nice to read at night with no lights required to annoy someone trying to sleep.

  318. DeeAnn

    I absolutely love reading ebooks!! I read them everywhere and have read hundreds! It’s so wonderful to always have a book available when I’m unexpectedly waiting somewhere. And it seems like I read a book faster that is an ebook than a “regular” book. And I also LOVE having my Bible in e-form. It makes having many translations available easier.

  319. raina

    I like to listen to audiobooks during road trips and long drives. It makes time go by much faster! And I can listen to a good story without getting motion sickness from reading. It would be great to be able to read ebooks so I don’t need to carry so many books!

  320. Paula

    As a new mom I have a new found application for ebooks!
    Before it was about keeping my purse light on the train… Now it’s about every task in my life being done one-handed. Now with a sleeping babe in one arm I can cruise through the book that I just can’t put down, and a bonus—I don’t have to disturb him while turning the page. It’s about the little things!

    Since my life is turned upside-down with a kid, physically getting to the library has been a challenge, so the virtual library system has been an amazing outlet!

    Since I recently found Overdrive, I’ve gotten into audiobooks. Now I can do chores and keep my mind occupied. This momma <3s technology!

  321. Heather

    I love books, in particular ebooks and eaudio due to being able to have easy access to them via my iphone. I am never without a book and can find something I like in seconds! Now that I’ve discovered Overdrive, there are literally thousands of books to choose from! I keep telling my friends to “check it out!” but a lot of them are still into paperbacks… but I’ll keep trying !!
    I read on the train to/from work, I read sometimes in my lunch break. On days where I’m home (I have 2 kids) I don’t get very much reading time, but every single night, without fail, I set aside time to read… usually with my night reading mode on so as not to disturb hubby.

  322. Ashley Rose Johnson

    I love ebooks on my kindle and I take my kindle when I travel and I listen to the ebooks rather than going to my local library all the time and I also love the audio books too,easy accessible to me at a website app and a touch on my kindle screen.

  323. Carolyn Arwood

    I enjoy my reader while relaxing in my recliner after doing housework. I reward myself by getting close to 10 books a week. This is so much better than my paperbacks as it’s easy to enlarge the fonts the times my blood sugar is too high and normal fonts are hard for me to read. I love not having to actually turn a page and love how it bookmarks the last page I’ve read. I was so excited to be able to buy one and enjoy taking it with me if I know I’m going to have a long wait at my doctor’s office, traveling, and staying up at night as I have a lot of books I hate putting down to go to bed. I’ve discovered a lot of “unknown” authors who have written such engaging novels.

  324. Susan McFarland

    My husband and I travel on long distance trains alot. Years ago we had to carry a lot of books as he reads about 3 books a week. I bought him an ereader so he could order more books when he was finished with the current one while on the train. Then we got cell phones with an ereader app on them. Now we can read anywhere at any time. So convenient! It was costing us a lot of money buying books so Overdrive was a wonderful option for us. Thank you.

  325. Missy Griggs

    I have loved to read since the moment I sat on my grandfather’s lap and he read to me. Cuddled up against his belly reminding me of the stories is St Nick. Warmed my heart and soul. When I had children of my own I would read to them nightly cuddled up on the couch. Hopefully I in did not remind them of St Nick! A recycler for many years I do on not purchase books but check them out at the library. I at first did not purchase an eReader because digital downloads were not free or hard to find. In the past 2 years I have downloaded my favorites, found new adventures and expanded my horizons. All thanks to overdrive and my local libraries. Thank you!

  326. Duane

    I love using e-readers to continue whatever book I’m reading while I’m on the go. So that way I don’t have to wait to get back to the suspense of a good book.

  327. Agnes Crowley

    Have always loved to read and always took a book wherever I went. For my birthday and Christmas 2013, my husband gave me an IPad. Found Overdrive and and the rest is history. No more books to carry and I can still read if I am waiting for my husband or a friend. With Overdrive , I have no trouble checking books out from our local library. My favorite books are found in the inspirational genres.

  328. michellle nartker

    Being disabled at an early age,I have a hard time getting books at the library by car. Using overdrive to get ebooks make it so easy to get the books that i love to read.

  329. suzanne

    It’s so easy to check out ebooks from the library. I like to read every day like I have been doing my whole life. Ebooks are great when away from the house because they are easy to carry around, and on a trip I can bring lots of books so as not to worry about running out!

  330. Avanti

    What a wonderful idea, read an ebook day #ebookday! We need to celebrate and tell the story about the wonderful advantages of electronic books. I read all the time – even hours a day. Often times I am reading several different genres at the same time because I have such diverse interests! The great thing about ebooks is that I can carry a diverse collection with me at any time and not have the weight and clutter of physical books.

  331. felicia oullis

    I’m going blind, or been blind for awhile. I’ve been living in such a lonely world , but I heard of eBooks, It’s a light that turned on. Since I’ve been using eBooks I found out that I have liver cancer, I don’t know what I would do without ebooks this tender time in my life truly eBooks is helping me live the best I can . purely darkness without

    Felicia Nina Oullis

  332. Patrick

    I love having the ability to feed my book a day habit without my wife being able to see the books pile up on my bedside table. ebooks are helping sustain my marriage!

  333. Tallyjane

    I listen to audio books on my commute, while doing things around the house. It is better brainfood than most of what is on tv and I find that I get alot more done and am more committed to my to do list if I can enjoy a good book while working.

    I also love the flexibility of downloading a book electronically on my schedule rather than waiting for the bookstore or library to be open! Late night reading binge, can anyone else relate???

    Happy reading!!!

  334. Shannon

    I have loved the smell and feel of books since I was a little girl. Now I am in a tiny apartment, and cannot find space or have the money to buy books anymore. My ereader was a lifeline to all that is new and feeds the imagination. I am able to download books from my library to enjoy–as well as borrow those “real” books. Can’t imagine a better way to read when I travel or just in the comfort of my bed at night!

  335. Sylvia

    I was never much of a reader when I was young. The first book that really struck a cord with me was Barbara Smuckers Underground to Canada. I think I read it 4 times!! But as I got older I got more & more wrapped up in the love of reading ! Ever since I started reading ebooks & listening to audiobooks I can’t go without a few on the go at all times! I have a painting business & listen to audiobooks often while I’m working & always have books on the go on my iphone. & how can you not love taking out free ebooks from your local library?! Love love love!

  336. Sharon Flora

    I didn’t start reading until I was in my mid 60′s. I love reading and I take my e- books with me just about
    everywhere I go. I found out your never too old. I wouldn’t want to be without it

  337. Mary

    I enjoy reading them in bed. I also set up a reading spot recliner so I won’t be in bed so much I read on my tablet. I also listen to books on tape on my PC when I am working on my computer.. My favorite books are the Enders Game series by Orson Scott Card. The movie has nothing on what the real book is. I hated the movie. I also enjoy other authors,Steven King, Dan Brown,J.R,R. Tolkien. I am re reading books I read in the 70″s that I had in paperback form but the font/print is to small for me to read now. With ereader I can make the font as big as I want so I can still read books. I just bought ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, one of my favorite books when I was in high school in the 60′s and the movie staring Gregory Pick. I’m sure you can check those out at your local library. I love to read. I am way behind in my TV watching because of using my tablet to read. Lowered my electric bill this month. :)

  338. Pat

    I work in the technology sector, and am an avid reader, but it took me a long time to decide to try e-reading. I couldn’t imagine giving up the feel of a “real” book and it’s pages. I finally decided to “give it a go” just before an extended holiday overseas. What a wonderful discovery! I’m able to read longer in bed at night on the iPad without disturbing my partner, and I was able to read, return, and take out new books from my home library while travelling. I was concerned that it wouldn’t work so well on biographies and other books with photos, but it’s just fine. The Overdrive app has made it so easy – I’m hooked!

  339. Diana

    I enjoy ebooks on my paperwhite kindle everywhere! At night in bed, it’s such a treat to end a busy hectic day– it’s my way of taking care of myself. When I have extra time on the week-end I sneak in reading my ebook on my kindle laying on the deck with the sun shining! Having all my books on my kindle allows me to choose the book I want to read! Driving to work I listen to overdrive audiobooks. It sure makes a difficult commute much more enjoyable!

  340. Kimberlee

    I love Overdrive ! I can read even at night without the light waking my husband, I can take it with me everywhere and I especially love being able to control the font size. I read A LOT so I can easily get a book on overdrive thru my library at any time day or night! For read an eBook day I plan on finishing The Other!

  341. Arti

    I have always enjoyed reading and I read everyday on my phone before I go to sleep and on my commute to work. I love eBooks since I can read in the night without disturbing my spouse and it’s easy to read on the train during my commute. I like the fact that I can try multiple books and continue only with the ones I enjoy, and eBooks are especially great when reading the heavy duty books like Game of Thrones/Harry Potter. I read twice as much thanks to eBooks!

  342. Kelly

    I love to curl up on the couch with my dogs, light the fireplace and read a great book. Ebooks have made it even easier to explore new genres and authors that I may have otherwise never read. And I love that a new book is only a few clicks away rather than always having to make a trip to the store or library.

  343. ArlainaArlaina

    I am just greedy! I have 2 e-readers, and I am getting ready to buy a 3rd! I keep one by my bed, and one in my purse. One of my goals is to read a book a week, and having my Kindles (I love the sound of that) allows me to reach that goal easily. There are so many little windows of time that I devote to e-reading; while I’m waiting for something finish to cooking, doing laundry, on line at the grocery store, waiting for my bus or train, waiting on medical professionals, under the hair dryer, on the bus or train, during commercials, at the library, during a lunch or snack break. If you talk amongst yourselves, I am sure you can think of other opportunities and other e-reading resources! This technology is the best. Happy e-reading!

  344. Nurez

    Having eBooks on my phone and tablet make it even easier for me to fill my spare time reading. I love being able to read a few chapters at lunch or to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. #eBookDay

  345. Jennifer

    I enjoy checking out audio books from Overdrive. It helps me transition during my drive from home to work and from work to home. It also helps me take a lunch break because I am looking forward to turning on my book instead of just eating at my desk! My first audiobook from Overdrive was The Help! It was better than reading the book!

  346. Yvette

    I adore reading online books because it is a smarter and easier way for me to read. Whenever I go on holidays, I bring a lot of books. Now, I can just log onto my computer and read an ebook. When I read books, I always need to use a bookmark. Sometimes my bookmark falls out and I need to search for what page I was on. This takes a while when I’m reading chapter books, but when I’m reading an ebook I don’t need to worry about losing my page because when I log onto my ebook it is automatically on the page I was last on :) This made me really happy to not search anymore for my page. At night, I open my book and read. But since it’s dark I need to turn the light on. Then when I finish reading, I need to walk over to the light and turn it off. But with an ebook, the screen is already light up so I don’t need to turn walk over to the light and turn it off. I could just turn off my computer and go to sleep. Thank you ebooks. I don’t l know what my life would be like with out ebooks. :)

  347. Bookworm

    The first ever e-book I read was Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone. Being an avid reader, when ebooks first came out I was hesitant and disapproving. I couldn’t justify myself in buying something intangible and without the feel and smell of real pages that I loved.

    The only reason I borrowed the ebook was because all the hard copies were borrowed out :P So I decided to give this new technology a chance. It was love at first chapter. Now, there’s no going back.

  348. Margaret O. Williams

    Listening to free audiobooks on my smartphone while I am exercising at the gym makes the time go so much faster. I actually spend more time working out because I want to continue listening a bit longer.

  349. Kyra

    My Class and I at Panmure Bridge School appreciate the inventor who had created eBooks because it is simple to do and I enjoy going on-line and reading the classic fiction novels because it has moved my reading to the next level. I am a Twelve year Old and is reading 6 months older than I am. Thanks to my teacher who has Created an A.D.L Task for the kids in the class. A.D.L stands for Awesome, Dialogic, Learners. I wish I could win these awesome prizes so I can win and share it with my Class. Room 9. – Kyra

  350. Beverly

    My son and daughter-in-law bought me my first Kindle for Mother’s Day.I have always been an avid reader and always have a book with me. Shortly after that,I became very ill and had to travel to another city for surgery and rehab. My Kindle saved my sanity.I never go anywhere without it. My purse,my car keys,my kindle and I’m ready to go.My son wanted me to read the series by George R.R.Martin. After he bought me a kindle,I asked him,Do you have any idea how heavy those books are? Now ,any size,bring it on.Thanks to whom ever made this type of entertainment available.

  351. Gracie

    I love the versatility of ebooks. Usually I try to borrow an ebook and the audio book version so that I can continue to read the book hands free. For example, I when I get a seat on the train I read the ebook and then I can continue the story by switching to the audio book when I’m walking etc :) It’s fantastic!

  352. Jenny

    With a toddler & a newborn in the house, finding time to read is no easy feat. I enjoy picking up my tablet in the few moments before bed to read a few pages from an uplifting book. It helps me unwind & reminds me there’s a different world outside of endless diaper changes and runny noses!

  353. karma

    I try to read at least an hour every night. I have three young kids (4 in all) and I also work as an educator and after they’ve gone to bed that’s my time to unwind. I’ve got a Nook, an iPad, two Kindles and a tablet. I also have my kids read for at least 15 minutes before bed as well :)

  354. Gwynne

    I love a good christian , religious and spiritually ebooks. It help you to be even more closer to The Lord along with reading the Bible.

  355. Jacob

    I enjoy reading eBooks because you don’t have to walk to the local library to read. You can just borrow one online. I have recently read an eBook called ‘Are you smarter than a flying Alligator by Kevin Kremer’. It was easier to read because it had medium sized writing. On books the writing is very small. In the library you don’t know what kind of books they are, but online you can pick what type of book you want.

  356. Dominique Lowitz

    I have been listening to audiobooks for a few years, purchasing books on Audible. I recently discovered Overdrive, through my local library, where I have access to the same exact audiobooks, plus ebooks, for FREE !! I am currently rediscovering The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey and am thoroughly enjoying myself. I love audiobooks! I listen while I drive, while I walk my dogs, while I quilt. Nothing could be handier or more time-efficient. And I listen to many more books than I would have read using paper books. Thank you, Overdrive!

  357. Michael

    For four years I commuted back and forth from work, four hours round trip. I started listening to cassettes, then CD’s and finally ebooks. I listened to a lot of detective books, etc. covered around 250 to 300 books in that time. What a great way to spend your time.

    1. Evan

      e books are very interesting and I enjoy them I think the book I like the most is Capetian under pants I really enjoy these books and read them every day

  358. Oh s'mar

    I like reading an eBook because you don’t need to walk to the library because then you had to return the books but an eBook it returns the book for you by it self

  359. Vivienne Stanley

    My 88 year old mother had given up reading, one of her greatest pleasures, after an unsuccessful cataract operation. Even LP books were too much for her. I downloaded a selection of titles on Overdrive for her to try on her iPad ( yes, an up-to-date great nana) and she’s hooked. The ability to change the size of the font whilst reading her favorite authors has given her a new lease of life and will keep her reading for many more years.

  360. Christina

    I never thought I’d enjoy an eBook more than print, but I do! I have absolutely fallen in love with them since getting my first tablet last November. I like getting eBooks from my public library and I’ve even bought a few–plus I’m always on the alert for free deals! As a middle school librarian, I’m thrilled to be adding the first eBooks to my library’s collection this year and seeing the excitement they’re generating amongst my students. I think it’s great to be able to read almost hands-free, to look up new words with just the touch of a fingertip, to explore new topics with another finger-swipe, and to have my books magically synced on any device I use at home or at work. I even made a simple foamboard hack for my treadmill so I can place my tablet on it and read while exercising. I’m getting to read much more than I have in ages. Thank you, Overdrive and eBooks–you’ve changed my life!

  361. Adee

    I love to read in bed. I use the black background and read without disturbing my hubby.
    I really like the dictionary function so no stopping to look up words just find it right on the E-reader.

  362. Helen

    I am hooked on Audio books. I first started listening with CDs from the library with a portable CD player in my pocket or under my pillow. Now I use my itouch and download them from my local library. I can do all my housework, washing ,ironing etc, while listening, with my itouch in my pocket. I listen when I am driving and when I am trying to sleep. I love that the app lets me back track if I fall asleep and miss some chapters. I love to sit in the sun doing some stitching or painting and listen to the current book. I don’t have a special place to listen every where is special for me. I tell all my friends about audio books, and Overdrive Media. My husband and I listen in our car when we travel, we like the murder/mystery genre for travel, however I will listen to just about anything

  363. bryanne

    I LOVE eBooks both reading and listening. Not being in the best of health and an insomniac you can’t imagine how many pleasurable hours I’ve whiled away! The affordability and ease makes the whole venue a no-brainer. I think I love the OverDrive app just as much as eBooks. Such a luxury to have the ability to go to my local library anytime. We truly are a blessed people!

  364. Molly

    Remember how much fun it was reading an exciting story by flashlight after you were supposed to be asleep when you were little? Well, now I like to read my e-book after “lights out” even though I’m a grandmother!

  365. Linda

    Having a book at hand is so much easier with ebooks on my phone. I can work my way through the “always available” classics whenever I want to dip into them. And it’s especially great for those times when I can’t get email (hooray!)

  366. Ginny

    I got my Nook Color a few years ago and I still love it and use it every day. When I first got it I had trouble picking out books to read because I would spend hours just browsing books…. there were so many to choose from! Then I discovered that I could go anywhere on the internet on my Nook and a little later I discovered Apps….. they were my downfall for a time. I have a grandson who I would get games for and books on my Nook Book. Now, mind you, I got this device so I could read books! Not Facebook and games etc. I never had time to read an actual book on my Nook Book. One day I decided that I would not surf the internet or play games on my Nook Book because I missed reading. Now I have OverDrive and can borrow the books on my Nook and I love it! I am happy to say I read my book every night before I go to sleep. I only use the Nook for other activities once in a while when I can’t get to the computer or to keep a child happy in church. I am so thankful for this device! It is my relaxation. Some of my favorites are “Heaven is For Real” “Room” the author “Dee Henderson” and so many more!

  367. Denise Hubbard

    I pick up my audio books almost weekly and play them to my residents in an assistant living where I work. They are so quiet during the book time and they really get into it, they can’t read much anymore as the eyes aren’t so good so I started bringing in the audio books and they just love it and it makes them happy. If I had a device I could use it for them to listen to some books online.

  368. Robin

    I enjoy the ability to download a book from my public library or buy from many online sources. Because of the convenience, portability and selection of e-books, I am reading more. The Overdrive Media Console has provided me the best experience regarding exposure to all types of books. I have introduced my sisters to e-books which they enjoy also. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is my favorite book. Thank you for making the experience easy and enjoyable.

  369. Lori N

    I love loosing myself in a good book. And I love how convenient it is to take my Kindle with me and check out new ebooks whenever I need them.

  370. Annette Bokenfohr

    When I travel I used to hate taking my bulky books on the plane or in the car with me. Now that I can grab an eBook from the library its so convenient and I am so thrilled that I can download a new book from any location. The latest ebook I read was “Heaven is for Real”. I also enjoy downloading an audiobook to listen to when I am driving on a long journey. The latest being “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

  371. kate

    I live in a country where there are no bookstores or libraries. I use to bring suitcases full of books from Canada. Now with my ereader I have the library and the bookstore right here.

  372. Bonnie

    Listening to audio E Books while driving 11 hours to visit my grandchildren in Indiana keeps me awake and alert. Even though there are occasional distractions from traffic, it is easy to backtrack and listen to the scenes I missed while concentrating on the road. Thank you for helping me enjoy the endless miles with an exciting adventure story or mystery.

  373. Anthea Wood

    I backpacked the John Muir Trail recently. All 220 miles. I had downloaded all of John Muir’s books on my ereader and was able to read them every night and actually walk and see the places he wrote about on a trail name after him.

  374. Karen

    I LOVE the ability to carry my book in my pocket!! No longer lugging around a tome. I used to despise waiting. Now I can read in line, while awaiting someone on a quick break or because I can. Small wonderous “zone out” time for me.

  375. Grace

    I received my eReader two years ago and now I am constantly reading. I can download an eBook anytime of the day/night. I have an eBook on the go every day! I am reading more than ever since I can read anywhere, anytime and I can download and carry a large number of books with me! I have managed to read 140 eBooks this year, since the ‘eBook world’ is at my finger tips and The OverDrive app is fantastic!

  376. Amanda

    #eBookDay – with 6 in our family and limited bookshelf space, ebooks are a must. They’re also portable and can’t be bent, torn or dog-eared. We love them.

  377. Kristen

    Ever since I received my iPad as a gift a few years ago, it hasn’t been far from my fingertips. My favorite thing in the world is being able to access hundreds, even thousands, of books on it and read wherever I go. As much as I love the feel of a physical book, I really enjoy being able to access ebooks so easily. I read before bed every night, I read while eating, I read while drying my hair in the morning!

  378. Dodie

    I used to buy a lot of books as I have always been an avid reader. Since I got my ipad and started checking out ebooks from the library, I have not bought one book. I can always take my books with me and as long as I have an internet connection I can always check out a new one. I recently have been enjoying the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child.

  379. Kathleen

    I love the overdrive app! Using the app has gotten me off the couch and onto the treadmill. I may not want to exercise but I ALWAYS want to know what happens next in the book I’m reading!

  380. Jennifer Adams

    I love reading! Although I thought I would never get used to reading on a tablet, it has become my favorite mode. Being able to define words, leave a bookmark and just a touch to turn the page are wonderful little pleasures. This old fashioned girl is in the new age!

  381. Loreli

    I love to read eBooks on my phone when I am stuck in line. I never get upset about having to wait because I have a great book to read.

  382. Holly

    I absolutely love, love OverDrive! There are e-books that I have been able to check out immediately, without the long wait list for the ” hard copy” book at the library. I have recently started listening to audio books in the car while traveling. It’s a wonderful companion. I was always the one who declared ” I prefer holding the paper book in my hands while reading” . OverDrive has now converted me to digital. I can now carry four different books with me wherever I go. Waiting situations are no longer a bother; because, my books are right there with me. Iim able to ” check out”; and read away, anywhere. I would be at a loss without it. <3

  383. Karen Schnall

    I have always loved reading, e-books just makes reading easier. I can take books with me wherever I go and it always fits in my purse (I have a kindle). I have even checked out library books from overdrive for my schoolwork as I continue my advanced degree. There are so many positives to eBooks and I have not found any negatives yet. I love that the font can be changed to accommodate my poor vision. This allows me to enjoy books even more. e-books are my retreat from the everyday stressors in life.

  384. Steve

    So entertaining! In unusual ways! ‘Frinstance, while driving to work yesterday, my new GPS notified me of traffic ahead, and suggested a route ’7 minutes faster’, and asked if I would like to change my planned route. At the time, my audiobook ( a Lee Child shoot-em-up) was playing, and whatever it instructed my GPS, it must have made sense, because the GPS said ‘new route selected’. I may start making wrong turns just to hear them talk to each other.

  385. Cindy

    I LOVE eBooks! I don’t have to worry about library hours and coming from a very small community with a small library, eBooks gives me so many more to choose from!

  386. Fraser

    My wife and I are avid Saturday thrift store shoppers, but her stamina usually outstrips mine. Early in our marriage, I used to pressure her to move on, but now I just bring along my ereader. It’s a great way to pass the time and leave her to enjoy hers.

    1. Janet

      I usually have an ebook going on my Kindle Fire and an audiobook on my iPhone. I can read the Kindle inside or outside, in airports, at 3 a.m. when I can’t sleep and before bed. I am definitely reading more, feel smarter, look forward to going to bed and walking trails and relish checking out new books. A book that recently kept me enthralled while on a summer beach vacation was “All the Light You Cannot See.” I completely loved it!

    2. Shantay

      I am a student from Panmure Bridge School and I like reading books that are my type. Our school is part of a Manaiakalani group and

    3. Shantay

      I am a student from Panmure Bridge School and I like reading books that are my type. My teacher has created a ADL reading task for her special group and ADL stands for Awesome Dialogic Learners. Our school appreciates this eBook site because we use it to read online and going online is the most current thing we do at our school.

    4. Kay

      Reading is a wonderful escape from reality (so much bad news these days) and a great way to pass the time while waiting in line…I’m never bored! I love being transported to another world with just a touch on my phone or ipad. Love overdrive!

    5. Michel Ménard

      I love e-books and audio books, best of both worlds…when exercising or working outdoors I listen to audio books, to relax I sit down or lie down with a good e-book!

    6. Beth McSweeney

      I have an I-pad. Years ago a friend told me we would be reading books on electronic devices. I said “NOT ME” I like holding a book in my hands. We moved away from my easy access library so I went one day when a Libraian was giving lessons on connecting to their library alliance to get books any time. I have so enjoyed it and have been reading a lot, again. So glad I didn’t hold on to the idea of “holding an actual book in my hands.”

    7. Carole B

      I can’t even imagine how easy using Overdrive has become for me. The idea of reading anywhere and anytime with such amazing convenience is pure pleasure. I have read more on the past year than I ever have before. I read on my Kindle, iPad, and phone. I spend a lot if time taking family to doctors and I actually welcome the time I spend waiting as a time to read my current book. Bravo for Overdrive!!!!

  387. Patrick Grimes

    I really appreciated ebooks when I had to go out of state to visit my brother after his hip replacement surgery and I was able to have the current book I was reading and a fresh one available at the touch of my tablet regardless of time of day or location.

  388. Ida

    As a senior with loss of vision, I depend on audiobooks. I have used them for years on cassette or playaways from the library but now I can get ebooks and audiobooks on my tablet from the library without leaving the house. These books have enriched my life so much I have always been an
    avid reader so I don’t feel handicapped with these options.

  389. Donna Dupree

    I enjoy eBooks on my Nook HD+. I love that I can read a good book anytime, anywhere. I am not usually patient waiting in line, waiting to see a doctor, waiting for a friend to show up for lunch, waiting for my food when alone, but now I can be because I have a good book to read. Being retired and on a very tight budget means I am saving money not driving to the library. I am using Overdrive to get my books in e-form now from my library. Yeah! I am into Mystery and Adventure. Check out Elizabeth Peters’ historical adventures set in late 1800′s to early 1900′s Egyptian archeological digs.

  390. Gina Mayes

    Getting hooked into reading at an early age was definitely a huge factor into developing my creativity/imagination. I wouldn’t be an illustrator as I am now if I hadn’t picked up books to read on my spare time like Brother Grimm tales, Don Quijote, Aesop fables, etc.
    I was born and raised in Mexico (have lived in the US for 14 years now) and my passion for reading helped me quickly develop language skills, and surprisingly I did very well at my Language Arts and History classes in college since I was very familiar with some of the texts. I remember my classmates asking each other “What on earth is Don Quijote?” and I was like “Please … I read that several times when I was a kid, and in a third-world country!”

    Reading is so important! I love apps like this one because they make it so convenient for me. I have 3 kids and it’s difficult sometimes to go to the library. By borrowing the books online I save time and effort, not to mention that it really does encourage me to read more. Love #ebookday

  391. Donna Routh Phillips

    I’ve been a reader all my life… if we went anywhere, I had a book in my face. This has always served me well… until I turned 16 and in my rural town in NC, I had no idea of where to go when I got my license. My mother blamed it on me always reading and not watching where we were going. So, at 16, I had to learn how to get home… from the church, grocery store, school… but it hasn’t stopped my reading. I still would rather someone else drive and let me enjoy my book. I love my ereader, I’ve had one since the very first ones came out… I remember that I was so impressed that I could carry like 50 books with me at one time… Now, it’s more like 5000! I love being able to check out the books from the library, because it allows me the experience of opening up my horizons into subjects that I wouldn’t normally read. You have to know a book is good by it’s author, reviews or something to spend the money(or I do) and you really don’t get the opportunity to pick up a book and “judge it by its cover”. So often, I’ll check out something that is different, but in case it’s not my cup of tea,I can return it and not be any poorer. I can only gain knowledge through using Overdrive!!!

  392. Rhonda

    I bought my e-reader when I was going on a cruise so I wouldn’t have to carry several books. Its easy to have several book choices downloaded. Now I prefer its convenience over books.
    I often download books from the library. My library has a wide selection available and you can put others on hold.
    I read more often because it’s easier to fit the e-reader in my purse or prop it up to read when I can’t hold a book.

  393. Afeefah Ally

    eBooks are literally now the only way I am able to continue reading for pleasure, to continue discovering new worlds and expanding my imagination. As a university student, most of my time is spent reading scholarly works and I’m often able to save substantial amounts of money by purchasing eBook versions of my textbooks. However, I love eBooks because they enable me to read novels, particularly fiction ones. While I’m riding the bus to school, waiting in line at the bank or even working out in the gym, I’m able to bring my books with me and continue reading for pleasure despite being swamped by readings for school. My OverDrive and Kobo apps are applications I use daily and I am overjoyed at having discovered them. In essence, eBooks are a modern version of storytelling that keeps books close to the heart irrespective of how busy we may get.

  394. Diane Fauque

    I love reading in bed, but don’t like to keep my spouse awake with a light on. Reading an ebook in the dark is a perfect way to end the day or pass a sleepless night!

  395. Sonia Belen

    Discovering Overdrive and ebooks was a turning point in my life. I love reading, but found books too heavy and bulky to read on the train. So when i found out from my local library that I could borrow ebooks for free, I was dancing on the aisles so to speak. Now I bring my iPad anywhere and read my ebooks whenever I have time to spare especially on the train and at bedtime. Ebooks are the best.

  396. Jenny

    I love having my current book at my fingertips on my phone! I can catch a few minutes of reading any time … And the best part , no overdue fees!

  397. Mark

    I like the portability, convenience and the sustainability of eBooks. I can read when I’m outdoors enjoying nature or indoors waiting at the doctor’s office. Basically, anywhere I’m at with some free time, I can read with any device I have whether it be a phone, ereader, tablet, or computer. Really amazing! It’s really changed reading for this life-long reader and its made it much more fun and enjoyable!

  398. Chuck Hough

    I am an avid sailor and heard about a sailboat captain by the name of Joshua Slocum, who had singlehandedly sailed around the world. He had written about his experiences in a book called”Sailing around the world alone”, published in 1899. I had read this book but couldn’t find it until I found the DaytonMetro library ‘s rebook app and tried it. There it was, and it was truly worth the hunt. Thank goodness for the library!

  399. Tracy Leung

    I was always against ebooks. I thought that nothing could replace the feeling of turning an actual page and being able to feel the satisfaction of closing the cover. After downloading the OneDrive app, I was literally dumfounded. I could not even grasp the fact that I literally had access to an entire library at my fingertips. I haven’t looked back once since downloading that app. It has filled my time with countless stories and characters to love. The only regret I have is not letting go of my (clearly ridiculous) opinon of ebooks earlier. I am proud to say that my books and my OneDrive app are living happily in my life. I am currently enjoying my ebooks in every spare minute I have, especially in the subway.

  400. Mike

    I do mission trips to Africa most years for about 5-6 weeks with a fair amount of down time late evenings. I used to have to bring along a number of large books to read at night which were quite inconvenient to travel with. I no longer have to do that as I simply download ebooks when I need a new book to read.

    I am retired and go public skating at noon hours. Going around in a circle is a bit boring, but I now download audiobooks to listen while I am skating. It has made the exercise so much more fun.

    Overdrive has given me so many more enjoyable hours of knowledge and entertainment. It is a simply fantastic tool.


  401. JV

    I got into ebooks as an escape from paper writing as an undergrad. I had the Adobe digital editions app on my laptop and I would buy books directly from publishers (this makes me sound ancient, but it was 2007, lol). I have a Kindle now, but the appeal is the same. I love the ease with which I can satisfy any reading mood at the touch of a digital button.

  402. Elizabeth K

    I am a pet sitter so I have listened to books on tape and graduated to eBooks with my iPhone. Thank God! Because I can’t find tape players any more : ) EBooks make my work even more enjoyable. I always do the advanced search for available now and never have a wait.

  403. Debbie

    I love to read in bed until late at night, long after my husband has asked me to turn off the lights! Since my iPad is backlit, I can comfortably read without bothering my husband. I get to enjoy the quiet hours of the night while he gets his beauty sleep. I also love the fact that I can open the same book on my iPhone and read whenever I have a little down time during the day. I don’t always get the book I was looking for but I have read marvelous books I knew nothing about other than they sounded interesting. I am subscribed to both the local library network and the Boston Public Library. eBooks are fantastic!

  404. christy

    I LOVE to read and got my first tablet 2 years ago, I used it until it quit and purchased another asap, I read at least a book every 2 days,
    I read very fast and sometimes reread books over so I make sure I didnt miss anything, I have rejoined our local library recently and have borrowed a few ebooks as well, thanks for the chance at this contest

  405. pat wheeler

    I have always been an avid reader and lover of books. I can recall an incident back in the 3rd grade (I am 64 now) when our teacher would not allow our once a week trip to the library if our work was unfinished. To my dismay, one week that is just what happened to me. I cried for a week and never forgot it. Last year I was having car trouble, and I was unable to drive to our local library for my monthly reading material. So, I happened to go into our library web site browsing all the books I would not be able to read, and I discovered a wonderous thing! Overdrive-ebooks! I could read novels with overdrive on my laptop. Oh Happy Day! Since books are my friends, they are all my favorites.

  406. Gail

    I enjoy reading my eBook everywhere. I read before work, during break, lunchtime and before bed. I read my eBook whenever I get a chance. Love love love eBooks.

  407. Kyla

    I love reading! Everyday after school I read. It just my routine there’s always something I need to read. My best friend is just the same way and we are in love with the same types of books so we always back each other up with books to read when we have nothing on our lists. The sad thing is that all though elementary school I hated reading until my 6th grade teacher suggested that I read The Sisters Grimm series ever sense then reading has been my favorite thing to do with my free time in front of hanging out with friends and watching TV. So surprisingly I found this wonderful app and have been on it nonstop it’s a amazing way to read books when you’er not in the mood to go to the library and you can highlight!!!(favorite part) If you want to remember something it’ll always remember it for you!I love books!

  408. Jacqueline

    I remember making a sour face when my husband mentioned that he was getting me an Nook for my birthday 5 yrs ago. After reading and using it the first week…I was sold! Fast forward to the present date, tomorrow being my birthday again, I now own an updated Nook and a Kindle HDX. I never ever leave home without one or the other. I love being able to carry my FULL LIBRARY with me (over 500 books) incase I choose to re-read one. I also find that I don’t mind waiting for anything or anyone anymore. I just pull out my book and read. Plus what I LOVE the most is not having a book cover visible to judgmental eyes! I LoVe eBooks!

  409. Gail

    I love to read my eBooks anywhere I get a chance. I read before work, during my break, on lunch and when I get a chance to relax before bed.

  410. shmuel

    I listened to the whole stone heart trilogy on overdrive when exercising. It made me look forward to exercising every night instead of it being a chore.

  411. Shawn

    I love to read! I read at some point everyday. I enjoy ebooks because when I do not have time to go to the library, I have another book readily available. Overdrive is my favorite app!

  412. Julie

    Ebooks are an easy way to carry on a love of reading that started as a child more than 60 years ago. Where I once hid up in a tree to finish reading my library books instead of doing my chores, I can now pull out my tablet anywhere to finish the book du jour. Where I once had to make a 3 mile round trip on foot to get my 3 library books, I now simply download up to 6 at a time from my library. As a 9 year old child I soon became frustrated when I had read all of the books in the children’s section of our tiny village library. Now I have access to an unlimited number of books whenever I want them-isn’t technology wonderful?

  413. Chris

    Thank goodness for my library and Overdrive! I can’t afford to buy all thee books I read so if it wasn’t for my library and Overdrive, I would read A LOT less than I do! Thank you and keep up the great work!!!!

  414. Debi

    I read whenever I have a chance. Especially at lunch. Waitresses have asked me where’s my book, if they don’t see my e-reader at the table.

  415. Holly

    Firstly, I begin and end my day driving to school listening to an audiobook via Bluetooth via OverDrive! This makes my morning and evening commute so exciting! At night, before bed I use my OverDrive account to read an eBook. Right now I’m reading Marcia Clark’s Rachel Knight series. Thank you so much for making this available to me! I’ve told my students and friends about OverDrive! I’m an addict.

  416. Sue Thompson

    I read every morning at breakfast. I have read the Sue Grafton alphabet series and also most of James Patterson. Don’t have to worry about losing my place in the book as it opens automatically to where I left off.
    Great way to read. Luv it.

  417. Karin Ruiz

    I throughly LOVE and enjoy having an ebook downloaded on my phone. A book in compact format takes the place of the puzzle books I used to carry in every vehicle, in 2-3 corners of the house. I read every night in bed to take my mind elsewhere til I start dropping my phone. My husband appreciates me being noise free (page turning) so he can start his night. I am really appreciate the ability to sort by genre or subject to easily choose an interesting book. The library is overwhelming for me plus it puts a crick in my neck searching for interest books. The OverDrive app make eBooks just wonderful and easy to use!

  418. Wilfred Wiehn

    By downloading them from the Charleston SC regional public library.

    I recently started a Macintosh User Club on Seabrook Island, that has in two months grown to 58 members and did a presentation of how to use their devices to take out books, read them and return them using Overdrive free software. I was doing this to explain the mechanics and was surprised at how many members were unaware of Overdrive. Keep up the great work.


  419. Louise

    My family and I love to listen to our ebooks in the car. We have had several long family trips taking children to and from University in different states. We are now huge fans of Janet Evanovich and the Stephanie Plum series. We have all kept in touch listening to the same books while away from each other. It has been a great way to connect and still have things in common although we are spread around the country.

  420. Sue

    Read every morning while having breakfast. Don’t remember first e book but was a James Patterson. I have read all of sue graftons alphabet series. Can’t wait for the next one.

  421. Ramona

    I have enjoyed ebooks for several years. I have traveled a lot and having an e reader meant I always had a selection of books to read, no matter whereI was or the time of day or night.

  422. Dee

    I read a lot! Anything up to 8 books a day. With eBooks I can carry thousands on my iPad and not be weighed down. I catch a bus for 1 1/2 hours every day to and from work – that’s 3 hours a day where I can read a novel, check out new recipes for dinner or broaden my mind – all using eBooks. They are great.

  423. Bryley

    I found eBooks when I was 15 years old. I have always been a major bookworm; always carrying a book. On trips I would pack a bag of books and if I finished the books before the trip ended, we would stop and buy more books. EBooks changed everything. No more packing 20 books and worrying about eventually not having a book. I was able to download tons of books in one sitting. EBooks made it to where I was carrying over hundreds of books. I love eBooks!!!!!

  424. Barb

    Reading is something I enjoy that also helps me to unwind.

    E-reading is great when travelling, as it is much less weight to take your reader or whatever device you read on than to actually take along several books.

  425. Barbara

    I have always loved reading, all my rooms had piles of books as i never wanted to trade or give away any of the books that gave me such pleasure! My husband only had so much patience for the ever growing piles of books so he bought me a Sony eReader as soon as they came on the market. I haven’t looked back! Now my libraries of books are nicely achieved and we live relatively clutter free … Well of books anyways ;)

  426. Kate

    I read eBooks on my Kindle and my IPad….I love the convenience of not having to leave my home to access my local library……we live on an island, so my eReader goes with me on ferry rides to the mainland…..I love being able to peruse the card catalog, read reviews and manage my account online. I’m a fan!!! I spread the word about the convenience of eBooks whenever I can….

  427. John Metcalfe

    I love to read, but find that as I get older, my eyes have difficulty traveling from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. With ebooks, I can customize the column width and scroll in a way that comes naturally to my eyes. It has made reading enjoyable again! And when I’m on the go, I’ve almost always got an audiobook in my ear. Thanks OverDrive!

  428. Mary Sorg

    I like to read my ebooks when I am on a plane. I can have several waiting for me, so that if I finish one, I have another one ready to go. I like being able to carry several books on my tablet in my purse, without the bulk and heaviness of actually having to carry the books which wouldn’t all fit in my purse. I also like the surprise of an email saying that the book I had on hold is now available to download and I don’t have to leave my house to go get the book.
    One final thing, is being able to adjust the font size to a bigger size if I need it for better reading.
    Thanks, Ebooks! You’ve opened up a whole new world of pleasurable reading for this getting older former English teacher

  429. Kay

    I love to read an ebook that has a happy ending. I relax at the end of a busy work day curled up reading an ebook. I am a patron of several libraries and can download ebooks anytime. I am never without a book to read! Thanks for ebooks!

  430. Payton

    When I was little, I used to hang out in my library reading books. I would read book like Captain Underpants and Superman comics. One time, I stayed there until it closed! The librarian had to come and get me to tell me that they were closing. Now I read online whenever I get the chance!

  431. Danielle

    I love them.
    So convenient.
    Wearing glasses makes it hard to read ‘real books’ in bed. You finally get situated where you can (hopefully) take them off and see the page. Then you have to turn the page and start all over again. There are none of these issues with eBooks!
    I still love paper books, but eBooks are just so much easier! I love that I can read in the dark, can enlarge or decrease the font size.
    My favourite book series is Outlander. If you haven’t read it, you should. I’ve read it (or at least the first five books) probably no less than five times. The first book has probably been read more. The newer ones, not as much because they haven’t been out as long. A couple of my paper backs are being held together by packing tape. Now I have them as eBooks and I don’t have to worry about the pages falling out!

  432. Shai Williams

    Oh goodness, I couldn’t even tell you my first ebook because I started reading them about 10 years ago. I just love the fact that I can carry multiple books with me so I always have one on hand that suits my mood. As I have gotten older, I have also really appreciated the fact that my tablet weighs less then a hardback book so it is much easier on my hands and arms.

  433. Dawn

    Growing up, and all through college, I always had my nose in a book. Then came the kids and a wonderful home based business that took my away from reading as often as I would have liked. Now, I’m retired early with chronic pain. I lie in bed hours a day. I began reading on my tablet and then found it was less painful for me to read on my phone. I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on books, reading a book every day or two. Then, I heard about the overdrive app from a Kindle rep. I couldn’t believe I could be reading all those books for FREE! I’m a huge Overdrive fan. I use it for myself and for finding books to read to my 11 and 14 year olds at night. I tell everyone about Overdrive and even posted it on my Facebook wall, to share with even more people. What an incredible resource. Free books, any time, day or night, downloaded wherever you are… In the car or lying in bed at 2 am!
    Thank you. It’s been a huge blessing to me especially, since I’m not able to be out and about much!

  434. Jeff Blackwell

    I discovered Overdrive through my local library. I read from my Kindle everyday and only with the help of Overdrive. At no charge, a vast selection of books and the ability to recommend books you can’t go wrong. I even click sign in and it’s done. My library card number is already there. Read for your pleasure and start now with Overdrive.

  435. Blake

    I love ebooks!!! I can read on an exercise bike, when camping, in bed, at the pool, on a cruise, while waiting in line, on transit, everywhere I go I have an ebook available to read. I’ve checked out over 100 ebooks from the library and NEVER have been charged late fee. Books I reserve are checked out automatically. I’ve recommended classic hardback books I’ve read years ago and my library has made them accessible. Did I mention I LOVE ebooks from my library!?!?!?!?! #eBookDay

  436. Donna Ritchie

    Love my ebooks! Never thought I would, as a librarian I was pretty addicted to the feel of paper and weight of each and every book I had in my hands. Now I am ever so grateful I pushed through the prejudice (actually it was my husband purchasing me a device for Xmas 4 years ago that got me started). No more sore shoulders from carrying 4-5 books around in my purse as was my habit of reading a number of different genres at the same time :-)

  437. Kathryn Kremastos

    What I love most about my eBooks? I always have them where ever I go, so I can be on my balcony, in bed, on the couch, sitting in my bay window, on the bus, on my lunch break, on a flight, at a cafe, before appointments, if something random comes up and I have a few minutes to spare – they are always on me and I don’t need to carry around a chunky book. It’s awesome and so convenient! I’ve never read so much before!

  438. Jason

    The Overdrive apps is the best apps for me. I really enjoy reading the ebooks whenever and wherever I am as long as my mobile set is with me.
    The audio version is another fantastic feature, it allows me to learn new topics much faster and more efficient, I can even listen to it in the toilet!
    Thanks to Overdrive for being such a wonderful companion!

  439. Ivory

    I hadn’t really utilized e – books prior to reading Cop Town via Overdrive from my library. The book had hundreds of holds but apparently no one had thought of checking e-book access.

    I really enjoyed the experience. My preference is book in hand but I am currently reading another e-book because I am impatient to read my mysteries.

  440. Betsey

    I am starting to walk for exercise and I love to listen to a book when I am walking. It makes me want to walk a little further to find out what is going to happen in the story!!

  441. Evangelina

    I love reading ebooks especially on vacation. My favourite memory is of me curled up in bed with a good ebook and a cup of tea… Perfect!

  442. Sam

    E-books are the best way to read when traveling . When I go on a vacation or out of town for a couple of weeks, I don’t have to drag my hardback books with me. I read books right from my iPad. If I want to listen to music while reading, I can go to Pandora or iTunes on my iPad. E books is the best thing for reading since the first cave drawings and the first written words on papyrus. Yes, I love ebooks!

  443. Kristen

    My favorite story. My daughter is 12, and is not a reader. Saying that line out loud, or typing it here is downright horrible for me, being a very avid reader. She is a brilliant little girl, straight A’s in a very challenging school, but when it came to reading – nada. I tried everything. I took her to the Library, bookstores, even bought her a reader. Nothing motivated her. Until I downloaded OverDrive onto my phone. I downloaded an audiobook, ‘The One and Only Ivan’ without saying a word to her. One morning I just hit play, and listened to it on the long drive to and from her school. Well, instead of getting into the car, and turning on the radio, she grabbed my phone, and got the audiobook ready. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me to say! Since then, she has begun reading the Harry Potter series, which she loves, and I owe it to OverDrive! About a month ago, she was listening to another book all on her own, and she paused the audio, came over and hugged me, and said, “Can you believe how much I love to read?” Ahhhh…. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  444. Barbara Jacobson

    I have a busy schedule with four kids, but I am am avid reader and I carry my e-reader with me everywhere I go and I read every spare minute I have. I love being able to finish one book and start another even when I’m out somewhere. Also, we travel a lot, sometimes to France or Germany, and it’s nice having a compact library of English books to read when we do!

  445. Tim Margheim

    I love to read books. I have been a big fan all my life and now with my Kindle paperwhite I read even more books. When I can’t get to the library or it’s late at night I can still get a book.

  446. Sue

    I’d like to share a story about my 97 year old dad. He has had an iPad for a few years now, mostly for Wikipedia and email. Now it is his best friend as he can no longer read text in books and magazines. He is an avid reader and to lose reading was devastating. The ebooks have been the greatest thing for him. He can enlarge the print, increase contrast and find all his old favorites. He reads every night for a couple of hours thanks to ebooks. What a wonderful use of technology!!

  447. John

    I read much more now that I can access the library and sign out ebooks over the internet. It is very convenient and easy – I just don’t have time to get to the library as often as I would like, so ebooks are a great time saver.

  448. Elva

    I have macular degeneration, & am so fortunate to have ebooks at my disposal. Using Overdrive, I can enlarge the font & choose spacing & lighting on my iPad to suit my needs. A real bonus is the added enjoyment of listening to audiobooks. Among my favorites, particularly as an audiobook, are Donna Tartt’s, “Goldfinch” & Louise Penny’s “How the Light Shines In”. Modern technology has allowed me to keep on reading, which would have been lost to me just a few short years ago!

  449. Margaret S LyBurtus

    E audiobooks have been a lifesaver for me and my 93 yrs old mom. Mother did crosswords and read daily until macular degeneration took her sight. She now spends her days listening to her books and sometimes listens to 10 a week. Without books she would be depressed and focused on her disability.

  450. Chris

    I love this site and so glad that my library is a part of Over Drive it is great to have the on line library site always open and the selection of ebooks is very good too. I also love that it is free and that you can recommend books for the library to buy that you can read with out paying a lot of money out of your wallet. The new update is great too. Keep up the good work Over Drive. I enjoy reading ebooks in bed and snuggled up on my comfy couch with a cup of tea . Chris

  451. Beth

    I love reading my ebooks on my ipad. I am from a small town and it is nice to have a better variety of books to choose from using overdrive. I love the fact that i don’t have to lug a ton of books on holiday, i just need to load them on my device. I also love the versatility that allows me to read anywhere including in the dark. I have also enjoyed introducing my children to this form of reading and they find it more fun using an electronic device….they have borrowed and bought many books to read on their devices.

  452. Evangelina

    I love reading so when I discovered that I could read millions of books on my phone, I was ecstatic! It is my favourite way to read on vacations. My favourite memory of reading ebooks is of the time I was curled up in bed with a warm cup of tea … Perfect!

  453. Laura

    There are so many fantastic e-books self published by indie authors that aren’t even in print. The overdrive app saves me so much money. Love my nook and reading on my IPad.

  454. Shelly

    Not only do I love having multiple books available at the tip of my fingers, but my husband loves that the light is out when he’s ready to go to sleep!

  455. murray cox

    I read ebooks at home and at work on the boat when I am out for 6 weeks so easy to use and saves space read so much more with overdrive and kindle love it

  456. Mary Elizabeth VonDras

    I get inspired by ebooks (and print too) related to needlework, crafts and cooking, as well as by those related to the humanities and literature! I appreciate that the public library enables patrons to enjoy a multitude of texts for free!! I am working on convincing my son, a struggling 1st grade reader, that learning to read unlocks a wealth of riches, excitement, adventure ……helping us to eventually define our own version of “the story of our times.”

  457. Rena

    I love to read. Ebooks are fantastic; I can take several with me on my reader and read whatever I’m in the mood for whenever I have a spare few minutes. My favourite time to read is any time! I can pick up my ebook and just lose myself in the story. I don’t have to think about carrying books around or bookmarks or losing my place, it’s so easy to just pick up where I left off. Bring on the next adventure!

  458. Anne Cox

    Having the ability to read just about anywhere with more ease than a book. My first ebook was Life of Pi down loaded on my phone and wowee I was hooked with being ao flexable.
    I always have read a bit but ebooks have increased my use of the library greatly.
    Love the varity and return process.

  459. Nancy

    I love always having e-books to read or listen to. My library has been really good about getting new books and purchasing ones that are recommended. Since I drive 45 minutes a day most days, I especially enjoy the audiobooks from Overdrive.

  460. Jaime

    I like reading all types of ebooks and listen to books. I’m homebound and unable to work. I’m disabled since birth. So reading is a good distraction for me.

  461. Abigail Hill

    My son and I enjoy eBooks together. I want my son to enjoy reading as much as I do. We sync the same eBook on our individual tablets and take turns reading. He looks forward to our time together every night. I love it!

  462. John

    I could not live without my eBooks. I usually have two books going at the same time; one on my eReader, and another on my Tablet. The opportunity to read less known authors who may have not been published in a print version has allowed me to discover new styles and story telling abilities. I think it is the best thing to ever happen to reading!

  463. Tina

    I really enjoy reading e books. They are extremely easy to check out, read and return. Being able to return the books before the due date is the only change I would make.

  464. Stephanie

    I use my phone for audio books and I cannot tell you how much joy this brings me. My phone has a relationship with my car; on my commute they pair up to fill my entire environment; on the way to work or errands with other worlds that I get to live in for the time that I am connected.

  465. Ron Crowley-Koch

    Started reading Buddenbrook as a hard cover. It was a huge book, very heavy. So I purchased the ebook and finished the book with arms rested.

  466. Pamela

    I always thought I had to hold a book in my hand, but eBooks has changed my way of thinking. I love the library but have a difficult time getting there so when I was telling the librarian that, she told me about Overdrive and helped me get connected. I enjoy EVERYTHING about eBooks, the lists, the covers, the samples, everything.!!!! I am a dental hygienist, and I have been telling all of my patients (that will listen) about eBooks and have even helped a few get signed up. Reading is such a JOY and Overdrive has made me filled with JOY. Thank you sooooo much!!!

  467. Greg

    One of the things I love about ebooks is that they’re always in good condition. I found an entire out-of-print series (about 40 books) that I had been wanting to read for years but had never been able to find. The condition of the books? All perfect, of course!

  468. Jan b

    I read every day, now I don’t have to take time for a library visit, I just check out the books I want! It’s an absolutely wonderful and cast saving thing, to say nothing of saving gas and paper….. Just love it, bet I’ve read over 100 books in last year.

  469. Angela Robbins

    The first, and best, book I read through my Overdrive account was Allan Carr’s “The Easy Way To Quit Smoking”. Being able to read this book on my phone, privately, made reading the book…and GETTING IT much easier. I have been smoke free for 1 year and three months….that book was my awakening. Being able to read it without being hassled by people saying it will never work and that I was wasting my time was a blessing, itallowed me to be able to take everything in and understand, and be successful.

  470. Shirra Bunkley

    I love to read,always have. Its my passport to for off places and times that would other wise be impossible. With ebook my love of romance novels is my little secrete. I don’t even have to hope for a large print copy. I control the font size. The only other obession I have is knitting. There are even e-books on that. It doesn’t matter that I live with a disablity and don’t drive, i have an all acess pass without waitimg for anyone to have time.

  471. Nicki

    My 10 year old daughter has dyslexia. I can’t even describe what a difference it has made to her to be able to read eBooks instead of hard-copy books. She needs large print and wide spacing to overcome her disability, but was getting bored with books formatted for younger children, that didn’t have content of interest to her. Now, with being able to set her own print-size and spacing in her eReader, she’s challenging herself with interesting age-appropriate content and has become an avid reader — CHOOSING to spend time reading, and enjoying it. I’m so very grateful for this technology.

  472. Lee

    Ever since I gave in to the temptation to go the eBook route, I’ve never looked back. I was one of those people who always said they loved the feel of a book in their hands. I quickly transferred that love to eBooks and the many features that eBooks offer that paper books cannot compete with. eBooks offers a variety of genres in one compact hand-held devicet. It is my constant companion. I never leave home without it and it’s so reassuring to know that anywhere, anytime I can pick up and continue reading at the very spot I left off at. I’ve been able to read so many best sellers from the public library (sometimes simultaneously). eBooks has brought me back to the joy of reading!…… and to top it all off, I can enlarge the print to make my reading more comfortable. What more can one want, I ask.

  473. michele mccarthy

    Because of ebooks and my tablet I can take my entire library with me wherever I go, whether I am going on an international trip or just to an appt. in a doctor’s office. The freedom, flexibility, and access that ebooks provide has changed by life. #ebookday

  474. Catherine

    I absolutely love eBooks, they have changed the way I read. I used to have to go to the library all the time because I read my books to quick now I only have to have my phone or ipad with me and I have a book to read. Absolutely brilliant

  475. Molly

    I have been reading eBooks since I got my first smartphone in 2007 when I fell in love with the convenience and affordability of digital books. Thankfully the libraries where I have lived offer an eBook lending library so I can continue to read about 6-7 books each month. I am a history buff, particularly the American Civil War and my only regret is that more of those books are not offered in digital format.

    Now when I must read a book, especially a hard-cover book, I find it less than comfortable to read in bed and I must leave a light on. With eBooks, one can read without other illumination so I am going good for the planet in not consuming paper, transportation needs, and a host of other carbon footprint costs. So not only is this a day to celebrate the convenience and ease of eBooks, but one can feel good about reading in the greenest manner.

  476. Linda Thomas

    Ebooks are a dream come true. I am sixty years old and live in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Our library is a fifty- mile round trip, so allows me access to new books without risking life and limb on dangerous roads during our long, long winters. In fact, now that I can read new books anytime I want, I have come to appreciate the beauty of winter in a new way.

  477. Mary Looney

    To me reading eBooks makes for an easier reading experience. I enjoy it so much both my children have ereaders of their own. I am proud of how much more reading we all do! We will be joining in on Thursday!!!

  478. Monica

    I first started reading ebooks while living in Germany. Having unlimited access to English language books was a dream come true. The best part was being able to borrow ebooks from my home town library while being so far away.

  479. Mary

    I love, love, LOVE my local library, e-books and Overdrive. There is nothing better than an early morning cup of coffee and an e-book on the sun porch . What a joy to have easy access to so much great reading material! I’d be lost without it.

  480. peg

    I don’t need to put on reading glasses. I can just increase the the font. And I can increase the brightness too. It’s a great thing for aging eyes!

  481. Frances Schulze

    Read my first eBook last month…Buddha in the Attic. Easy to read and so easy to flip pages. Plan on downloading books for my next trip.

  482. Greg

    I recently completed two master degrees. Though I enjoyed my experience, I kind of had to abandon any form of NON-textbook reading for almost two years. In fact, it got so bad that my annual book-reading goal had dropped to only three books. HOWEVER, I have now completed my degrees, and, with a forty-five minute commute to work each day, I have discovered the awesomeness of eBooks. Better yet, I have already met my annual goal and it has only been one month!
    Bring on the eBooks!

  483. Doris

    Love my eBooks. Who isn’t “Sleepless in Bed” sometimes? The eBooks save me from being angry and restless when I cannot sleep; they do not wake up my partner; they don’t clutter my bookshelves and they are travel friendly.

  484. Elizabeth Geurian-Twilling

    I love being able to download my favorite e – book on my android anywhere and take it with me everywhere!! No more fighting the traffic to make it to the library before I get a late fee or having to wait over the weekend knowing that book I reserved is sitting on the shelf with my name on it!! This is so user friendly and convenient! !!

  485. Toni

    I love e-books! I take my daughter to a lot of lessons and appointments. Always having an e- book at my fingertips passes the time in a most pleasant way. With each wait I emerge renewed!

  486. Julie

    I am a senior without a car. I love, love Overdrive partnering with pubic libraries. Sometimes I read 4 books a week. I also appreciate the sync ability. Thanks Overdrive.

  487. Darren

    I do some substitute teaching and there is constantly a lot of down time so I always bring my Ebooks to work with me. It’s so much more convenient to bring multiple Ebooks on my device rather than actual books. There’s nothing better to fill some time than reading a good Ebook!

  488. Chris

    My first ebook was a classic Dickens which I had never read. I actually read it on my ipod in bed! I loved how handy it was to hold something so little and light to read! now I have an ipad which I have read several ebooks. There are so many more books that are available than at our local library. I still enjoy both types of books but ebooks are easy to take with you!

  489. Nicholas

    My shoulder thanks me every time I’m reading an ebook as I don’t have to lug a hardback from the library around. More please!

  490. Valerie

    Finally, the light is out. My husband has fallen asleep to my reading light every night . . . for 35 (almost) years. I have read until I fall asleep since I was a child and to read you must have light. But with my eBook, I can read easily without an additional light. I love my eBooks!

  491. JenniferJo

    The very first book my mother read to me, inspired me to become a reader, The Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski, the love affair began! Technology has made my love for books and reading even greater. I spend at least 1-3 hours a day listening to or reading eBooks. My youngest daughter and I enjoy listening to audiobooks when I take her to school in the morning and pick her up in the afternoons. As a family, sometimes in the evening we will sit in the living-room or around the computer and listen to a book together. We also sometimes read aloud alternating chapters between us. I still, every once in a while, check out a hard copy of a book so I can hold it my hands and turn the pages. I love having my Kindle and my Smartphone as options available to me for reading and listening to audiobooks but a short walk to the library every now and then for the printed versions never hurt. I have passed this love for reading to all three of my children and they are just as addicted as I am.

  492. Sandye

    I have a macular hole which makes reading regular print almost impossible. Reading e books has enabled me to read all the latest novels as well as find books that I would never have discovered at the library. The sections “Books you might like” is fantastic.
    During a week, I probably read at least 2 or 3 books. I tend to find an author and “binge read” everything that person has written.

  493. Karen

    I am a multiple E-Book reader at any given time. On my commute to work I read something thought provoking to start the neurons firing before my morning cup of coffee. On my lunch break I listen to a self help audio book as I walk. I love to feel inspired as I do my laps. On my way home, during my commute I E-read something light and comedic to salute making it through another workday or to take my mind off the one I just endured. After I arrive home from my commute I relax in my backyard with another audio book as I watch Oreo the cat relax in the evening shade. After settling in for the evening I am feeling a bit romantic as I watch the moon and stars from my sun room couch. I usually read something where the flawed hero is going to put the fair heroine through the paces before declaring his undying love. I so love the invention of the E-Book. My bookshelves at home are no longer straining under the weight of heavy tombs and neither is my shoulder from carrying a much too heavy purse. Thanks Overdrive!

  494. Shelly Anne

    I enjoy eBooks everywhere! Breaks at work, doctor’s waiting rooms, in between grandchildrens’ sporting events, anywhere, anytime, any reason. I never thought I’d switch from physical books, ever, but I do love the convenience!

  495. BRENDA

    During July and August I spent much time at the hospital with my husband who suffered a heart attack with complications. Reading e-books and listening to audio books at OverDrive saved my sanity and gave me distraction while coping with stress and worry. A good friend got me hooked on English mysteries. I especially enjoyed several of Jacqueline Winspear’s series about Maisie Dobbs. Ruth Rendell’s Inspector Wexford series was delightful reading. M. C. Beaton’s Hamish Mcbeth series can cheer anyone up in a hurry.

  496. Sally

    I enjoy listening to books while I am exercising, especially walking. If I am listening to an exciting part, I might extend my walk to finish that chapter. I only allow myself to listen while I am moving. This promotes exercise in my life. It has worked well for 4 years now!

  497. Sharon

    I love to listen to audio books when I’m walking and doing housework. There are so many authors that I have been able to dicscover thanks to the library. I’m looking forward to reading eBooks as we’ll. I want to get my grandchildren involved as well.

  498. Carol

    I have always loved to read, but was rarely able to because I never seemed to have the time to go to the library or book store. Since I bought my Nook, I read all the time. My new Galaxy Note 3 is even more convenient. As long as I have a signal, I can download ebooks in a variety of formats and read them right on my phone.

  499. Jaime Motley

    I love overdrive. I listen to audio books during my commute but especially on long road trips. My husband and I turn the book on and just drive. I also will unwind with an e-book. It is great to always have the book you are reading at your fingertips.

  500. Alethia

    I love having an eBook always available to me whenever I can find a spare moment to read. Reading is my passion! I will read anywhere anytime!

  501. Kris

    I enjoy reading with my ipad while walking on my treadmill. Overdrive has a great selection of books and I can read books from my public library without leaving home.

  502. Sherrie Hutchens

    Remember when you promised yourself you would re-read those old wonderful classics? eBooks gives me that opportunity. Classics are always available, free, and easy to get….what more can you ask? And believe it or not, I read them on my I-phone. Adjustable fonts disguise their small carrier, and my pocket carries that magical moment when I can escape into the world of books!

  503. Nicole

    My husband works in IT and I collect old books so when he said he was going to get me an E-Reader I thought it’d be a waste of money. While nothing can replace the smell and feel of books, especially old ones, I’ve come to find that eBooks have their own unique magic to them. I live in the middle of nowhere – the closest library is fifteen minutes away and smaller then my living room. With being able to borrow eBooks from WPLC I can get the titles from the larger library system without the hassle. The novelty isn’t lost on my techno-loving children. E Books haven’t detracted from our love of books, its added to our enjoyment of reading.

  504. James Baker

    I enjoy reading ebooks. I have over 60 that I got for free from varies ebooks website, they are all kindle additions. It allows me to try new authors and also find books that are not in the library (local) any more. Alot of these ebooks I would not have even tried to check out, even looked for. This allows me to be open to other authors. Thanks

  505. Keith Christensen

    Ebooks and overdrive have changed my life. I listen to eaudiobooks while I do most anything. I’m averaging at least 1 book a week. And thanks to overdrive it’s all free. I also Love enjoying my fiction books on my kindle, and thanks to ebooks, even if I don’t have my kindle, I can pick up where I left off on my phone, in line, on a train, anywhere! I can carry my entire library with me anywhere I go!

  506. Judy Jenkins

    I love both ebooks and audio books. I like to listen as I drive and work around the house, and I read at night before bed. The different voices make a book come alive!

  507. Angel Cross

    I love the convenience of ebooks. If I’m on vacation for a week, I don’t need to stuff my luggage full of books. Going to the amusement park, I can read a book on my phone while waiting in line. I can check an ebook out even if my local library is closed. If the weather is bad (snow, ice, etc), I don’t need to drive to my library to check out a book. If I wake up in the middle of the night & can’t go back to sleep I can turn on my phone & read an ebook instead of turning on the light near my bed to read a book–my husband really appreciates that. Another big plus–no late fees.

  508. Goldie

    It’s the best. Wherever I am I can access a book to read on any of my three devices. No more hard books to hold.

    I sing its praises to all my friends.

  509. Bonnie Stowe

    Not only do we enjoy reading ebooks every day but especially like the OverDrive app because I often download Lonely Planet, Fodor’s and other ebooks whenever we travel. It’s great having them on our ereaders so we can refer to places en route instead of trying to read them before we leave home like we used to do. We also spend countless hours on planes and in airports so are happy not having to lug around the weight of several books.
    I cannot imagine a life without ereaders, ebooks, and OverDrive that combine to make our lives easier in several ways. Thank you!!!

  510. Rick

    I don’t think I could manage without my ebook reader. It’s lighter than a paperback, let alone a hardcover and I need something nice and light. The fact I can check out books from my local library is a huge boon too. As long as I have my reader with me, I can handle pretty much anything.

  511. Sweettoothtoo

    I enjoy reading e-books, especially when I am waiting for an appointment with my eye specialist. She is a wonderful Doctor, but the wait is up to 3 hours to see her. I also read e-books before I am ready for bed. The problem with that is once I start reading, I can seldom put the e-reader down. I end up reading all night.

  512. Julie

    I love eBooks. The ability to read a story I’m addicted to anywhere at any time on ANY device is amazing. The fact that one small & lightweight e-reader can hold so many stories is very powerful and exciting!

  513. Norma

    I love books of all kinds, and over the years I collected a fairly large library of books. Then I had to move, and with limited space had no way to bring all my beloved books with me. I had downloaded Overdrive quite some time ago but hadn’t really used it, preferring the feel of a “real” book in my hands. Now suddenly, I was forced to convert to eBooks or have nothing to read.

    It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had been seriously missing out. I can buy books or download them from the library, and the selection is just as good if not better than what I had before. Now when I travel, I can bring dozens of books with me so I can read whatever genre currently appeals to me, plus I can switch easily between devices and I’m no longer stuck carrying around a heavy book. All I need is my iPad or my iPhone and I can read whatever I want, anywhere I want. I don’t even need to worry about data usage – I just download the books at home and boom! Off I go.

  514. Anna

    I love being able to cuddle in bed with my daughters while searching for a book to read together. I also love the fact that I have “piles” of books to read but not the clutter of them!

  515. Molly

    I really like getting audiobooks and listening to them with my family in the car on long road trips. It helps pass the time and avoid arguing!

  516. Vicky

    I’m over 60 now and have health issues which can affect my vision. As others have mentioned, I enjoy the accessibility, the portability, the financial benefits, and the convenience of e-books which I check out from my library’s e-book collection. But for me, a big benefit is being able to make “large print books” out of ANY book. I believe nearly all e-book readers have the capability to adjust font size, and this unexpected benefit has given the joy of reading back to me.

  517. benica

    How do i enjoy ebooks? In the middle of the night under my covers when everyone else is asleep and my eyes are nearly out of my eye socket because i’m so engrossed that i am stuck in the world of the book and i can no longer feel my reality. On a long bus ride, between boring classes, my escape from family drama, my world of adventure, romance and thrill! Ebooks are my medication , it fights depression, keeps my mind off heartbreak , makes me laugh instantly so that i even forget how i felt before hand. I enjoy ebooks like comfort food, i go from slowly tasting to gobbling them up as fast as i can and then its done and i have this ahh moment, when that ebook was just scrumptious …

  518. Heather Thompson

    I love being able to read them anywhere that I have my phone at. I really enjoy being able to read them at work during my break. I read a ton of different books from fanfic that people have written to manga and self written books on wattapad. I love that I always have access to those books no matter if I forgot my physical book at home or haven’t gone to library yet.


    I use my tablet to read ebooks, as it is so easy to keep books available from my library with no driving to town. I love the ease of changing font sizes and page colors to make it easy on my eyes. I first started with old literature like Dickens, and am working my way through historical fiction. Reading is a grest way to relax!

  520. Molly

    I LOVE finding my favorite books as an ebook. I can read them on my tablet and access them for longer. It is so convient that most of the books are available and ready to read. I like to read in on the airplane or class after I get my work done and melt into the book.

  521. Anna

    I love being able to have a “pile” of books to choose from and not having them clutter up my room. Or being able to cuddle in bed with my daughters while we search for something to read together.

  522. David

    I love the convenience of having so many books with me at one time. I am able to switch between books at will. I am able to carry all the books that I love him go back and reread them whenever I want. It’s so lightweight.

  523. BJ

    I am an avid sailor and spend most of my summer aboard my boat. As you can imagine, there isn’t much room in a boat for a lot of books. Downloading eBooks is perfect for me, as I don’t have to plan my days around going to the library or a book store. On a 2 week vacation I read 7 eBooks while aboard… talk about the perfect medium for people who are on the go and still love to read.

  524. Dave K

    I discovered the Overdrive app on my Library website and it all made perfect sense to me….. a long daily commute allows me to experience a ton of great books. I first started with Heads in Beds by Jacob Tomsky and it was fantastic! Ever since then I’ve been averaging 3 to 4 books a month and I’m hooked!!! Thanks!

  525. Pamela

    I was a reluctant convert to ebooks, and I still love a paper book, but digital media has changed my habits a great deal. Using the library is so easy with an ereader and wi-fi, and the Overdrive app works beautifully. When I read the book section of the newspaper I keep my ereader handy, and I can add books that interest me to my wish list or holds list, if they are available in electronic form at my library. I was always an avid reader, but I read more than ever now. I always carried a book with me everywhere; now I can carry a dozen or more!

  526. carol Ostrowski

    At the park, at the mall, riding in a car, waiting for my grandson. Just about any place where I have a few minutes to hang out waiting for someone.

  527. Brittani

    I have a desk job that requires a lot of overtime.
    To pass that time and keep my mind busy I love listening to audio books, it’s so much better than listening to the same songs play on the radio every hour.
    My favorite audio books by far are the Hunger Games series, I’ve read all 3 of them over 5 times and they still have not gotten old.
    If you’re looking for something humerous I would go with a book I’m half way finished with now called The longest Trip Home.
    Written by John Grogan, also author of Marley & Me, this autobiography of his life growing up in a very strict catholic home and opening up about his quircky adolescence throughout his older teens. I haven’t been able to get through a chapter without sharing his stories with my co-workers.

  528. Natalie Barron

    Love ebooks to help me go to sleep! I select a book, such as “The Notebook”, set it to play, turn the volume where I can just hear it and set the snooze buttton for half an hour. Voila! I often have to reread bits as I have dozed off and missed some. Great way to get to sleep and I get to read too.

  529. John Chiafos

    I love OverDrive. I have a client job at a desk-and that means I have a lot of time with headphones. The overdrive audiobook app has been a lifesaver. Instead of music, I have books. It has allowed me to enrich my mind, and use my time doing data entry at work as an opportunity for making myself a better person. It’s the best app on my phone.

  530. Kelsey

    I enjoy ebooks when I travel. I’ve been known to read 4-5 books on a week vacation. It’s nice to have everything stored away in a small tablet instead of hauling heavy books with me.

  531. Lyn J

    #eBookDay My back deck calls. I put out my lounge chairs with extra cushions and stretch out with a fabulous murder mystery from the library. So easy to check out and read anywhere. And if I don’t know a word, I can just press it and learn right away. Ahhhhh.

  532. Dale Walter

    While staying in a resort in Cabo San Lucas earlier this year, I was experiencing a very poor Wi-Fi system. However, between the system fading in and out, I was able to return ebooks to the library and download new ones. It took patience and some extra time, but it was successful. A great way to access new books in a foreign country.

  533. Misty

    I did not think I would enjoy reading from a tablet, I thought I needed the “real” book experience. I read my first e-book several years ago and haven’t stopped since. I love the convenience of having so many books in one little tablet. It has definitely cut down on the weight of my luggage for vacations since I read 3-5 books a week. It is great being able to read at night after my hubby goes to bed. No more bothersome lamp light for him. I just adjust my overdrive to black background and read as long as I want. Ebooks are AWESOME!!!

  534. Linda

    I listen to ebooks any chance I get but mostly when I’m doing dishes, cleaning the house, making beds etc. etc. Those mind numbing chores that have to be done, ebooks take me away to another place. I enjoy them most at the end of the day when I sit & relax & listen to a good book. I particularly love a good mystery but also enjoy history & autobiographies.

  535. Greg Getz

    My first eBook was “The Last Lion,” the third in a trilogy of Winston Churchill. I loaded it on my iPad and saved about five pounds in my luggage! I travel a good bit and not having to lug around hardbound books, but instead having them on my iPad Air has been a great blessing!

  536. Susan

    I love that instead of hauling around a 1000-page book, I can read the ebook on my phone or tablet. I also save time and gas money by not having to drive to the library every few days. #ebookday

  537. Al

    My wife and I spend several hours every day in our car and have an audio book playing most of the time. Great way to keep up with the current titles and with the classics.

  538. Shirley Schoof

    During my waiting time. There are 16 year old triplet girls in my life.. There is diving practice , karate classes, tennis lessons, after school clubs, driver’s ed (I could go on and on listing their activities). Grandmother is the driver. Therefore I spend a lot of time in my car waiting for the girls. Since I have had ebooks available on my
    iPad , I love my waiting time.

  539. Peggie

    I’ve developed macular degeneration and reading eBooks is so much easier because I can easily change the font size. Love. To. Read!

  540. Anne Gibson

    Never thought I would get “into” e books but now I just love them. Great to download a few books before travelling abroad, so easy to read in airports and on planes with no weight problems!!!
    Easy to snuggle down in bed with a favourite e book ….. So light to hold the iPad especially if reading what would have been a large thick book.
    I am reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt at the moment, ……. Wonderful!!

  541. CAROL

    One of my favorite places to read e-books is on my recumbent bike for an hour every morning – - I get exercise for my body AND my brain!!

  542. Mike S

    We were recently getting packed up to move to a new house. Without planning ahead, we packed up all of our kid’s books, just to keep things moving. Then our 1st grader came home with an assignment to read every night this month and we realized it was going to be awhile before we could easily get at those boxes. But, without a hitch, we looked up some 1st grade readers and had them downloaded both on the tablet in epub format and also in the Kindle. She’s happily reading away now, and now premature unpacking for us. Great service.

  543. Ashley Boy

    I just recently purchased a Kindle just so I could read books since I discovered the ability to check out ebooks from my local library. I love it! I am able to enjoy reading again. I am college student and reading is helping me out with my college writing course. I would recommend using this app or service to anyone who enjoys reading!

  544. Ken

    Since retiring my wife and I travel constantly. With the e-books I always have five or six books to instantly start reading. No space taken and no weight carrying on or off the plane. I also keep a couple audiobooks on the device so that when I’m working out at the gym or walking I have something to listen to.

  545. Jasmine

    Re-reading my favourite books on my kindle kept me sane during my study abroad year. The comfort of a good book stopped me missing home too much!

  546. Gloria

    I am away from home quite a bit and love to have my favorite books with me so easily and compactly. Reading an ebook in the evening before going to bed helps me relax and have good night’s sleep. And my eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be, so I really like being able to adjust the print size.

  547. Shellwy

    I have two little ones so I rarely have time to sit and enjoy a book. With my Kindle Fire, I can read any of my favorite books whenever and wherever I get a few minutes! I love having my whole library of ebooks with me at all times.

  548. Tiffany

    I LOVE reading! I read every single day for enjoyment and while I love my life, I also love “stepping into somebody else’s shoes.” Great stress reliever and a way to decompress from a long day! My favorite books range from Harry Potter to Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series! The best place to read for me is anywhere comfortable with a warm blanket, hot tea and my pug in my lap!

  549. Ruth

    Our cat, Mia, never minds an eBook resting on her back as she sits on a lap! Recommended reading for any age as a starter eBook, A. D. Winch’s Extraordinary Adventures of Eric and Ursula. Happy Ereading!

  550. Cindy duren

    I love eBooks because I can find so many new authors and new books to read . I can check out new books any where I am. I love the ease of having books on my iPad. Great. Way to read books.

  551. Jessie L

    I read ebooks because I always get sucked in to more than one book at a time. It’s tough carrying three books around in a purse!

  552. Polly Rowan

    I read several books a week and was stressing about having enough books on a 15 day trip to Europe…would I need a second suitcase? Fortunately, I got my hands on a Kindle and was able to carry all my books in my purse! Only problem is I miss seeing my library staff several times a week. Oh, well.

  553. Crystal

    I love eBooks because I always have a copy of my book I’m reading on my phone and I can also read at night without a lamp on (the lamp irritates my husband). My favorite book is The Life List!!

  554. Alicia

    I love when my borrowing of a hardcover from the library and an eBook bargain or loan coincide, giving the luxury of reading at home and having the extra in the car…you never know when a free minute might hit! Having the same book available as an eBook helps me realize my reading goals a bit better.

  555. Cindy

    Overdrive is the best app ever and that is why I bought my first tablet (blackberry playbook) is to be able to read on vacation.

    I started reading books while on vacation, now I read everyday with books from my public library. I have encouraged my family to download this app and to use the library. They love it as well. We read cookbooks, how to books and books we would never have bought. Opportunities are endless.

  556. Madhu

    eBooks give me the flexibility to travel light , bookmark the page , read multiple books simultaneaouly , look up meaning for new words and the advantage of browsing anyday anytime.. reading experience just got better and better

  557. Abe Carnow

    Just amazing. You can read a book, love it so much, you wind up buying it! You have a buffet before you, new, old, classics, light stuff, you can dip into books you might not otherwise bump into, oh goodness, OverDrive is just a boon.
    How can anyone resist?
    I still buy paper books and love them, but ebooks are a vital part of me, now, thanks to OverDrive.

  558. Jackie Nelson

    Instead of sitting up at night watching TV, my husband go to bed early and share an audio book. We let our minds for the scene and be the producer and director of our movie. Of course when the suspense starts, it is hard to go to sleep.

  559. Karen

    I enjoy eBooks every night in bed on my Kindle Paperwhite. My husband goes to bed quite early, and the fact that the Paperwhite is back-lit allows me to read in the dark while he sleeps! This is when I get most of my reading done!!

  560. lonni

    On a plane or on a train, in a car or in a bar, in a boat wearing a coat, at my house with my spouse…I love eBooks, yes I do. I am just a reading fool!

    1. Kathy

      I have always loved to read. As a kid, I helped out in the library, shelving books, and found lots of great reads. I was in heaven if I had no activities or projects and could go home after school, disappear up to my room and stretch out on the bed to read a good book. Life has a way of getting busy and there’s not lots of time to read, but..with the i pad, I can download books on Overdrive and read them almost anywhere. For my commute, I download audio books. Thank you for bringing me such enjoyment! My ” to read list” keeps growing, but I also keep reading.

  561. Ruth

    I read all the time & having a book (or 2 or 3) either on my phone or tablet assures me that I’ll always have something to read when I’m on the go. It also makes it convenient to travel-with lots of e-books weighing far less than conventional books.

  562. Becky

    I first got ebooks when I got my Kindle Fire. I fell in love with reading on my device. I soon found Overdrive through my public library and now have four devices I can read ebooks on. I love that they sync and I can have a whole library with me at a time. I also like having the freedom to be a patron of my local library where ever I happen to be in the country.

  563. Amanda

    I love reading eBooks by myself, with my children, and with my students. I love snuggling up with my sons at home, and sharing my favorite ones with the children at school.